Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Nicola Sturgeon’s Poll Tax, SNP leader imposes minimum price on alcohol on Scots affecting the poorest in society worse while SNP MPs all enjoy cheap booze in House of Commons bars, the Nationalists just created a ‘black market’ in booze from England and destroyed jobs in Scotland

Dear All

Today is a red letter day in stupidity, unpopular SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon will be losing massive support at the ballot box. What has she gone and done? Nicola Sturgeon has imposed minimum price on alcohol for Scots, already on Facebook, a nationalist supporter has called her a ‘bitch’ and a ‘cow’. The teary eyed young pissed guy felt a pressing need to tell people that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP has lost his vote.

But…….. he won’t be the only one who wouldn’t be voting SNP, minimum price on alcohol is the SNP’s poll tax, doesn’t matter what your political belief is, drinkers will be outraged that they are being wilfully fleeced.

Just as we seen the ferry runs to France for booze, we will see convoy after convoy of proud Scots make the trip south to England to fill up cars, van and trucks with booze.

The black market in cheap booze will begin.

Get set for the North of England booze cruise, Scotland used to be a world leader, we had the enlightenment but under the SNP, we have been plunged into the ‘dark’. Nicola Sturgeon seen and hyped as serious politician is just a fool, and Scots don’t suffer fools gladly. Sturgeon has no problems when it comes to money, she rakes in a fortune plus as First Minister she has no problem getting freebies.

The cheapest 2 litre bottle of cider goes from £1.99 to £5.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the Conservative MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed said:

“It may be that this new Scottish pricing policy encourages entrepreneurial activity in Berwick to offer alcohol with a price differential from across the Border. I remember the booze cruise activity to Calais in France years ago by UK residents; and we may well see this happen at the Border at Berwick.”

The price hike policy will affect the poor the most, while SNP MPs get drunk on cheap booze in the House of Commons, the Scottish working class public will suffer. Nicola Sturgeon just increased the rate of poverty on the poorest in society who haven’t a lot to start of with, it is a contemptible act.

Mike Beale, Chief Executive Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), said:

“The Scottish Government's policy will increase the price of around half of the alcohol on supermarket shelves and will impact most drinkers, particularly those on lowest incomes”.

Christopher Snowdon, the director of lifestyle economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs said:

“I would say that Scots will be hopping across the border to buy alcohol that is, in some cases, less than half price. As with booze cruises to France, some will be doing it legally for their own consumption and others will be doing it to sell illegally in Scotland. A large and legal online business is likely to emerge to satisfy demand and there is nothing the SNP can do about it”.

He added:

“'This is their folly and they will have to live with the consequences. For those who live a long way from the English border, we may see a growth in home brewing and home distilling. A rise in drug use is also on the cards as people use substances such as Spice as a substitute for cheap alcohol”.

The acts of the SNP will also affect some corner shop businesses which will drastically reduce their viability once the ‘black market’ kicks in creating unemployment.

Finally, the folly of the SNP will create an opportunity for opposition political party who pledge to scrap the minimum price on alcohol; this issue will be turned into an emotional issue because it deprives Scots of their right to exercise choice. You can expect to see a lot of hate coming Nicola Sturgeon’s and the SNP’s way, and its all self inflicted and deserved, expect Sturgeon to be doing closed events where the public isn’t allowed in.

Nicola Sturgeon may have thought she turned off the alcohol tap, but she has opened the hate tap and its going to be a gusher, no one will be forgiving her this stunt, and as to indyref 2, she can forget that notion. 

The fight to repeal minimum price on alcohol starts now!  

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

The women is brainless. Only wants to control everything and so far has raised property tax for all + extra £300 for F bands and above. Raised general tax, raised stamp duty. Tell us one things she has reduced for the tax payer. Everything said in the notes above will come true. N.S doesn't have the for sight to think things through. Control of every thing and all Scottish people.

RMR said...

Now, now George, maybe you`re not giving Nicola and her motley crew enough credit. Perhaps they realized their brand of virtue signalling, economy destroying, always on the wrong side of history type of politics would likely drive the majority of Scots to drink and this is their vain attempt to reverse some of the damage.

Seriously, you would think they would learn the lessons of history in the folly of allowing the shrill temperance movement to dictate prohibition on alcohol, using price in this case. I reckon it`s highly likely , given the SNP `s track record, that when this latest, ill thought out folly hits the skids, they will double down on it rather than admit their stupidity. Get ready for £1 a unit alcohol.

Anonymous said...

