Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scottish independence: Yes Scotland is starting to look like a ghost ship, two high profile women so far have abandoned ship, a third waits in the wings, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t just lost the women’s vote, she can’t even keep the paid Nats now!

Dear All

Yes Scotland is dying on its feet, already two high profile staff members have spilt the scene; there comes time in politics to get out, no point hanging about of the gruesome end.

And the blame!

Yes Scotland is seen as Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s responsibility.

Despite staff being paid, they don’t seem to want to stick by Ms. Sturgeon.

She famously said:

“This is our chance, this is our big chance.”

And the desertions then started appearing in the public domain.

It seems that Nicola’s bought and paid for friends weren’t paid enough to stick it out.

You have to feel sorry for her, buddies; loyal paid buddies doing a runner from her much like the ‘Great Escape’, getting out by any means possible.

We should however remember that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t inspire loyalty because she isn’t in my opinion a loyal person, yes, she has her cronies, and a lot of them do very well out of ‘Nastyism’ but it seems the rest have cleared out.

Didn’t George Laird say that once the rot set in it would be like quicksilver?


George Laird right again.

The latest recruit to want to desert is Shirley-Anne Somerville; she has been picked to stand for the SNP in the Dunfermline by-election next month.

Both Labour and the SNP will have women candidates; this is called mirroring in politics.

The Dunfermline is up for grabs because Bill Walker, a close personal friend of Nicola Sturgeon was convicted of 23 domestic abuse charges.

And he shoots pigeons, what a bastard.

As I understand it, Somerville was selected from a choice of two.

Some choice!

The fight for Dunfermline has got off to a predictable start with immediate calls from her Labour rival to apologise for the SNP “ignoring” warnings about Bill Walker.

Labour is going with Cara Hilton from an all-women list.

Somerville’s pitch is:

“Should I become be the new MSP for Dunfermline, I will vote to protect the people’s policies – the council tax freeze, free personal care for older citizens, no tuition fees for young Scots, free bus travel for the over-60s and no bridge tolls across the Forth. Labour, Tory and Lib Dems all voted against the budget which delivers these vital services people in Dunfermline need and value – therefore, only a vote for the SNP in the by-election guarantees the people’s policies.”

This is a by-election about women beating, and only a by-election about women beating.

The Labour Party stand a good chance of winning the seat, generally when a major scandal comes into the public domain, it leaves the party involved in a difficult position.

Walker was bad enough, the kicker was the SNP ignored it, Walker had a few quid and the SNP like rich people, also he was never expected to win.

As to Somerville, she is part of the SNP 'party within a party', it’s a clique, however; the smart money would probably go with Labour. The SNP majority is 590, slim at the best of times, but the SNP high water has passed, the slide has started, and it isn’t likely to return.

A lot of money will be poured into this by-election by Labour and the SNP, usually Nicola Sturgeon’s husband plays a major role in by-elections; as such he should be a target for the Labour Party.

Cover ups!

Cover ups are a good topic, especially when someone hasn’t been punished, and Murrell is one pig of an individual in need of punishment.

The Scottish Conservatives have chosen James Reekie as their candidate, he has been up before for election and the last time he didn’t make much headway; in fact he got less votes than his previous efforts.

His problems are legend but that is for another time, not his fault, but he gets hit by the ripple.

Conservative Party leader Ruth Davidson insists she was committed to picking the “best candidates in every constituency, irrespective of age, gender, race or sexuality”.

Well done!

Back to Ms.Somerville you is keen as a boot knife to desert Yes Scotland, Nicola is driving the campaign into the ground, however, you would think that loyalty would engender Somerville to stand and fight in the job she currently holds.

Not a bit of it, off at the slightest sniff of something better.

Someone needs to give Nicola Sturgeon more money that way she can pay a higher rate for loyalty.

Two high profile women so far have abandoned Yes Scotland, a third waits in the wings to bolt like a rat out of a drain pipe.

What advice would I give Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, well perhaps ask is the mouthwash working and strong enough?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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