Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon see support for Yes vote totally collapse to just 25%, George Laird right again, Nicola Sturgeon should never have been appointed as ‘face of independence’, SNP poisonous vision rejection growing

Dear All

Quite some time ago, I was talking to a good friend discussing the Scottish independence referendum.

His take on the disastrous Yes campaign is that it would crash to 25% of the vote.

I have to say I was hovering around the 30% mark, but as the Alex Salmond personal vanity project goes on, I think the independence vote will suffer further.

The SNP launched 13 Bills, the big thing is that they aren't impressive, the flagship Bill was the scrapping of automatic early release of prisoners.

It is populist and for those who pause for thought and have an eye for detail; its crap!

That is correct, it’s crap; the figure affect of the entire prison population is about 2%.

There is a real lack of talent, as always opportunities have been missed as Salmond and Sturgeon put Scotland on pause.

We have had ‘pause’ since May 2011, the Crime Bill should have been more encompassing, the responsibility of government is to ensure they put in place measures to keep people out of jail and help them rebuild their lives.

Yes, we need to punish, done by a Court for offences committed, but there has to be rehab.

Salmond’s Crime Bill doesn’t touch on real penal reform in any shape or form, personally, it isn’t worthy of being a Bill before Parliament.

So much has gone wrong not just in the Yes Campaign but in SNP Government, Salmond doesn’t listen and as to the rest of his MSP drones/hacks, their opinions are noticeable by their silence.

Alex Salmond may have begun the countdown to the referendum but it’s a date with political death at the ballot box.

Despite claiming massive support etc etc, the reality is the opposite, no one is backing Salmond, people know something is wrong, massive wrong.

Support for independence at its lowest level since he came to power, according to a poll published today.

A long time ago, I said that Scottish independence must be fought on the truth, full disclosure and transparency.

Toss in a vision, create a narrative that talks sense and commit to reform.

Salmond gave us all none of it.

The latest survey puts backing for a split from the UK at just 25%.

It is a 5% drop since a similar poll in March and it’s all the fault of Salmond and Sturgeon.

Yes Scotland, the pro-independence campaign, which is looking more Better Together the longer the campaign goes on, say it would be "doubling its efforts".


Who is kidding who, these people are all Salmond and Sturgeon’s cronies, yes, they chuck in a few Greens to pad out the numbers but Yes Scotland is an SNP vehicle.

Staffed by the SNP, run by the SNP and funded by the SNP!

Have you seen the movie Top Gun?

Well; these lots are ‘Pop Guns’ shooting blanks.

They are there but they have achieved nothing, nothing at all except burned time, money, resources and manpower, the literally don’t know what they are talking about, it’s crap, all of it.

Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins has failed, not only has he failed, he has set in motion further non achievement, he might not have buried this campaign but he held a shovel.

His take on the bad news:

"The most significant figure in the TNS poll is the increase in the number of people who are undecided. We know from our own research that the more people learn about independence the more likely they are to vote Yes because they realise that having a government they vote for in Scotland is the best way to build a fairer, more prosperous country. So over the next 12 months we will be doubling our efforts to provide the quality information people need to help them make the right choice."

He should resign with immediately effect or do backdoor functions, he is NOT a campaigner.

Better Together campaign director Blair McDougall said:

"Alex Salmond's independence campaign has lost one in three supporters since 2011. Almost half of SNP voters are not currently supporting independence. But whatever a poll says, our message is always the same: we need to work hard to reach out to undecided voters. We will never take the support of Scots for granted."


I wonder how Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon feels knowing that she and her cronies ran the entire campaign into the deck!

Strategic thinkers, I think not!

Being the ‘face of independence’, Nicola Sturgeon was supposed to capture the women’s vote, the Bill Walker scandal pretty much killed that as an idea, I said she should have remained at Health because she wasn’t right to front indy, I said her campaigning at Glasgow University referendum was wrong and I said she should have immediately given Joyce in Inverclyde the drug she needed.

Sturgeon got everything wrong and George Laird got everything right!

Nicola Sturgeon maybe the SNP ‘face of independence’ but the entire Scottish nation doesn’t want anything to do with her or her poisonous vision, she isn’t even getting the sympathy vote in 2014.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

2 things I'm waiting to see.

The White Paper.

The day the Greens and SSP demand their pound of flesh for backing the Yes Campaign.

Both I believe will be a real good belly laugh.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

I keep saying to Green MSP Patrick Harvie to get his shopping list out so as he can get something out of this debacle.

I don't see the SSP 'getting a nickel for their mother', they have a credibility problem after the Tommy Sheridan fiasco. Won the battle and lost the war.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University