Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Not Now, come back in 2022, Brian Wilson says Britain must hold an early general election now, that won’t happen, Brexit makes an early election impossible, and give the state of the Labour Party problems, the further back that date is the better for them, there is no appetite by the people to have a third election in so short a space of time

Dear All

One of the minor themes which certain people in the Labour Party have been pushing is the need for an early General Election, we had an election in 2015, and then in two short years we had another election.

There is no appetite by the people to have a third in so short a space of time, and you can add to it that it would be unwelcome and unhelpful.

The task set to the Conservative Government is to deliver Brexit; that is the mandate that Theresa May along with her Cabinet has to deliver. The clock is ticking but the general direction of travel is out!

Brian Wilson, says we need we need another general ­election so that parties would be forced to state their positions on Brexit.

Aside from the fact that no one has sown up their mouths, we only need to hear from one Party, The Conservative Party; the party who will deliver the end of our EU Membership. If anyone wishes to comment post Brexit on the deal, let them jump right in and make their pitch.

Brian Wilson says we might not have long to wait citing the Windrush scandal.

And……. over the key issue of a customs union!

Personally, I don’t favour the Custom union or membership of the single market or any concoction that makes and ties us to membership without representation.

Only a fool would do that scenario.

Wilson says; that it is unusual to advocate a general election without the slightest idea of how it would turn out but these are exceptional times. If we use the recent English Council elections as an indicator, the Labour Party made modest gains, it wasn’t a great performance. If you add in the Scottish dimension, the party in Scotland is in no fit state to campaign and win in a three way fight with the SNP and Conservatives.

What has Scottish Labour being doing of late?

Well, at Holyrood campaigning on minor issues which they cannot change, being seen as a one trick pony on Health, and painting certain sections of the white community as ‘racist’. If an election was called, how comfortable would Labour activists be standing on a doorstep saying ‘vote Labour’?

All it would take for a householder to blow them apart would be to ask one word…. Why?

Policies win elections, good policies and where are they, where is the Scottish Labour vision, is it a party trick only brought out six weeks before the election like the family silver?

In this parliament at Holyrood during this term, what has Scottish Labour achieved, the biggie was the repeal of the Fitba Act, a minor piece of legislation which was unfit for purpose.

I think people will need a lot more before they pledge to vote for the party on that statement of intent.

Finally, if anyone is interested in the next General Election, they should plan for 2022. The reason is simple, the Conservatives will have done Brexit, and had a few years for it to bed in before more changes occur. Anyone crying out for another election at this juncture is effectively talking into the wind. The Labour Party should be glad the election ball is in the long grass, they need time to sort themselves out and rebuild.  The Labour problems of racism, Anti-Semitism and crime make for painful reading

If you google you can find stuff rather easily.

This article doesn’t take into account another problem that the party has electing stupid and lazy useless people who think they are too good to take up voters complaints, the bonus that Scottish Labour received by default in recent elections was that the people terminated their lifestyle.

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

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