Monday, September 9, 2013

Scottish independence, the great awakening of Scotland’s people against Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon has started, polls claim SNP focus is wrong, everyone knew that ages ago, Salmond and Sturgeon listen to no one, Scotland’s victory is Salmond’s defeat

Dear All

Poll after poll shows that Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ and Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon have completely botched the Scottish independence campaign.

The campaign is lost; the only thing left to ask is how big will the defeat be?

Only 25% of Scots still hang about thinking Alex Salmond will turn round the defeat.

Nae chance!

Now,  Lord Ashcroft who is a bit of a poll fiend says that polls commissioned show more than 60% of Scots think Alex Salmond's Government has the wrong priorities.

You don’t need a poll to see the way that the Scottish Government has become inept, useless, out of touch and paralysed.

Too much time spent on ‘hootsman’ politics and not enough on the real priorities.

The real business is as always jobs and the economy, at this point I want to say ‘hootsman’, part of the phoney SNP campaign pulled out for the ‘standing up for Scots’ farce used to hoodwink voters.

More than 60% of Scots think Alex Salmond's Government has the wrong priority, Salmond has been rumbled, everyday more people are waking up and smelling the coffee, the taste of Salmond’s nirvana turns the stomach inside out.

The poll of almost 10,000 people is a hefty slice of public opinion that the Nats can’t easily dismiss, good news that with the awakening of Scots, it also gives the First Minister a negative approval rating from voters.

The ‘jig’ is up.

Braveheart isn’t looking so brave now, a lot of hiding behind women as a human shield, seems to be the way, Wendy Alexander had a similar gag with using kids, but she bailed out when she realised that time and the public was against her.

Labour leader Johann Lamont is echoing what I said many moons ago, the SNP has put Scotland on pause, it was the wrong decision.

In fact the date for attempting indy was always as far as I was concerned June 2018.

However, people are seeing through the SNP as a nasty vile clique, a protest group that became a political party that became a clique.

Salmond and Sturgeon have a poisonous vision no one wants.

Alex Salmond's negative rating is -4, others doing badly also is Willie Rennie on -8, and Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson on -20.

Ms. Davidson has been revamping the Scottish Conservative so far, they haven’t made the break through.

And unless they radically change, they seem destine to remain on the fringe and not on the playing pitch as a serious force.

Lord Ashcroft said:

"Asked what they thought was at the top of the administration's agenda, half spontaneously named the independence campaign - seven times as many as mentioned the economy and jobs. Only just over one-third said they thought the current priority was right; asked what the Scottish Government should focus on instead, the economy topped the list comfortably. Many in our focus groups worried that the prolonged, repetitive debate over independence damaged the economy by creating uncertainty and deterring, or at least postponing, much-needed investment."

Money matters!

Scottish Labour deputy leader Anas Sarwar said:

"This poll reinforces what Scottish Labour has been saying for a number of months: the SNP has put Scotland on pause while they focus on breaking up Britain. Scots know this is a distraction from what really matters to them. At a time when families are struggling to make ends meet, more Scots than ever are under-employed and underpaid and with growing pressures on our NHS; the SNP are failing to govern for Scotland."

And that is the bottom line, good government is needed, it hasn’t been available since May 2011, all those years wasted by Salmond and Sturgeon.

Blair McDougall, director of Better Together, said:

"It is increasingly clear Alex Salmond is putting his obsession with independence ahead of the interests of the Scottish people. Instead of focusing on the things people care about, like jobs and the economy, the nationalists spend all their time campaigning for independence. Alex Salmond is more interested in securing his own place in history than securing a better future for Scotland."

George Laird it appears was right along, the truth was needed, hard work was needed; transparency was needed.

Alex Salmond should get a statue, not because of his “greatness” because pigeons need a place to crap on!

His failure was putting Scotland unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon as the ‘face of independence’, that has backfired tremendously, she isn’t the person that people are  clamouring to meet.

Alex Salmond, Braveheart

Nicola Sturgeon Braveheart

Bill Walker Braveheart!

And they all have one thing in common, on 14th September 2014; they will be on the losing side.

This is about Scotland versus Salmond.

Defeat is coming, just hang on; justice is catching up with Salmond.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

It wasn't a problem for SNP to attract those who continually watch Braveheart the Hollywood movie. But a different matter to attract those who care about their family and friends.
The stary eyed lunatics don't have any answers for the thoughtful Scottish voters.
They've (SNP) been found wanting when it comes to real policies that enhances the lives of ordinary scots.
Staring with spittle flying from their mouths, abusing and haranguing people won't win one single vote. Neither will lying. Something they excell at.

Anonymous said...

Reads also as; "The SNP didn't pick me for the cooncil. I'm ragin'."

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

Braveheart is a good movie, nicely done, however, it's still a movie.

Alex Salmond is no William Wallace.

He is also carrying his reputation around his waist.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University