Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Scottish independence: deluded Alex Salmond still tries on the con trick that Scots will be keeping the pound if independent; Salmond didn't even come close to rebutting Osborne's currency threat, he is too old, too weak and too feeble to lead Scotland to independence

Dear All

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond says that anti-independence campaigners will be shocked by the impact of the Chancellor's "destructive wrecking tactics" in the run up to the referendum.

No, they won’t, and Osborne was stating how things will pan out if there is a Yes vote, there wouldn't be a currency union with Scotland.

Having no plan, the leader of the Alex Salmond party within the SNP said the UK Government's "scare" tactics ahead of the crucial vote could backfire on them.

Wrong again!

Think back for a moment to 2010, the SNP, well Salmond was shouting his lungs out about getting 20 SNP MPs going to Westminster.

Do you remember that?

How many extra MPs did Salmond get?


He backed RBS the bank which helped cause the banking crisis, wrong again there.

Salmond said:

"I think the No campaign is in for a severe shock as they see the political effect of the reaction of Scotland who don't like being bullied, least of all by a Tory Chancellor."

Is talking shit on the radio the best that Salmond can do?

Why can’t he fix his own self made problems?

Too lazy?

Too stupid?

Too provincial minded?

Who cares, his political arse is hanging in the wind now!

How it flutters!

Osborne and his Labour and Liberal Democrat counterparts Ed Balls and Danny Alexander have joined and all ruled out a formal currency union between Scotland and the rUK.

No one is going to break that agreement.

Osborne declared:

"If Scotland walks away from the UK, it walks away from the UK pound."

He stuck the boot in by reiterating the rejection of a deal on the pound means "Alex Salmond is a man without a plan".

Where’s the A Team Salmond?

Salmond insists there is "no doubt whatsoever" that this approach had boosted support for independence "because Scots don't like being dictated to in the way that George Osborne did last week".

Shit talk.

Salmond added:

"That's the political effect and I also think there's a longer term effect because what we're seeing is a UK Chancellor who is adopting destructive wrecking tactics. Instead of sitting down and negotiating, as for example we did in technical discussions with the independent Bank of England very productively, he wants to dictate the terms of debate."

The people of Scotland are going to send a massive no vote to Alex Salmond and Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon in September because they cannot be trusted.

Maybe the next independence campaign will have a sign saying ‘no fucking with voters’.

In carrying on the disastrous sitting on his arse doing nothing, Salmond said:

"I have said that this is bluff and bluster and explained the reasons why, both in terms of transaction costs but also the acceptance of national debt."

He talk out of his arse all he wants the decision has been made, his opinion carries now weight and is worthless, he doesn’t get a vote on currency union with England.

Salmond added:

"It's certainly designed to scare and frighten people, there's no doubt about that. But anybody who knows anything about the history and temper of the Scottish people will know that an appeal to reason and intelligence, which is what the Yes campaign is doing, saying it's in everyone's interests, Scotland and the rest of the UK, to share the pound, is more likely to succeed."

Stupid people don’t deserve the respect of the Scottish people, Salmond is stupid to think Scots are stupid; we aren’t, after this debacle is over, he should resign immediately and take Sturgeon with him.

In a final act to con voters, he added:

"We can't be stopped from using the pound. It's an internationally tradable currency. Luckily it's not within George Osborne's gift. He doesn't own the pound. It's a joint currency and Scotland has every much right to it as does George Osborne."

It is not a joint currency; it is only ‘joint’ if Scotland is part of the UK.

Alex Salmond cannot be trusted to tell Scottish people the truth, I am voting No to independence under his poisonous vision and I am in the majority.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

When someone deals in truth,facts ,reality and evidence to destroy the snp fantasy based policies they are using bully tactics and scaremongering.Does anyone else feel embarrassed listening to democratically elected snp politicians sticking with spouting patent nonsense and half baked ideas that would do terrible damage to Scotland's economy? the poorest in society and ordinary working people would pay for for such daft ideas.A look around Europe at the euro zone crisis should tell people in Scotland and the the rest of the UK that a currency union is not good idea.Mr.Salmond was not worried about the cost to business in the rest of the uk when he advocated joining the euro.

Tony said...

great stuff George keep up the writing, best read on indy, a must read in fact.