Wednesday, May 16, 2018

SNP Cult of personality; ex SNP Deputy leader Jim Sillars flags up the ‘elephant in the room’, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is running "one-person" government, you can also add there is no vision and everything centres around trying to promote completely inept Nicola Sturgeon as likeable, her leadership is poisoning Scottish political life and the nation

Dear All

Over the years I have said many things about the SNP, they run on the ‘cult of the leader’ and that there was a genuine lack of talent in the SNP. As usual, I have been ahead of the curve on the SNP problems. Jim Sillars rightly gets a lot of press when he speaks; he also gets a lot of abuse from the brainwashed Nationalists. There is no hiding that the SNP are running a failed Government leaving aside their continual bleeping on independence.

Sillars says Nicola Sturgeon is running a "one-person" government.

Jim Sillars is right, for the most part, her ministers and MSPs have disappeared from public view, announcements; anything good is read out by Nicola Sturgeon to attempt to boost her profile.

What is lacking in the SNP is independent voices, new ideas, coupled with the problem of a repeated lack of “intellectual rigour”, plus an inability of Nicola Sturgeon to listen.

There is a bunker mentality exhibited by Sturgeon, this follows the pattern which led to the downfall of Alex Salmond, arrogance used to mask fear. Sturgeon is scared, not just of the opposition but also of those behind her, she doesn’t generate loyalty, and she isn’t a natural leader.

In the SNP Cult, Nicola Sturgeon is seen as the chosen one, all knowing and wise, kindly and hip, the reality is that she is a petty vain politician out of her depth and mentally and physically passed her sell by date.

Nicola Sturgeon is a ‘poundland’ Angela Merkel.

Jim Sillars adds:

“The SNP Government is a one-person show in which the First Minister calls not only the tune, but writes the verses, with ‘discussion’ and ‘debate’ words not in her lexicon.”

In a dig at the party membership, he says that the “mindless admiration” was bad for a party, but ultimately worse for its subject, you can’t really argue with that statement. The SNP as I previously blogged is a ‘rat ship’, that is permanently forced to be at sea because they can’t find a safe port.

Although Sillars, says the problem could be traced to the “Strong Leader syndrome” that developed under Mr Salmond, the correct term for what is going on is ‘Cult of personality’, think back to Stalin and Hitler who used the technique to great effect to exercise control.

One thing which the deputy contest will not change is the direction of the SNP, there is a lack of quality candidates, no one with any sense wants to be shackled to the ‘Fall of the Sturgeon Empire’. When she goes, the SNP must also get a new chief executive to replace Murrell and also several of the current staff, namely McCann. In the present political climate, there won’t be a referendum before 2021, and post 2021 with a possible hung parliament, no chance of getting a referendum bill through Holyrood.

Time is against Nicola Sturgeon.

When Jim Sillars says Sturgeon should hand over to "someone better"; that flags up another major problem; there isn’t anyone who is capable of uniting the party let alone Scotland.

Jim Sillars said:

“I have been concerned about the lack of intellectual rigour within the SNP. The cry for an early referendum on independence immediately following the EU result is a case in point”.

He added:

“Another is in the contest for the party’s deputy leader, where a bidding battle for a referendum date is underway: despite;

(a) there has been no examination of why we lost;

(b) as a consequence there have been no new policy positions upon which to campaign;

(c) the central organisation essential to a successful campaign does not exist;

(d) there are no funds; and, (e) Yes has not moved from its polls’ position of 46 per cent.

Although Yes Scotland ran a better technical campaign on the ground, the message was fraudulent built on deception.

In regarded to the problem of Sturgeon’s continual leadership, he assessed:

“The result of the uncritical praise of a leader has brought about what everyone in the Holyrood SNP parliamentary party, and the group at Westminster, knows but will not say in public – that the SNP Government is a one-person show in which the First Minister calls not only the tune, but writes the verses, with ‘discussion’ and ‘debate’ words not in her lexicon.”

The fact that SNP MPs don’t know what the party is doing and are kept in the dark even at the leadership level at Westminster speaks volumes. Input is effectively not sought and knowledge is not passed on.

