Thursday, February 8, 2018

Dying of political cancer, SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon sees support for Scottish independence slump dramatically to 32%, with the old guard of the SNP drifting away and the new intake being 'political lightweights', Sturgeon leads a doomed party literally rotting from the inside

Dear All

The die is cast, support for Scottish independence has died, every among the SNP supporters, just after the referendum the result came in as a strong victory of 55% for keeping Scotland’s current constitutional arrangement with the UK. The losing side tried to make out that the 45% for Yes was a strong vote and it could be grown.

That 45% was in part based on emotion; now the cold light of day has dawned on the people of Scotland who voted ‘Yes’, the SNP aren’t the people who could ever lead Scotland to independence. If watch events, the old guard of the SNP are slowly but surely drifting away, the resignation of Angus Robertson, the defeat of Alex Salmond, and the sidelining of people like Alex Neil; don’t show rebirth, but a party in terminal decline.

Just as I said that Scottish independence is dead, so is the direction of the SNP, their record of government proves it, the SNP is a party in crisis, led by an ineffectual leader in Nicola Sturgeon. The SNP jumped on the bandwagon of identity politics, where they gave special treatment to minorities at the expense of all Scots, this created a vacuum. The same vacuum can also be found in other parties if you chose to look closely enough.

The SNP support was never sustainable for a simple reason, the SNP are awful in government, they don’t address the needs of the people, they are incapable of doing their job, and they don’t want to do their job.

That message has found its way down to the rest of the population, but as well as that the goodwill extended to the SNP by voters is deserting them. The recent elections under Nicola Sturgeon show this quite clearly, but as well as that; the support for independence has dropped significantly to 32%.

2014, the support was 45%, and now barely a little over 3 years later, the support has dropped to 32%, the question is why did the 13% abandon the cause? The answer is clear; the people of Scotland know that the current constitutional arrangements are developing.

Developing towards what?

Are we talking about an reinvention of the Union, I would say yes, the new powers coming to Scotland are a sign of this, Brexit leavers such as myself have done something which the SNP couldn’t do, delivered a stronger Scotland.

After Brexit is done and dusted, we will see a politically stronger Scotland in terms of powers, but there is something more powerful grown, the people’s voice, this uncomfortable fact is doing to breakthrough into the public domain as more people say to politicians, the word….. no!

Adam Tomkins, constitution spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives, said of the new poll:

“This poll shows that there is no mandate for any more constitutional wrangling.

 “Indeed, the highest quantity of respondents clearly endorsed the current constitutional settlement. What all voters want is for the SNP to stop banging on about independence and start improving health and education.”

This is pretty much a matter of fact statement; the problems in Scotland in health and education are ‘unacceptable’; yes the word for those services is really ‘unacceptable’, we have to prioritise our services for our people.

An example of gesture politics which impacts our services is the ridiculous nonsense that the SNP want to continue to fund rich European students by providing them with free tuition while Scottish working class youngsters are being squeezed out of higher education.

How can that be right that the SNP is denying Scottish working class youngsters opportunities? The answer is painfully simple, the SNP don’t care about Scottish working class youngsters, they don’t care about giving the working class opportunities; in fact the SNP are keen to introduce measures to further curtail life chances for the poor.

The people of Scotland are slowly but surely waking up to this nonsense which is why Scotland is in political flux, the voters are scunnered by what is going on.

The real challenge for the people of Scotland comes in the election for Holyrood in 2021.

At the moment, the situation is looking very bleak for Nicola Sturgeon, she goes into that election dreading two things, firstly not getting an overall majority, and secondly not getting a mandate for a second independence referendum. Public services and the SNP record will feature promptly in that campaign and the blame for service failures will rest firmly at her door!

Finally, have a read at this, is a variation of this model in the works?

Is this the shape of a possible new United Kingdom?

One thing is certain, change is coming.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

Ye God's George, do PLEASE get shot of the telex tape format.

Go back to the old one, but increase the font size. At least that we can read.


Al C said...

Interesting! Very interesting, George. I reckon if and when she gives up on indyref2 then it's curtains for her - the party and remaining support would split and shatter, and go off in different directions. Would confederation be the right move? I also reckon it's high time for for Scotland to rid itself of the SNP and do what all of Britain should do in wake of Brexit.

Make a fresh start.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Superb blog. One of your best this year. I had begun to worry a bit about the fall in support for the tories. Not because I support the tories but because, like so many, I am desperate to see the back of the deadbeat snp. You have cheered me up considerably.

The whole snp episode has seemed like a non stop nightmare to me. I could not believe the ongoing support they seemed to be getting for so long. I am delighted to hear that, at long last, the halfwit nationalists are in serious decline.

Is it just me or does la sturgeon look increasingly haggard and angry these days?

Thanks George.

Auld Jock

Anonymous said...

cannot come soon enough georgieboy

Anonymous said...

Sturgeon believes she's popular and liked. Well i'm ex SNP and i can honestly say 'Ive never came across a more detestable political leader' The damage this weirdo has done to Scottish nationalism will take 50 years or more to repair.

Awaiting the Restoration said...

The Swiss describe themselves as a confederation (ConfÅ“deratio Helvetica), with a system of highly autonomous local government based on their ‘cantons’. They would not be nearly so stable a country if they had instead created regional assemblies based on their German-, French-, Italian- and Romansh-speaking areas (probably would have split long ago, uniting with their linguistic neighbours).

Yet we have little need to copy the Swiss when we can study our own past system of at least as highly autonomous local government based on our Royal Burghs.

Holyrood was the wrong Devolution model and its existence prevents us from enjoying a much superior alternative. All Britain once enjoyed genuine devolution until progressively eroded over the course of the 20th Century: a marvellously devolved system of local government that had evolved over centuries, based not on remote regional assemblies or county authorities but on our burghs, with hospitals, welfare (until 1911) and police in their charge (not even the Swiss allow their cantons to run their own police forces). For further reading, see Lord Stoddart, HL Deb (2002–03) 20 Feb 2003 cc1309–1310.

Part of what defines a country and its people is evolving traditions; but a society in a state of permanent revolution, reinventing itself from year to year, is a recipe for instability and discontent. Let’s stop reinventing ourselves, chasing political fads and turning ourselves into an inferior imitation of America; rather, let’s restore what demonstrably works and start defining ourselves as British again by readopting our tried and tested legal and political customs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Sturgeon believes she's popular and liked. Well i'm ex SNP and i can honestly say 'Ive never came across a more detestable political leader' The damage this weirdo has done to Scottish nationalism will take 50 years or more to repair.

great but to be fair the fat fuck couldn't win yet you cunts were determined to fuck the country so hard fucking cheese