Monday, September 2, 2013

Scottish independence: response to an unhappy Nationalist calling me a liar, it seems that ‘Soldiers of Salmond’ cannot bare the truth, George Laird was using the library, didn’t know Better Together was launching in Glasgow, didn’t even ask to go in, too busy

Dear Sad Nationalist (soon to be defeated Nationalist)

Do you know that buffoon Alex Salmond, how about Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon?

Ask them does George Laird lie.

"just happened to be using the library". 

Yes, I even asked the Police at the door what was going on and if the library was open.

“Course you were. You didn't go along at all to try desperately to be part of a campaign”.

No; I did however speak to Gordon Aikman who did some kind of reception duty and asked about the mob outside making complete fools of themselves! 

I did get two pens as a gift and he ask me if I was interested in signing up for the fight, apparently I am rated highly by people in the SNP and Labour Party. Maybe it is because I proposed the Scottish National Police Force and National Fire Service in September 2010 to the SNP. Or it could be that I told Sturgeon, SNP need to switch to NATO at the BBC Big Debate, or maybe it was my idea for an ambassador programme or the countless other ideas such as social media which the SNP adopted.

I am that George Laird. 

Sad and pathetic stuff indeed abusing members of the public at a public library, especially by a clown whose only claim to fame is hanging posters on lamp posts!

“You've no life. Nobody wants you. So you go along to these things and scream "I've switched to the No campaign" at people so that they'll stop and talk to you, patronise you as 'a good, clever boy', then forget all about you”.

As a prominent Scottish blogger, of course people talk to me, and about me, I don’t push myself forward, no need, I have talent, unlike you in Edinburgh. Also, not wishing to brag, at Glasgow University, Nicola Sturgeon would have been lucky if I chose to speak to her, just as she was a "no life" at Uni, I was George Laird, the top fitness instructor at the Stevenson Building.

I taught the elite of the University of Glasgow, pupils of George Laird went to the Olympics and World Championships to compete. 

You a big name in Tiddlywinks?  

“For them it's Saturday and they've spent a couple of moments talking to a random bloke hanging about outside their event”.

Ask Labour Councillor Stephen Curran, apparently I am not some random bloke to the Labour Party.

“For you it's one of the best days of your life. It's credibility for you. Someone's noticed you”.

Actually, I taught at Glasgow University and many of my trainees achieved remarkable success. 

People I trained went onto Sandhurst, you ever played 'soldiers' with toy guns?

“You can name drop”.

I would like to call you a ‘warmer’ because despite having no evidence you are making assumptions which aren’t true about me. And I know people that you wouldn’t even get in the door to meet, people so smart from my university days that they would make Nicola Sturgeon look so common, uninteresting and ordinary, despite her cash in bank.

Money can't buy you class but I am sure that many people in the SNP already know that about Nicola.

I was just using the library.

“You can name drop and play the victim all on the same day”. 

Just telling the facts as one of Scotland’s prominent Scottish bloggers as noticed by the readers of the prestigious Spectator magazine who rated me as the 'goto' site for Scottish independence.

 “George is happy”.

Poor Nicola Sturgeon, she isn’t happy; why don’t you go cheer up her, then there is Kevin Pringle who is rushing to save Yes Scotland… no, no no…. sad is not, the ‘top team’ just not up to the job. Why don't you buy her a big fluffy pillow so she can sink her head into it as she cries over her failure to lead an effective independence campaign.

If I am so unimportant, why are you here?

Why are you spending hours on my blog?

Tell me Braveheart?

No freedommmmmm for you, okay hootsman, onto plums, no indy, no nothing, Alex Salmond is a busted flush, and its game over.

I don’t lie, everyone knows I don’t lie, and to call me a liar is unacceptable, now crawl off.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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