Monday, February 19, 2018

Big Chief ‘Pot Belly’, Nicola Sturgeon tries to make out she is a ‘defence expert’ on national security, the SNP haven’t planned for Brexit, don’t know about national security, don’t know about economic security, another cynical blundering attempt to sabotage Brexit and garner support for single market and custom union status

Dear All

It seems rather odd but Big Chief ‘Pot Belly’ Nicola Sturgeon has decided to venture into the realm of what is betraying the national interest in post-Brexit security arrangements. What I find astonishing is that Sturgeon has accused Theresa May; one thing that the UK is very versatile at its security which can be seen by the lack of terrorist actions in the UK.

Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP on the hand have no expertise!

Theresa May as our Prime Minister has warned EU leaders not to block a deal on security after Brexit, but we shouldn’t forget that as we are in NATO, this is in everyone’s interest. The idea that the European agencies will be ordered to take the huff and not share information is rather silly. We will see a new treaty to ensure military, intelligence and counter-terrorism cooperation; we had cooperation prior to entering the EU in 1973.

Nicola Sturgeon is scaremongering, she thinks wrongly by trying to create uncertainty that people will get behind her and demand access to single market and customs which has nothing to do with security as it relates to military, intelligence and counter-terrorism cooperation.

Nicola Sturgeon knows nothing about the military, intelligence and counter-terrorism, in fact, I doubt she has ever played paintball, but here she is bold of ‘brass talking out her ass’ about something she is completely ignorant! The SNP defence spokesman at Westminster is Stewart McDonald like Sturgeon, he has no experience of the military, and I would doubt he has ever held a firearm, has he even shot a .22 air rifle?

The SNP have lost two referendums, one on Scottish independence and the other on Brexit, so with a track record of utter failure, and having no viable plan to defend Scotland in the unlikely event people vote for independence, we are subjected to claptrap.

Sturgeon wants people to get angry by saying that there isn’t a coherent post-Brexit vision, there is already a vision, the UK is leaving the EU, the rest is just details, has Sturgeon published any post Brexit plans?

Has Sturgeon published any post Brexit plans?

The answer is no, that’s right no, the SNP have done nothing, nothing on economic security, nothing on national security, in Scotland there is uncertainty right across the board relating to failed SNP Government. From childcare to rail transport, there is failure, uncertainty and malaise.

If you know how the military and intelligence works, it is incredible that the SNP attempting to say that the UK will lose cooperation on intelligence sharing, data exchanges and counter-terrorism activities with other EU nations.

That will never happen!

The military and intelligence networks of the West aren’t some backward looking agencies playing at intelligence, they are a billion dollar industry which uses the highest tech, and have whole departments which specialise. Another thing which you might be aware of, and Nicola Sturgeon isn’t, is that American academics are in Universities all over the world writing papers on the security of the host countries they are in, these people end up on the desks of the CIA.

This has been going on for decades.

Although General ‘Pot Belly’ Nicola Sturgeon thinks she is onto a winner, we should remember that May’s speech came after the heads of the British, French and German intelligence agencies called for continued security co-operation after Brexit.

The reality is spelled out by Alex Younger of MI6, Bernard Emie of the French DGSE and Bruno Kahl of Germany's BND:

“The three Service Heads are united in the view that modern threats require a modern response, any failure to do so would lead to even greater risk. To have effect, our efforts must be combined in partnership.”

Oh dear, what happened to the uncertainty Nicola?

Theresa May is right that the EU attitude is a problem by allow their "political doctrine and ideology" but thankfully wise heads will prevail over dogma. One thing that Sturgeon has gotten totally wrong is that Theresa May had put the interests of the Tory party ahead of the nation. There is a bigger picture which Theresa May is aware of, and it has nothing to do with appeasement of hard right Brexiteers, the fact this is suggested shows a lack of political awareness on Sturgeon’s part. The SNP are a backward and inward looking party, they shouldn’t think because that is the way they operate that it applies to everyone else.

Sturgeon said:

“It is astonishing that fully 20 months on from the EU referendum, the UK Government is still struggling to spell out its plans for Brexit. That is a reflection of the infighting within the Tory party and of the weakness of the Prime Minister’s position – but it is inexcusable that party interest is being put ahead of the country’s interests."

How is this astonishing when talks haven’t been concluded?

Finally, this is a classic case of why politics in Scotland has ‘hit the wall’; we have elected some unbelievable ignorant people to public office who think spouting off about something they know nothing about is enough to fool the public that they have some expertise. Maybe Nicola Sturgeon might want to get some practice in playing ‘cowboys and indians’, of course she will have to play the role of the Big Chief ‘Pot Belly’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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