Monday, June 18, 2012

Open letter to SNP Disciplinary Committee, why is a hate campaign by Humza Yousaf's wife, Gail Lythgoe 'okay' but George Laird free speech bad?

Dear Ms Wylie

This is a response to your letter of 11th June 2012 re Complaint – George Laird.

I totally reject the allegation made against me that I have breached Standard 6 of the Code of Conduct.

For your information:

6 Every member has a responsibility not to discriminate in his or her conduct on the grounds of race, colour, gender, religious belief or non-belief or sexual orientation.

Nowhere in the post is there any reference to sexual orientation whatsoever either deliberately or implied by the author.

I have no idea how anyone could come to this conclusion, I therefore reject this disgusting insinuation totally.

The context which the phrase Gay is used means ‘happy’; I have enclosed for your benefit and others, the definition from the Cambridge dictionaries online’.

“Gay adjective (HAPPY )


old-fashioned happy

We had a gay old time down at the dance hall.

old-fashioned If a place is gay, it is bright and attractive
The streets were gay and full of people”.

Secondly, I would point out that there is no discrimination in the blog The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University against people who by your own code of conduct fall within the standard six remit.

I use a higher standard of decency than the SNP currently use so rest assured, given news reports of countless SNP members acting like animals, Henderson may have mistakenly thought I am as vile as they are.

I unlike some others do not discriminate like former SNP member Tommy Ball who called British soldiers ‘uneducated racist thugs’, or Gail Lythgoe, MSP Humza Yousaf’s wife, who deliberately smeared the Labour MP Ian Davidson in an email to encourage a hate campaign against him, also Mark MacLachan who worked for SNP Minister Mike Russell who had a little cottage industry on his blog smeared others or David Linden who had to withdraw a twitter remark about George Foukles being drunk.

Funny enough they are and were all very close to the senior SNP leadership before being ‘outed’ and some still are, but I am sure you already know that because you are the convenor of the disciplinary committee.

At this point I wish to state that the word ‘outed’ doesn’t mean or have any sexual orientation or context, just in case you are unaware. Words can have different meanings for the people who read them, except when they are used to smear, then that is ‘mens rea’ otherwise known as ‘guilty mind’.

Thirdly, I enclose for your benefit and others my activism record which clearly shows my willingness to campaign for SNP candidates who are from the LGBT community.

Namely, John Mason, MSP and Councillor Grant Thoms, this is proof that I don’t discriminate on the grounds of race, colour, gender, religious belief or non-belief or sexual orientation plus a post showing my support for equal marriage, Appendix B.

And as I already just received a Data Subject Access Request from the SNP there is no evidence I have ever done so.

The first person I campaigned for in the SNP was John Mason in the Glasgow East by-election in 2008, when I wasn’t even a party member. 16 days! Not the act of someone who discriminates on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Grant Thoms was to be the candidate for the Glasgow North East by-election; which incidentally I did 66 days work for the party when I started campaigning for him. This is more than the numerous SNP MSPs and Councillors who did a few days because they were ordered to by HQ.

I have been involved in three campaigns for John Mason, 2008, 2010 and 2011, as you can see by the records, despite not being in his branch I have put in a considerable amount of work for him.

This is not the conduct of someone who discriminates on the grounds of sexual orientation, so my good conduct is backed up by the years I have selflessly helped him and others without hesitation.

What isn’t contained in my activism record of 17 SNP Campaigns and 203 recorded activism days in under 2 and a half years for the SNP, is the number of times I turned up to work for John Mason, and I was the only person to do so. Just him and myself delivering SNP material to voters! That is right, the only person to do so on a number of occasions, not one single member of his own branch turned up to help.

If this matter goes further I will seek outside representation from my Labour MSP, Johann Lamont who covers the area I live in, because I view this as a slur which has to be dealt very publicly.

I will be expecting a detailed NHS medical report from you verifying that Mr. Henderson is in fact a certified mind reader because I have in no way implied what Mr. William Henderson thinks he thinks I meant.

And I am not accepting his version and I am not responsible for what he thinks or how he wishes to interpret any post on The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University to suit someone’s warped view.

Does the SNP operate a policy of innocent until proven guilty or do you operate as guilty until proven innocent?

I sincerely hope that you have proof and not subjective opinion on which to base this vacuous complaint on; because I already know, you have absolutely no evidence of me discriminating against anyone ever.

Under the Human Rights Act 1998, I am entitled to what is called ‘quality of arms’; that means equal treatment, therefore I would like answers to these questions.

I would like to know is William Henderson the actual complainer?

If he isn’t then who is?

On what date and time did he read the post in question?

How many people has Mr. Henderson spoken to regarding this issue?

Was Mr. Henderson directed to my blog by a third party?

If so, was the person an SNP member?

Was the person an elected MSP?

