Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Bad SNP Fairy; SNP unveils new independence blueprint, Nicola Sturgeon’s crew do a rehash of the old failed arguments of 2014, ‘milk and honey’ and ‘nirvana’ awaits Scottish people if they gamble with their economic future, if this report was a movie, it would be released straight to dvd!

Dear All

Do you believe in fairies?

Fairies are mythical creatures, small with wings that fly about the place, but they are not real, they are an illusion, the SNP have come up with a new fairytale, this one is a rehash of the old one. The delusion is that an independent Scotland will be a land of milk and honey, a nirvana as long as it is run by the SNP who will make an independent Scotland emulate the world’s 12 best-performing small economies.

So, why hasn’t Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP who have had a decade in power proved that already, where are the papers, documents and results?

The long-awaited SNP blueprint is crap, in the last fairytale; we were told that an independent Scotland would be like Norway.

Now, we are told that since that lie didn’t sell, the party’s Growth Commission report, is punting an argument that we could be like Finland or New Zealand. The word which is the ‘get out of jail free card’ is ‘could’ but the reality is that Scotland isn’t like Finland and isn’t like New Zealand.

Here is a bit of info on Finland to help you.

Scotland gets extra help from the UK Government in order to maintain our standard of services, without this money, the country would be in a terrible state. The SNP continually pump out the lie that Scotland is a rich country, if that were the case, then why don’t they return the extra funding to Westminster?

A simple question is it not, but the answer is, Scotland has different problems both socially and economically that justifies the extra cash. In the previous failed indy campaign, we were told that each Scot was sitting on a fortune, now we get a figure saying that independence will be worth an extra £4,100 per person if Scotland is able to match the success of similarly sized nations, such as Finland and New Zealand.

If it doesn’t match Finland or New Zealand, we would be fucked totally!

Given the complete incompetence of the SNP in managing devolved issues, do you honestly think that if these people had full control of Scotland that they would suddenly gain insights? The SNP is a party of protest, they are not a party of government and the facts speak for themselves, health, education and law and order all a disaster. Nationalists treat government as a ‘pay day’ and a vehicle to campaign for independence which is why we get so little for paying so much.

Free tampons and baby boxes…… the big ideas!

Ian Blackford, the SNP leader at Westminster, says the blueprint was “not about milk and honey” but presented a detailed analysis on how the economy of Scotland could be strengthened.

In trying to sound credible and failing, Blackford replied when asked if the report meant the SNP had got it wrong in 2014, he said that the country was in “a different place” post-Brexit.

He added:

“There was an awful lot of people who were not uncomfortable with the concept of Scottish independence as a principle but they felt a degree of fear as to what Scotland’s economic future would be. What we need to do is to explain to people how we could change that picture and how we could create that sustainable growth in an independent Scotland.”

2014, the SNP claimed that they could put 100,000 women in £42,000 a year jobs to fund their childcare scheme.

How many jobs have they created as part of that scheme, they said that it would take 10 years to get the scheme running?

Has the SNP created those jobs?

Years ago, Nicola Sturgeon was nailed on Questiontime when told, she wasn’t in a position to create any jobs, that task had to be done by the private sector. But has she created any £42,000 jobs in the public sector especially for women?


The SNP keep lying to the people of Scotland in an attempt to get them to risk their future, and yes, we are talking about their financially future, gambling their pensions, jobs, mortgages and the future of their families. In 2014, 28 areas of 32 totally rejected independence, the result was decisive, it was No.

It will always be No to the SNP, they have burnt their bridges with the people of Scotland, as the polling of 2015 to date shows, the shine has come off Nicola Sturgeon; her SNP manufactured popularity is dropping like a stone.

Alex Salmond appointed Nicola Sturgeon as the ‘face of independence’, and we all know how that turned out, we had an ugly bad tempered and hateful campaign conducted by the Nationalist camp.

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“The SNP can pluck out any number of fanciful examples, but it won't change the fact Scotland is far more prosperous and secure as part of the UK. People are still asking the question why the SNP is putting so much effort into a question that was settled decisively just a few years ago. This is all about Nicola Sturgeon trying to secure her legacy and a place in history, but Scots are fed-up of her grandstanding.”
There is a lot of grandstanding by Nicola Sturgeon, as a failing politician which is acknowledged by other nationalists, Sturgeon flees Scotland at the drop of a hat to travel outside the country to give speeches. The question is why, well she appears to want to be seen as a ‘force’ and a ‘statesman’, she is neither. If you think back to Alex Salmond, did Fortune 500 companies line up to secure his services after he stepped down as First Minister?


Once these people step down from power, no one wants them; Alex Salmond has ended up on RT, the Russian propaganda channel, and doing a radio show. Oh how the less than mighty have fallen hard. Once Nicola Sturgeon steps down, she wouldn’t even get that, this ghastly woman is heading for obscurity, her only ‘pay day’ is sitting up the back of Holyrood as a backbencher as another failed SNP politician.

Finally, the Conservatives have accused the SNP of a "cowardly approach" after it emerged the new report will be released online without a media launch where questions could be asked.

Why aren’t they doing a big launch, if as they say this is supposed to be an important document, wouldn’t you want to sing its praises to the press and take on all-comers? Andrew Wilson, the former SNP MSP calls it “the most substantially considered economic policy proposals for Scotland and independence that have been produced to date”.

Nicola Sturgeon knows the blueprint once questioned will go from being a fairytale to a nightmare very quickly, that is why the SNP are edging away from a formal launch; they know they will be made a laughing stock.

Maybe the report can be useful as litter for a cat tray?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Ever since she became leader of the SNP she has went out of her way to destroy Scottish Nationalism. We have had one unpopular policy after the other. Latest one is… she’s going to give refugees the right to vote. Are there to be any rules regarding these refugees, do they have to have been here a min time, like paying tax, having jobs, criminal record check, contribution to society. Or is she giving them the right to vote immediately after their arrival. She’s a very strange woman indeed. It’s as if she wants to put people off voting SNP.

Anonymous said...

dont blame me I didn't vote for them

Al C said...

Be fair, George. Might as well print out a copy, you never know when that report might come in useful. You know, for wrapping your chips in.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the lunatic Sturgeon will demand a re-run of the Irish abortion referendum

stug guts said...

Is that a photo of Eddie Izzard?