Finally, there is no vision in the SNP which explains why Scotland is getting worse and not better for its people, everything revolves around Sturgeon and PR gimmicks replace substance. In order for the people of Scotland to make a fresh start, Nicola Sturgeon has to go along with her government. The experiment of ‘civic’ nationalism is a fraud and a disaster, instead of making government work, we have government used along with Holyrood as a campaigning tool by the SNP to foster division.

I have repeatedly said that stupidity is a poor substance for intelligence, but under Nicola Sturgeon, a failed career politician, that is all she can offer.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Louis Scott said...

You may not be aware of this. Ms Sturgeon has been recruited to become a member of Bloomberg's Task Force on Fiscal Policy for Health.

So if you seek a reason why her party pursues a regressive policy on alcohol and so called junk food and 2 for 1 (all designed specifically to target the least well off), now you have the smoking gun, or the hand behind the puppet.

Also as Bloomberg is ruthlessly opposed to Brexit and very in favour of top down control, I'd be inclined to think he and Sturgeon are most likely in regular contact with each other.

Oh and his speciality to gain election in public office is to rubbish the opposition, come down hard on the media and promise the world, with smokers as his very most favourite whipping boys.

Al C said...

I am so sick of the SNP, Sturgeon, etc, being a feature of Scottish - and all around British - politics. I long for the day when these idiots disappear into political irrelevance.

Anonymous said...

She’s sure messed up the Scottish political scheme; deformed the SNP so much I personally don’t know what they now stand for. Only Sturgeon could twist and bend the term Nationalist to something completely unrecognisable. She must a very rare leader indeed, the only nationalist leader I’ve heard of, the moment if she ever won independence would hand our country over to unelected bureaucrats in the EU.

And getting this idiot after 13 years of a fake Labour party is just too much.

Anonymous said...

Labour destroyed the Conservatives in Scotland with scare stories , The Snp destroyed Labour and now the SNP have destroyed the SNP and Scotland as she was pre 2014.

Time for the Tories

If you bought a cooncil house then you are a torie , suck it up

Anonymous said...

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Allan Woods said...

Nicola Sturgeon has done nothing of any substance for the real people of Scotland .She has split the country down the middle on sectarian grounds. The bulk of her supporters being also supporters of Irish Republicanism . This is evident at any of their many marches. Where any counter demonstration has a display of the Union Flag , it is always met with hostility by the knuckle dragging followers of Sturgeon . The SNP are Scotland’s Sinn Fein Of Ireland during the troubles. They have divided communities families and neighbours. Holyrood has proven to be a disaster. Hijacked by the SNP as a stomping ground for modern day William Wallaces. But Britain and indeed Scotland was never like this until Holyrood came about .That monstrosity of a building, built at great cost, should be demolished and all devolved powers returned to Westminster. Sturgeon is a lame duck leading a lame party . The SNP should be put out their misery now.

Anonymous said...

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KT said...

Alan Woods, You are 100% correct in what you say. If they ever won Independence it would be through some sort of trickery with the voting system like giving the vote to 3-5year olds in return for free nursery places and for prisoners who she would release into society earlier than they should be. They are a party that hide their intentions behind other things, they talk a good job but don’t or can’t carry it through to fruition.
She rattled on about Independence but doesn’t want Independence in the proper meaning of the word, she wants Independence from the English but wants to remain or become a member of the EU. My opinion of this is that they haven’t got a clue what they would do if they were running as an independent country and with the “Westminster to blame” no longer possible she would turn on whoever she could blame in the EU. Brings up that old adage of “always cheated never defeated” mentality. They refused to take on the running of the welfare scheme because they were not ready but had they won Independence they would have had to be running it. I think there is great fear that if they won Independence the country would just collapse as they have no one that appears to have the brains or intellect to run it.
Their core of knuckledragger supporters will always follow her but I think that many normal sensible people who have voted for them are starting to realise that she does not listen to anyone and is totally blinkered in her views. She is trying to form and run a dictatorship and it is her way or no way - It’s no longer SNP it’s Nicola Sturgeon Party and what state would the country would be if they were running it and god help us all if this happened.

Terry Summers said...

IT, I like your take on the Nicola Sturgeon Party. For me, the SNP will always be the NSP.

Anonymous said...

Here is a clue the Royal Navy are putting ALL UK subs at FAslane.

Helensburgh will grow …

They no there will be NO indy no , after Brexit its game over its just how long the death throws go on