Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange flees to the Ecuadorian Embassy to claim political asylum, his claim looks like ‘flight from justice!'

Dear All

Julian Assange is a controversial figure; the website Wikileaks has caused a sensation in leaking documents and evidence into the public domain that certain people would rather stay buried.

In a recent court appearance to fight extradition to Sweden, the UK Supreme Court dismissed his claim.

Assange is accused of sex crime and is wanted to face trial.

Last night in a dramatic turn he walked into the Ecuadorian Embassy to claim political asylum.

The Ecuadorian Government is considering his claim; however this act by Assange breaches his bail conditions since he is under curfew.

40-year old Assange is seeking asylum under the United Nations Human Rights Declaration.

The Met Police say now Assange is subject to arrest.

Their reasons as stated above is one of the bail conditions imposed on him by the High Court hasn’t be complied with in that he was stay at his bail address between 10pm and 8am.

A police spokeswoman said:

“At around 10.20pm on Tuesday June 19, the MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) was notified that Assange had breached one of those bail conditions. He is now subject to arrest under the Bail Act for breach of these conditions. Officers are aware of his location at the Ecuador Embassy in Hans Crescent, London.”

Assange is accused of rape of one woman and sexual molesting of another, these are serious charges and he should face trial.

Julian Assange says the allegations against him are politically motivated; however he hasn’t produced any evidence to this claim and certainly not at any hearing to extradite him.

One thing is certain; the Americans would dearly love the opportunity to get hold of him.

And if they do, he will go to prison in the US for life without parole.

Last month the Supreme Court the last stop for his appeal hit the buffers as they upheld a High Court ruling that his extradition was legal.

I previously blogged that he didn’t have a case based on that point of law.

Last week the same court refused an attempt by him to reopen his appeal against extradition, saying it was “without merit”.

And the UK Supreme Court has a reputation for flawless judgments.

Assange further last chance scenario centred round the European judges in Strasbourg to consider his case and postpone extradition on the basis that he has not had a fair hearing from the UK courts.

That would be dismissed because all along the line, Julian Assange has been treated fairly, and there isn’t a human right to escape justice.

Something that the Ecuadorian Embassy will no doubt be mindful of in their consideration of his case!

I can’t see in this case political asylum being granted, they will consider his request as a ‘flight from justice’ which rather than help him actually prejudices his case in Sweden.

It was the wrong thing to do.

When he steps out of the Ecuadorian Embassy, he will be placed into custody and bailed refused by a British Court until he is deported.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

he should be fighting it in his own country he has cost this country enough

Anonymous said...

Dear George...

In your own personal opinion you headline 'it looks like a flight from justice'. UK justice? Swedish judiciary system or the US secret grand jury?

Fact - Both woman (accusers) have stated sex with Mr Assange was consensual and nOn violent.
Fact - Police interviews were not recorded. (against procedure)
Fact - Stockholm chief prosecutor Eva Finne threw out the rape allegation.
Fact - The condom submitted for DNA by accuser AA contained no DNA from JA or AA.
Fact - Julian remained in Sweden for 5 weeks to Answer allegations.
Fact - Sweden issued an EAW 2 days before the release of US cables.
Fact - US presidential candidate Sarah Palin called for his assassination (JA)
Fact - You can buy a gun or give money to the KKK through Visa, you can't donate to Wikileaks.
Fact - Stratfor emails state secret grand dury are pursuing extradition (cables as well) for JA from Sweden to US to face espionage trial. Behind closed doors.
Fact - he will be imprisoned for life and tortured in US.
Fact - A decision was made under extreme circumstances to seek Asylum under the Correa administration as the alternative would be to face solitary confinement and subsequently then torture.
This is not about rape or UK justice but about politically motivated pursuit of an award winning journalist at the head of Wikileaks. Not one single life has been lost due to the release of the cables by WL.
Julian wants assurances he will not be extradited to Sweden to face a secret grand dury. Sweden refused telephone/video link interviews.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous: Julian Assange has been trying to get back to his native Australia however 'wee' bit difficult when Swedish govt, US govt and UK govt are showing clear malfeasance towards their own embarrassment. Costs? Maybe look at the UK banking system If you wish to have something tangible to compare the costs of Mr Assange's court fees vs costs to UK public etc
I would very much like to know how much you think JA's case has cost you, the taxpayer (in Scotland)?