Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Changing Face of Europe, Swedish Anti-Mass Migration Leader Åkesson Dominates Election Leader’s Debate, people are rejecting the virtual signalling political elite who have been criminally responsible for the decline of Europe, the case for their removal from political office and a life time ban from political activity has been made tenfold

Dear All

It was only a matter of time before people in Sweden would start to turn to other political parties, the reason; illegal mass immigration. Illegal mass immigration has brought Sweden to the brink, crime levels are skyrocketing, and the people aren’t being protected.

When you think of the police, you might be tempted to think their function is to ‘protect and serve’.

Here is an example how Swedish Police have slipped from their duty to protect the public.

Basically we have three grown men who gang raped a child, and the Swedish Police don’t want to issue a description to the public. This makes you think, why not, surely the public have a right to know? In Sweden due to migrant rape culture, the truth is to be suppress from the public in favour that ‘professionals’ only need to know.

In the past, I have blogged on the possibility of ‘civil war’ in Europe, this has been raised by other people as well, a Swiss General and even the President of France, however if ‘civil war’ breaks out, it won’t be pitch battles in the streets, chances are it will be like Brazilian death squads or resistance cells which operated during the second world war.

Of course we will see violent protests, but the direction of travel will eventually end up extreme.  

Change is coming though, people are fed up with Swedish politicians who don’t protect their interests, the leader of the populist Sweden Democrats (SD) Jimmie Åkesson has dominated a party leaders’ debate over the weekend, winning the overall debate with policies on immigration and crime. One thing people have picked up on is that the virtual signalling parties such as the Green party don’t represent them.

Following the debate, polling firm Novus, conducted a poll on each subject with Åkesson winning the immigration debate with 30 per cent of the vote and the law and order debate, also with 30 per cent.

CEO of Novus said:

“Overall, Jimmie Åkesson managed best, with two first places, a second place and at worst a fourth place.” 

According to a poll from Demoskop for Swedish newspaper Expressen , the biggest concern for Swedish voters ahead of this year’s national election is immigration with law and order coming in third. This is Populist Sweden Democrats Leader ‘Declare War’ on Rising Levels of Organised Crime.
People are sick of the mainstream parties where they are finding that the least competent people are taking positions of power. Another poll, also released last month, revealed that the SD was also making major gains in the youth vote, becoming the most popular party for voters aged 18 to 34.

Illegal immigration has to come to an end, this isn’t just in Sweden, this is something which needs to happen right across Europe, Sweden is only following the trend of other countries like Poland, Hungary and Italy. Italian populist anti-establishment parties saw a large share of the youth vote in the Italian national election come their way earlier this year with 75 per cent of first-time 18-year-old voters casting ballots for parties like La Lega and the Five Star Movement.

This selection of videos could be any country in mainland Europe.

In Sweden, the Sweden Democrats have consistently been the party most opposed to mass migration in the country since the height of the 2015 migrant crisis. 

Party leader Jimmie Åkesson has even called for the migration board of Sweden to start focusing on deportations. One of the things he has also called for is deploying the Swedish military to support police and restoring order to troubled areas. Sweden is in a crisis, several things need to happen, order must be restored; deportations must a priority for criminals who operate in many of the heavily migrant populated no-go suburbs around Swedish cities and a zero tolerance approach to crime.

Europe is on the brink of ‘civil war’, each day it grows across mainland Europe, the backlash when it comes won’t just be towards migrants but also the political class who are fully responsible for what has transpired. These people need to be removed from public office with life time bans.

The crisis in Europe is the greatest since World War 2.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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