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Braveheart Alex Salmond sees the ‘highland charge’ for independence turn into utter shambles as Scottish Greens walk out on Yes Scotland Campaign!

Dear All

Awhile ago I was asked how I would ‘fix’ the Yes Scotland campaign by a poster who visits the website.

Here some of the suggestions I said where needed as a starter for 10.

External oversight is a first step.

Second sit those in charge down running Yes Scotland and ask hard questions about their actual campaign experience.

Third dismantle all the phoney wee sites set up as pro indy, it's nonsense.

Fourth, get a grip of that zoo in Holyrood and make it plain to MSPs, you fail to turn up for anything and you will know what trouble really is.

Fifthly relaunch the entire thing again, it’s a hard thing to do, but singing is out, poetry is out, ranting is out.

Sixth, install a new SNP branch model. important.

Seventh, have a Yes Scotland rep attend cabinet meetings’.

The independence launch was a flop; the ‘Declaration of Cineworld’ is a textbook example of how not to launch a historic campaign.

And from there, things have moved rapidly downhill ever since.

It wasn't long for the cracks to emerge because Alex Salmond effectively brought in his ‘pals’ to run Yes Scotland which is seen by many, as just a vehicle for the SNP.

Now, the Yes Scotland campaign has been branded an "utter shambles" by the Tories.

The reason why is that the Green Party's leader Patrick Harvie has walked away, declaring they are not cheerleaders for the SNP.

Patrick Harvie says that there is a total lack of engagement between the parties; you would think that any professionals would have put in place a structure, to ensure that those onboard were effectively onboard!

But oh no!

It is only 16 days since Patrick Harvie shared a stage with First Minister Alex Salmond at the pro-independence campaign's inept launch in Edinburgh.

16 days and already the campaign is falling apart, not a surprise to me by any means, more like par for the course, why do a good job when a bloody shambles is the preferred option.

All is not lost for the SNP as the Green members get a chance at their annual conference in October to decide if they want formal links with Yes Scotland.

Before that takes place, it is essential that Yes Scotland is fixed properly and people put in place that are competent; with actual campaign experience on the ground.

As I previously blogged there is a startling lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, George Laird was right again.

Patrick Harvie said:

"If we are to formally sign up as a party we need to know on what terms. We don't want to end up simply cheerleading for the SNP. It's entirely possible the membership takes the view that Greens help shape another pro-independence referendum campaign. Independence is a chance to change Scotland for the better, not stick with business as usual."

Two pro-independence referendum campaigns won’t work, the confusion, the mixed messages and the direction make such an idea not viable.

Tory leader Ruth Davidson said the Yes Scotland campaign was "already falling apart" and is an "utter shambles".

Kind words from the Tory leader but accurate nonetheless!

Davidson added:

"It is clear the cross party support Alex Salmond claimed for his separatist movement was nothing more than window dressing. Alex Salmond's vast ego cannot even accommodate fellow Nationalists who want to break Scotland away from the United Kingdom."

Labour MSP Patricia Ferguson said:

"Things have gone from bad to worse.It looks like Patrick Harvie shares an experience many in the SNP have found – it is Alex Salmond's way or the highway."

Hammer and nail on head come to mind, the Scottish National Party from my experience is a middle class controlled not very talented clique.

Typically a Yes Scotland spokesman claimed a "representative structure" for the campaign was currently being formed.

He said:

"Yes Scotland has been working well with Greens and we welcome the Scottish Green Party deciding their formal role at their annual conference. Many individual Greens are already making a real contribution to Yes Scotland and we look forward to the Green Party conference deciding to work formally within Yes Scotland or in parallel towards a Yes vote."

Short version, we don’t give a f*ck, but they will start to give a f*ck when poll after poll gives them data that the independence referendum is off track but by that time it will be too late to alter course.

It seems that Yes Scotland idea of a big tent approach mainly involves other parties such as the Greens and the SSP standing just outside the tent being used a windbreak while the SNP controlled Yes Scotland personnel gorge themselves while the ‘little people’ suffer.

As well as the Greens walking out of the big tent, Alex Salmond cannot persuade his best SNP activists to return to work for him and the party.

It is going to get very isolated on the exposed grassy knoll as Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon’s middle class clique fail to deliver independence.

Yes Scotland is run by two of Salmond's former political advisers, Jennifer Dempsie and Stephen Noon and the SNP MP Angus Robertson.

The campaign has only one director, an SNP lawyer, no board or chief executive, this leaves SNP personnel in day-to-day control by default.

This is a mistake, but soon enough the price will be paid for that lack of vision.

The final word I leave to Labour MP Margaret Curran;

"Alex Salmond is incapable of taking an inclusive approach within his own party, so it will be no surprise to anyone that he can’t work with other parties".

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Time after time the SNP choose their mates to run things, now they will be exposed for what they are, nonenities lacking honesty, intelligence, ideas and vision. Stick by that age old principle of decency,

It works every time.