Saturday, September 28, 2013

Scottish independence, Alex Salmond accuses David Cameron of being 'feart' for refusing to take part in Salmond’s circus, rather than shutting up, the SNP milk their failure as some sort of victory, is there seriously anyone scared of a man who is married to a woman old enough to be his mother?

Dear All

After being blown off as insignificant, David Cameron has been branded a "big fearty" by the Scottish Government.

The SNP have lost the moral high ground after Cameron for refusing to engage in a live TV debate on independence with Alex Salmond, now they are reduced to trying to spin this as a ‘victory’!

How is it a victory when Alex Salmond is standing with his political trousers down around his ankles, he is every inch a complete knob!

In the tit for tat exchanges, Salmond has been accused of ducking.

Accused of "running scared", of facing a head to head with ‘man of gravitas’; Alistair Darling, the head of Better Together.

Salmond has so far refused to debate independence with former Labour Chancellor, on the basis that as FM he thinks he should face Cameron.

Last week, Alex Salmopnd was running off at the mouth as he and the SNP strategists attempted to secure a live head-to-head debate on St Andrews Day.

That was never going to happen, Cameron doesn’t dance to Salmond’s tune; it’s the other way around.

In a letter of folly to Downing Street, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ stressed how the Prime Minister and the UK Government were spearheading the No campaign. Salmond’s reasoning behind the challenge is that because the UK Government has published anti-independence analysis papers and so it was only right for them to debate!

That is contrary to what Alex Salmond said to David Cameron over a year ago instructing him to “butt out” because this was a matter for Scottish people.

Now Salmond wants Cameron to “butt in” because it suits his purpose, the reason for a “butt in” is that Alex Salmond’s campaign has completely failed, there isn’t going to be an independent Scotland because Scottish people don’t trust Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon’s word.

Trust has gone.

Why did trust go?

The reason is simple, Salmond and Sturgeon thought they could con the Scottish people using a stupid look on Salmond’s face, screaming they represent and stand up for Scotland, a few street stalls, a few vague promises, no plan, no vision and no work done!

Then Scottish people were all supposed to line up like sheep and go vote Yes; putting their future on the line and that of their children and communities!

If there was ever a master class on how not to win an independence campaign then the Alex Salmond and the SNP should make a few bob.

Yesterday, when Cameron wrote back to Salmond, he made the point that the SNP leader, was trying to use a live head-to-head between them as a distraction.

The Prime Minister told Salmond:

"It is entirely right for you to place yourself at the head of the Yes campaign but not to decide who should lead for the No campaign too. It is a well understood and reasonable principle that you get to pick your own team's captain but not your opponent's as well."

He added:

"The lack of credibility of your plans for a currency union, funding pensions and managing volatile oil revenues"! Cameron also mentioned the rather clumsy tactic of Salmond of wanting to make the independence debate to be an argument between "you and me, the Scottish Government and UK Government, the SNP and Conservative Party."

The reality is that this independence debate is between Salmond VS the people of Scotland.

The Scottish Government decision to brand Mr Cameron a "big fearty" yet again shows what I keep saying; there is a real lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

Having been told to fuck off, the SNP decided to milk their failure publicly, a load of clowns, and let’s get it right, the idea was stupid in the first place, that should never have been allowed to go public.

The First Minister said:

"His refusal to debate Scotland's future with me can be summed up in one word, feart."

Alex Salmond is such a stupid little man, it can only be a matter of time before SNP people internally will be calling for him and Nicola Sturgeon to go, Scotland needs a Nationalist leader for the SNP, not a prima donna bastard who has outlived his usefulness.

The only place he could lead Scotland is to a pie shop, no one takes him seriously any more, he has a lot to answer for, and 18th September 2014, Scotland gets its chance.

And the answer is No!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Imagine a school playground. Cameron and Salmond at either end. Dressed in a Saltire and shouts of " Big Fearty" Lord Snooty" "it's oor Baw" and " an no playing wi you".
Embarrassing, cringeworthy debate.
He really has lost the plot and I completely agree with you. Alex is past his sell by date. It's a pity for him he can't see it.
I used to get goose bumps when I listened to him. Now I turn red.

Anonymous said...

Scaredy Cat
Yella belly
In Terms of the Debate of course.
Now the SNP are reduced to childish name calling.

What happened to that mature sensible debate voters were promised?

Anonymous said...

I'm replying to this so called guy from human rights, George Laird, I stopped reading when you got down in gutter and insulted every man and old woman who love each other and have been together for years. Your hatred for Salmond,SNP and no doubt folk like me voting Yes are so evident that I had a bad taste in my mouth to read past the unsult to him and his wife. I say this not as SNP voter but Labour for Independence, 36 years unionist and 2 years Indy.You are ignorant so I can't actually think where you have the right to have any vitriol against a man who called that evil toad Cameron a "Fearty" you sir! are ignorant and arrogant and all folk will see is your insult to a woman older than her partner.....where is the crime in that!

Anonymous said...

What a great article to highlight the type of people who are campaigning for better together, not only are you a literary genius but you give no reason to vote no other than the fact that Alex S asked David C for a debate and he declined.
Your doing a great job sabotaging the no campaign, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculously one-sided and partisan analysis. You sir, are pure poison. What has this vitriol got to do with human rights anyway? You're a disgrace.