I rarely drink whisky. I'm lucky now if I drink a bottle of red wine a week. I noticed today the cheapest whisky going up in price from £10 to £14. That’s a 40% rise - not much if you can afford it' The SNP don’t care about the poorest, they are full of shite what with their new call for more immigrants, they don’t give a monkies fuck about the 130.000 Scots unemployed either < official figures.
All these years to get a nationalist government and we get this mince. What a fucking sick world we live in.

Anonymous said...

I detest the SNP. But the quality of the writing in this blog is embarrassing. It’s like it was written by a young child whose mind just rambles, and the use of punctuation is cringeworthy; there are other punctuation marks besides commas and full-stops, and the constant use of commas inappropriately makes this article incoherent. I’m really surprised that the quality of writing really is this poor. What is the actual argument underpinning the article? Where is the mention of the evidence for minimum-pricing of alcohol? Where is the counter-evidence suggesting it’s a flawed policy? This should never have ‘Glasgow Uni’ in its title; ‘Glasgow Nursery’ would even be generous here. What a ridiculous article.

PS there is a difference between “it’s” and “its”. Learn it.

G. Glass said...

It's a tax designed specifically to punish the poor and force some members of society to choose between eating or drinking. It is safe to say many will spend less on food given that choice. Also where does the extra money from the price increase go? Producer ? Retailer ? Government ?

Willie Bain said...

There all ways doing it and I wish they had stop. What are they trying to do with it al? In this day in age this takes the bisciut.

Anonymous said...

It's Krankies Scotland a miserable place where it's Taboo for the poor get drunk. Drink is to good for them.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same human rights act that stopped all the smoking in public places by any chance ?

Louis Scott said...

Unlike Anonymous (9:29 AM) I couldn't care less if you're not pedantic about your writing. That's part of the charm of this place, it's written from the gut - and it's read by people who genuinely appreciate the effort you make despite your health, your financial problems and the fact it's frequently compiled on your tablet using free wi-fi.

Keep it up George. And if the occasional whinger feels it doesn't conform to what they expect from a blogger, then they're free to naff off.

Anonymous said...

Sick to the back teeth 46 years of age worked from i was 16 get payed less money a was making 10 years ago get my wages taxed into the ground now after work if a fancy a drink costing a fortune.
Ps. A hope the shops in Carlisle and Berwick stock up

Anonymous said...

What the fuck are you talking about you Idiot,the SNP has lost my vote as long as that stupid little Bitch stays in charge

Adam Tomkins said...

I will never vote SNP now that they've done this terrible thing. I saw one of them on TV the other day and the dirty scut wasn't even wearing a poppy. I have been a lifelong SNP voter and a keen independence supporter but not now. Oh no.

Anonymous said...

Do you think they’re going to put up the price of alcohol in The bar at the Scottish Parliament don’t think so where else do you get a bar in your work place , it should be closed down and let them all go to the pub and pay the same price the working public

Anonymous said...

Do you think they’re going to put up the price of alcohol in The bar at the Scottish Parliament don’t think so where else do you get a bar in your work place , it should be closed down and let them all go to the pub and pay the same price the working public

D. Stewart said...

Hi Mr Laird. Been away a while. Interested in your opinion. The Murdoch press seems to have turned on the SNP. The deal I suspect that Fat Eck brokered in 2014 has clearly lapsed and the statue of St Nic is getting very tarnished. The Sun now runs a steady drip drip of negative stories at best and like yesterday and today, at times, some pretty savage rubbishing. In these cases it has been the Minimum pricing laws and Baby boxes, but grumbling away behind that is the ongoing travails of the Police force and SNHS which has the potential to be much more damaging with the chattering classes. Do you think the Digger has sensed a weakness and is shifting due to his instincts to always be on the winning side or do you think there has been some behind the scenes rift, possibly involving the 'Fat Leader' and Tasmania?

G Laird said...

Hi D Stewart

The Murdock Press like to go with what they believe will be the most popular and the winner, now the SNP is sinking, this has led to a problem for them. Nicola isn't press or people friendly, while Salmond could bob and weave with a smile, Nicola looks like a po faced git you won't want to be stuck in a trapped lift with. Since politics is up in the air, the Murdock Press may think that the Scottish Conservatives are in with a shout at Holyrood in 2021.

I think Salmond wants a return to Holyrood, he thought he might have got it of Mark McDonald bailed, no joy, Tasmina, her place is hanging onto his coat tails, in the hope that her loyalty will get her something down the line.