Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The SNP Crying and Complaining Game: SNP MPs complain that no Unionist MPs attended ‘special session’ of the Commons immigration inquiry in Kirkcaldy, SNP need Unionist MPs in order to give Scottish Affairs Committee credibility, the painful truth of being irrelevant sinks in for Nationalists

Dear All

It seems the SNP still after losing the independence referendum, the Brexit referendum, becoming a minority government and losing 21 MPs at the last General Election still don’t get it.

The SNP is now irrelevant!

Isn’t rather sad that Nicola Sturgeon and her cohorts still think they are a force to be reckoned with, they are on a downward spiral of decline, people are abandoning ship, the jig is up, the game’s over, the party is over.

So, now we have down the line the SNP condemning the failure of every other party to attend Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee. At present the committee is holding an inquiry into immigration which is meaningless. The SNP want control of immigration in Scotland which they won’t get, the UK needs a unified policy in the UK, one policy, what is not need is a highway into England via an SNP open door immigration system.

During the Scottish independence debate, the SNP said that they would flood Scotland with immigrants to the tune of one million people. This would have seen the collapse of our public services, housing and medical provision under strain now would be in severe chaos.

Having not turned up in Kirkcaldy, the SNP decided to complain saying that “spoke volumes” about the priorities of Labour, the Conservatives and LibDems MPs after not one went to a special session in Kirkcaldy. Those absent were Tories David Duguid, John Lamont, Paul Masterton and Ross Thomson, Labour’s Hugh Gaffney, Ged Killen and Danielle Rowley, and LibDem Christine Jardine.

Kirkcaldy is on the east coast of Scotland, I have been there once, it was on a works bus run decades ago, there isn’t much to recommend in Kirkcaldy.

There is a shopping centre called the Mercat which is next door to a swimming pool, if you are used to the ‘big city’, this place will be a culture shock! According to stats, Kirkcaldy is said to a high unemployment rate, so it is highly unlikely that they will welcome with open arms extra immigration into the town of low skilled people. It speaks volumes about why the SNP picked this place to visit, other than political hacks who would be interested in a Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee visit.

Even if they called it as ‘special session’!

Four Conservatives, a LibDem and three Labour members missed the event, leaving SNP chair Pete Wishart and SNP MPs Tommy Sheppard and Deidre Brock to question witnesses. Imagine the rather dull thud and lack of excitement for the witnesses being questioned by SNP ‘bangers’!

Deidre Brock said:

“This was an important meeting and the failure of MPs from the Scottish Tories, Labour and Lib Dems to even show up speaks volumes about their priorities. I appreciate MPs face diary constraints, but Brexit is the biggest issue facing Scotland, and poses a huge risk to the Scottish economy. We heard from people who have come to Scotland to work, live and contribute to our society, and the human impact the UK government’s Brexit chaos is having. These committee hearings are important to inform our work.”

Lib Dem Christine Jardine said:

“I was disappointed to miss the meeting which is one of a series I have attended around Scotland, but unfortunately I had other constituency and Westminster related issues.”

A Labour spokesperson said:

“The Scottish Labour members of the Scottish Affairs Committee were unable to attend a hearing in Kirkcaldy due to diary commitments and Parliamentary business. This is a long-running inquiry. There have been five previous sessions on immigration and Scottish Labour members have been fully engaged in the work of the committee. It is disappointing that once again the SNP has taken such a partisan approach by seeking to score political points, when the spirit of this committee is to work in partnership for the interests of the people of Scotland.”

The Scottish Affairs Committee is said to be gathering evidence on how Brexit would affect migrants, given that Brexit talks are still ongoing, the ‘expert’ evidence isn’t evidence at all, it is just opinion.  And having seen close up how political parties question experts, I doubt the capability of the SNP to extract any credible information.

Finally by accident, it seems that the SNP have been left hanging and having no one else to shield their stupidity have decided to scream long and loud, it seems that the SNP need Unionist MPs in order to have status. Imagine being questioned by three SNP MPs, you have to feel sorry for the Fife Migrant Forum, the National Farmers Union, Cosla, and Highlands & Islands Enterprise.

Mind you there is a ‘baguette express’ at 9 Whytecauseway, hopefully they got expenses, lunch on the beach and thinking happy thoughts!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Anonymous said...

Under Thatcher the unemployed were called the ‘unemployed’ Under Lie@bour they were called ‘scroungers’ In Scotland 2018, we don’t have any unemployed scroungers. Our unemployed no longer exist. The SNP prefer the term the ‘unemployable’ any one low-skilled and over 45: bad luck. Benefit sanctions and food banks their future. A whole generation of Scots being lead up the garden path by little Pot Bellied Noddy.
Yesterday Kranky wanted more immigrants, today unemployment rises. When Kranky finally she steps down or gets sacked. She will be remembered as the female Blair, a detested politician, liar and fake.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous
You write 'Yesterday Kranky wanted more immigrants, today unemployment rises.
Maybe on the SNP's part it was just bad timing, or maybe they don't care. She dosn't give a monkeys fuck...more like.

Anonymous said...