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Scottish independence: Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond’s Government comes up 27,000 jobs short, Audit Scotland completely tear apart bogus claims in their latest report, Murdo Fraser speaks for Scotland, “The SNP has form for misleading the public”

Dear All

In politics it is sometimes said that there is lies, damn lies and statistics.

As we are seeing increasingly many people just see the announcements of the leadership of the Scottish National Party as just bare face lying!

We were deceived over the EU which saw Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon blown apart on live TV about 16 months ago by Ruth Davidson.

It was a painful night for Nationalists as the supposed 'leader in waiting' was found to be rather unimpressive.

Despite a few ‘bams’ strategically placed about the audience talking rubbish, Ms. Sturgeon couldn’t raise her game, Patrick Harvie had to shore up the Yes Camp, he at least took the steady route of talking sense.

Ms. Sturgeon looking like a drowned rat all at sea, banging the freedom drum and muttering tripe. I even tossed her a lifeline on NATO to help her out, however, she didn't deserve my help.

Freedommmm is apparently wonderful, its nirvana, it’s a land of milk and honey, its Freedommmm!

Quite so ma’am, now get lost!  

The SNP have been championing renewables, Alex Salmond used to say that Scotland could be the ‘Saudi Arabia’ of renewables.

The fact that this technology is funded by English subsidy isn’t part of the dream because in an independent Scotland the English will keep funding this!

Say whit!

I think that because Salmond is surrounded by less than talent people, he might think everyone’s head is buttoned up the back.

The technology is good enough yet, it may at some point , it could help Scotland be a major renewables employer for the future, but we aren’t there yet, not by a very long margin.

So, let’s get to the truth telling style of the SNP Government, who will say anything to get independence votes.

The Scottish Government’s claims that 40,000 jobs could be created through renewables has questioned by Scotland’s Auditor General.

Apparently there appears to be a huge gap in what the SNP are saying and what the Auditor General is saying, the reality is that it might be only 13,000 new jobs.
This is well less than half of what the SNP is claiming.

27,000 jobs short!

The Auditor General also says that progress is slower than the Scottish Government expected, the SNP just make stuff up as they go along, Salmond top loaded the Scottish Government with his failed election cronies.

Forget strategic thinkers, mid level spinners who have been promoted beyond their abilities.

As well as 27,000 jobs ‘missing in action’ under Salmond and Sturgeon, the 293 wind farm projects which are currently under construction or at the planning stage might not meet the Scottish Government’s energy targets.

That means someone will have to come with an idea, SNP Cllr Francis Scally, the heir to Salmond, the son that Alex never had, stands ready, he is just waiting for a call to save Scotland.

And he is a big freedom fighter.

I am told that someone in the SNP once said that when people want a cup of tea, the windmills would have to spin faster to cope with demand. Despite knowing academics in Engineering from my Glasgow University days, this piece of information was never passed onto me. 20 years at University and I missed that gem, I have led a sheltered lifestyle, even during my period as a university 'womble'.

Cup of tea, windmills need to spin faster!

Get a post it note and stick that up somewhere; just do it!

Salmond’s administration likes to claim to be radical in its thinking, I see them as ‘bams’ stumbling in the dark, anyway the less than talented have adopted one of the most extreme renewables policies in the world.

What they should have done is back renewing the Nuclear power stations in Scotland which need replaced, secure energy is more important that petty students politics, especially to people who are going to see their energy bills go through the roof under the SNP.

First Minister wants Scotland to produce the equivalent of 100 per cent of its electricity from renewables by 2020.

I think we can safely say that unless England bankrolls this idea massively then the target will get missed.

As well as jobs of 40,000 his government is claiming that this renewables revolution will generate £30 billion of investment in Scotland.

Is anyone signed up that £30 billion yet?

No, much like Salmond’s Olympics debacle, money was ploughed into a vanity project which didn’t generate results.

Scolympian failure!

And the fantasty being played out by the SNP also goes further to the tune that 130,000 renewable jobs will be in Scotland by 2020.

Cough, cough…. Blow job, …. Blowjob ….. eat me, eat me! (hand across the mouth)

All these bizarre job claims have now come under scrutiny by Audit Scotland.

Despite there being not a lot of fun in Government, the SNP have produced so much fantasy that there is a case for building a film studio.

Salmond Potter and halfwit Prince could be rushed out for September 2014.

Audit Scotland latest report says that, the 40,000 jobs figure is at the high end of an estimate.

That is right; it is a guess, not a fact!

Do you feel conned?

Do you want to know more?

A good slap in the face came from Audit Scotland was to say to SNP Ministers “develop more realistic employment projections”.

Oh ahhhhhh caught!

But the real meat is the amount of public money being ploughed into renewable energy in Scotland.

This is about to go through the roof with a significant rise.

£209 million had been spent so far, and that has been shoring up renewable for the last ten years.

But get ready for poverty because this amount is going to be dwarfed by the amounts due to be spent in the next two years.

Think you getting Nordic welfare in an independent Scotland?

The only Nordic feel will be your arse freezing because you wouldn’t be able to afford to heat your home.

Bute House will be warm and toasty, it will be like a tropical paradise; ‘King Alex’ lives to live large at the taxpayers’ expense.

The report states:

“Funding will rise sharply over the next two years, with a total budget of £264 million available.”

£264 million of your money …… gone!

Caroline Gardner, the Auditor General for Scotland said:

“While there are aspects the Scottish Government and other public bodies should improve, the main challenge is that private sector investment has been slower than expected, reflecting the state of the economy and the uncertainty of developments in the wider UK energy sector.”

Uncertainty, what happens when the English subsidy is gone?

Don’t ask Salmond or Sturgeon, they don’t know either.

Scottish Conservative energy spokesman Murdo Fraser said:

“The SNP has form for misleading the public on renewables jobs after claiming 18,000 worked in the sector, when in-fact it’s only 11,000. It seems the First Minister fibs about the present, and now his government are trying to dupe the public about the future too.”

So, there you have it, get a ball of wool and start knitting a big woolly jumper because in the near future, you might want to protect your nuts from freezing off because you can turn on the heating.

Then again, perhaps you will starve to death because of the Nordic taxes, the £1 billion the SNP want to spend overseas, the widespread job losses as key sectors of Scotland close down.

On 18th September 2014, if you want to be able to heat your home, Vote No to Scottish independence, we have had enough lies, enough deception and its time that Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond was judged.

This referendum is about one man’s poisonous vision; it’s a rich man campaign, and working class Scots need to protect what we have got!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

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Anonymous said...

Of course the Drones will claim Scaremongering from Project Fear!
You can't ask a sensible question or point out the bleeding obvious. 60 million folk subsidising these windfarms soon to be 5 million. But, we should have enough power to watch Braveheart, again.
Oops, I'll be accused of downing Scotland.