Friday, June 15, 2012

Braveheart Alex Salmond explains why he allows criminality to go unpunished; in the SNP he takes similar attitude to smearing and bullying, coward!

Dear All

The Scottish National Party says it tough on crime, to that end there has been countless speeches about how crime is unacceptable from them and in turn the Scottish SNP Government.

Now, we are hearing that Braveheart Alex Salmond did not go to the police to complain about his bank account being hacked.

In other words the First Minister of Scotland has decided it is okay to let criminals go free.

His excuse for his behaviour is he wanted to protect his informant according to his spokesman.

Alex Salmond’s current view is it was the responsibility of the newspaper and not the police to investigate.

The Police investigate crime, that is their function, and being hacked is a criminal offence.

Does that mean that Alex Salmond views criminality as falling into two distinct categories?

And who can trust a man who is prepared to think that certain crimes shouldn’t be reported to the proper authorities, The Police?

Later on it is said Mr Salmond "did not rule out the possibility" of referring the matter to the police in the future.

So, when exactly would that be?

Is the First Minister storing up this for a ‘rainy day’ when things go badly for the Scottish Government, the SNP or the Yes Scotland Campaign and he is looking for a sympathy vote from the public?

Given his already stated position of not ruling out going to the police it seems his ‘concern’ for protecting his source isn’t as hard and fast, many would see this as a mixed message from the First Minister regarding trust.

Salmond’s spokesman confirmed that information that his bank account had been targeted was passed by a former Observer journalist in the early 2000s.

He would respect the confidentiality of that source.

If he goes to the Police, he will have to give up the name of his source; therefore he doesn’t respect the confidentiality of that source.

He can’t go to the police and refuse to name him otherwise Salmond would be wasting Police time.

Alex Salmond wrote to the editor of the Observer, John Mulholland, last July, saying:

"It has been brought to my attention that there was a strong suggestion that journalists working for the Observer accessed my bank account details in 1999. Could you please let me know if there is any truth or substance in these claims?"

This begs the question of how Alex Salmond thinks a competent investigation can be carried with no information being presented, does Salmond think that Mulholland pops his head out of his office door and shouts out, ‘has anyone been involved in criminal hacking of bank accounts?’

Maybe in Alex Salmond’s world, the guilty party immediately puts their hands up and says ‘I done it’!

A spokeswoman for the Observer said that on the basis of the information supplied by Mr Salmond they had been unable to find any evidence to substantiate his allegation.

Unable to find any evidence to substantiate his allegation on the basis of the information supplied.

Oh well, I think we can safely rule out the First Minister from standing for the Chief Constable of the Scottish National Police Force.

Given Alex Salmond’s apparent reluctance to see things investigated in a timeous manner, it in part satisfies me why bullying and smearing is rife in the Scottish National Party under his leadership.

It seems that when Alex Salmond is informed about incidents within his own party, he prefers to ignore them.

That isn’t the hallmark of a great leader, it is the mark of a coward, an opportunist and a man who has to ask serious questions about his own integrity.

Alex Salmond famously said:

‘My first duty is to the people of Scotland’.

So far I am still waiting for the First Minister to fulfil that duty to me, I have “only” waited over 8 months for an investigation into smearing and bullying in the SNP.

8 months.

DSAR sent to Peter Murrell, another Braveheart and freedom fighter, 80 days late and incomplete.

It seems the SNP commitment to justice leaves a lot to be desired from my personal experience in the party.

Currently, I am the subject to a smear campaign in that previous I was allegedly branded a sexual pervert in the Maryhill & Springburn branch, in the Pollok branch, I was according to Tommy Ball, the odious git I was branded a racist.

Now William Henderson the National Secretary of the Scottish National Party is attempting to brand me ’homophobic’ by twisting my words to suit his warped agenda from an article written on this blog.

I totally refute his disgusting allegation levelled against me and am doing so publicly because it is time that working class people such as myself received equal treatment and not be subject to such vileness.

Previously I have campaigned for members of the LGBT community and written several articles supporting the right of equal marriage for this community. Patently in his rush to smear me using the SNP rules he failed to take the time to probably research me.

But as I keep saying there is a lack of serious talent in the Scottish National Party, come the referendum, the people of Scotland will get their chance to deliver their verdict.

And the answer the independence campaign will be getting loud and clear from the working class is.


Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

The problem may be is that you are exposing the weak campaign from the SNP.
Lah Lah land, everything is like that with them, ask a serious question and it's Lah Lah.
I can't think of anything they have in place come Independence. The sure idea that they will be in power in 2016 is lah lah again from them.