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Trio of Doom and Gloom, ex Labour Foreign Secretary David Miliband says UK must stay in 'safe harbour' of EU single market as he joins cross-party Remainer drive with Nick Clegg and Nicky Morgan, multi tasking Miliband sells out his country and undermines Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership the same time, what a star!

Dear All

One of the things of interest to me is ex politicians who jumped ship giving their tuppence worth on matters that don’t affect them.

David Miliband has waded into the Brexit debate to say UK must stay in 'safe harbour' of EU single market. This in part echos the ramblings of Tony Blair another defunct politician, in the past Miliband was seen as a possible saviour of the Labour Party.

In my mind, he like his brother Ed aren’t saviours of any kind for anyone from a working class background.

After losing the bid to be leader of the Labour Party by his brother, he took up the post of head of the International Rescue Committee in New York. He probably didn’t find that job at Jobcentre Plus since the remuneration pay packet would be £300,000 ($450,000) a year.

Now, like Blair, David Miliband is attempting to muddy the waters by joining cross-party Remainer drive with Nick Clegg and Nicky Morgan. Although he is entitled to an opinion, the fact is he is on the wrong side of history, never a good place to be. One of the points, Miliband cites is that the the UK was being 'held to ransom' by demands for a 'hard Brexit', putting security and economic prosperity at risk.

How does having control of your own borders equal a security risk?

We have had over 40 years of EU Membership, does this feel like a prosperous country, is there milk and honey which everyone has missed, along with nirvana? The EU is a political organisation which wants to remove sovereignty from every country who is a member and impose their rule.

The EU is anti country and anti worker.

But….. here we have Miliband who lives in the USA telling us what is good for us, to line up alongside ex-Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg and rebel Tory MP Nicky Morgan to demand close ties with the EU.

Speaking at a rice factory in Essex, the trio will claim the Government's proposals for Brexit would 'diminish Britain's standing in the world'.

This is laughable; also if you take the time to read Miliband’s wiki, he has an interest in the control of foodstuff, namely rice. The Trio of Doom and Gloom want to urge MPs and peers to seize control of Brexit from ministers and force a softer approach. In other words stage an anti democracy coup against the people, this will not be allowed to happen.

Norway's PM Erna Solberg apparently backs this idea, again, no one care what the Norwegian PM thinks on Brexit or indeed on any subject.

Europhile politicians are gearing up for a last-ditch effort to water down Brexit but the UK Government must hold firm, the people of the UK made the decision to leave the EU, that means all of it, not a part, all of it.
Theresa May appears to be on the verge of defeat in Cabinet over her favoured plan for a 'customs partnership' with the EU.

A clash on single market membership is also on the cards, with Jeremy Corbyn facing pressure for scores of Labour MPs to shift his party's policy. Miliband said the Labour leader risked being seen as the 'midwife of hard Brexit' by failing to back single market membership.

One has to wonder that since Miliband won’t get his way whether his intervention is more about doing damage to Jeremy Corbyn to usher in a new ‘Blair’ Era of New Labour politics which previously was despised over issues like Iraq.

In trying to sell his ‘vision’ Miliband cites the single market isn't just about the trade in goods and services, it's also about environmental regulation, it's also about employee rights. As I have mentioned before the EU doesn’t protect employee’s rights, the ‘Viking Case’ puts to death that lie.

Miliband like a lot of arrogant politicians relies on the ignorance of the public not doing the research, in the case above; all the employees were kicked out of their jobs which the EU didn’t protect.

Finally, the remainers still haven’t accepted the fact that the people of Britain have moved on from the EU, there is a ground swell for hard Brexit in my opinion because people don’t want their democratic vote undermined, what does David Miliband represent, the past, not the good old days, the bad old days, and clearly people have had enough of that.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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