Was the person an elected councillor?

Was the person an elected SNP branch official?

If so which SNP branch and their names?

Is Mr. Henderson a member of the Maryhill and Springburn branch?

I put in a complaint on the basis I was the subject of a smear campaign within the Maryhill & Springburn branch to Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, Ian McCann, Derek MacKay and Peter Murrell which was confirmed in writing by Ari Mack, former GRA SNP Convenor.

This was over 8 months ago; can you tell when you received that complaint from Peter Murrell?

If you are the convenor of the SNP disciplinary committee why haven’t I heard from you regarding my complaint of allegedly being smeared? I have kept all the emails of this complaint safely stored.

Have I been discriminated against by the SNP or does it usually taken 8 months for you to act on complaints from poor working class members?

The post you refer to was dated 26th May 2012, 16 days from when you wrote your letter based on a vacuous unsubstantiated allegation.

Do rich middle class members receive a higher standard of service from the SNP when they lodge complaints?

I put in a complaint which I had two pieces of corroborating evidence which is the legal standard in a court of law, and I have heard nothing from you.

Is that not discrimination?

SNP MP Dr. Whiteford claimed she was threatened at Westminster and received the backing of the First Minister Alex Salmond and the SNP within hours of making an unsubstantiated complaint with no witnesses and George Laird after 8 months is still waiting for SNP ‘justice’.

Is that discrimination? Is that fairness? Is that equality? Is that social justice?

Was I discriminated on the basis of being white?

Was I discriminated against on the basis of being Glaswegian?

Was I discriminated against on the basis of being working class?

Was I discriminated against on the basis of my mother being Catholic?

Was I discriminated against on the basis of being poor?

Was I discriminated against on the basis of being middle aged?

Was I discriminated against on the basis of being a Christian?

When people smear me, it is not a private matter, under the Data Protection Act 1998; I will be invoking my legal right to record by way of audiotape, any and all hearings into this matter.

Please do not think for a minute I am ignorant of the law and my legal rights, your letter of the 11th June 2012 gives me ‘reasonable belief’ that I am possibly the victim of the crime of harassment.

And that ‘test’ needs only to be satisfied by me not the SNP, to record. There will no discussion on this point of law whatsoever but please do check with someone because it is important to establish facts.

This is my written statement and I wish all correspondence if this matter goes further to be sent to my elected representative Labour MSP Johann Lamont of the Pollok Constituency.

I hope this clarifies the matter and closes it, if not please get back in touch immediately so I can make an appointment to go see my elected representative Labour MSP Johann Lamont, then I will contact you and you can send the material and copy her into everything.

And I will hand over everything relevant to my elected representative to use to defend me against this unwarranted smear and harassment and I do mean everything. This letter also appears on my 8k to 10k a month blog which is read by other political parties, the press, and the BBC, STV and SKY.

Best regards

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Appendix A
Appendix B


Anonymous said...

Looks like the "MOB" has turned on you, the pack of hyenas don't like you questioning their ability to run an Independence campaign, or to produce a single serious policy to run a country.
Stick with it, ask serious questions on their ability.
I recall last year when they where imploding over how many candidates to put up for Glasgow, an election that put them in their place.
Eh, not good enough as I recall.

Anonymous said...

"why is a hate campaign by Humza Yousaf's wife, Gail Lythgoe 'okay' but George Laird free speech bad? "

Because your a fat cunt with bad breath and smelly feet maybe?

Anonymous said...

So what's the deal george - how does this affect the stance you have on independence? That's completely separate.

Anonymous said...

Open letter to George Laird: why don't you allow comments which are critical of you?

I refer specifically to the comment left on your last blog post, asking why you refer to yourself as "working class" when you refuse to work.

You claim the SNP is against human rights.

Surely it is a human right to not be censored on a poorly-written, largely-ignored blog?

Tommy Ball said...

Hi George,

In the tradition of politeness and fairness, it is only reasonable to let you know that I have made an official complaint against you to the SNP, on the grounds of the content of your blog, which I consider to be racist

Also, I think we both know why you've been pursuing your frankly pathetic campaign against me, don't we :) And so does everyone else in your branch :)


George Laird said...

Dear Anon

"So what's the deal george - how does this affect the stance you have on independence?"

I have supported independence all my life and I am an SNP member.

"That's completely separate".

When I am treated fairly and matters dealt with appropriately and those people held to account that need be, the First Minister can put his case to me.

Face to face starting with I apologise for the way you have been treated by this party.

While I am discriminated against, then as previously stated to Peter Murrell, I will step back.

When I stepped back at Glasgow Council election, the result speaks for itself.

Alex Salmond needs people like me who have real talent because people like me are leaders that others follow.

The bottom line is justice, done and seen to be done.

Have you noticed that it is all going wrong, post George Laird stepping back?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University