Monday, February 12, 2018

SNP situation vacant: Man wanted as deputy leader to kiss Nicola Sturgeon on stage at Party Conferences, must have experience of kissing women with a ‘pot belly’ and willing to kiss a ‘face like a bulldog chewing a wasp’, people who wash especially welcome

Dear All

The SNP contest for deputy leader is hardly got started, so far one person has put himself forward as a candidate, James Dornan. In a recent poll in the National, I understand he did rather badly among the possible ‘runners and riders’. The job of deputy in the SNP is a made up meaningless title.

As to James Dornan’s chances, they don’t look good at all, in fact, they are minimal at best, he is next door to Sturgeon’s constituency, he is Glasgow based, he is in Holyrood, and he won’t stand up to Nicola Sturgeon.

As to his claim that we could have another referendum soon as part of his pitch, clearly he doesn’t understand politics or where the SNP are at in the electoral cycle. To refresh his memory, they are on a downward path, the tide is going out and so far, the SNP are a minority in Holyrood, and they have lost 21 MPs at the General Election. If anyone needs reminded, the SNP have lost the best part of half a million voters.

James Dornan’s rallying cry for indyref2 and he is the man to get behind is as effective as a ‘loud shout on a wet street’, it is entirely meaningless. The glory days of 2011 are gone, there is a new reality caused by Brexit, and in this world, the SNP have no place in the debate, everything is moving pass them.

I wasn’t surprised that failed Transport Minister Humza Yousaf isn’t putting himself forward, despite being touted as a ‘rising star’ and ‘future’ leader; he isn’t a leader of any kind. Plus the media attempting to make him a force is laughable, once Sturgeon goes from Holyrood, the SNP won’t have much use for Humza Yousaf.  

Somone who is taking soundings apparently is long-serving MP Pete Wishart, has in the past allegedly called people ‘wanks’ and ‘nawbags’, of course he is the joke candidate and my personal fav for deputy. His pitch for leader is the ‘softly softly’ approach to get Yes Leavers to vote SNP again, then stab them in the back as the SNP want to get EU membership if they ever get independence. Classic betrayal of the Scottish people, this boy is confused, and not the brightest tool in the box.

Down at Westminster, allegedly Livingston MP Hannah Bardell said there is a lot of talent in the SNP, she is considering standing, she is famed for wearing a Scotland top in the House of Commons….. arse!

As to the ‘educated’, we might see SNP frontbenchers Dr Philippa Whitford and Joanna Cherry as potential candidates alongside Tommy Sheppard. Whitford was out as a liar in the past and Joanna Cherry is an arse!

Can Sheppard pull off a win?

Well in a field of dross, the choice is limited, but he might come unstuck if Deputy Westminster leader Kirsty Blackman, the pitch for her could be her youth compared to the rest of the field.

One person who isn’t standing from Westminster is Ian Blackford, he is the current Westminster leader, he says taking on the post is “too much to ask” alongside his other commitments.

Here is a link to his register of interest;

It seems Scotland is playing second fiddle to money.

Blackford said:

“First and foremost for me it is an absolute privilege to be the MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber. I think there is something special that comes from being a Highland MP. I am the Westminster leader and that is not something I anticipated. I am very much enjoying leading the group and I think there is an immense task over the coming period getting through the morass of Brexit. I take quite seriously the responsibilities I’ve got as leader in Westminster and supporting the government in Holyrood. If I was depute leader as well, something would have to give. I think it is maybe simply too much to ask.”

He said he remained “100 per cent” committed to leading the SNP’s group of MPs in Westminster.

Given there isn’t much to lead, and his other commitments, how much of his 100% actually worth?

The contest to decide who is the next depute leader is a contest as others have mentioned that no one cares about, it is an non event, whoever gets it down at Westminster will be a ‘leader’ in name only as the SNP remain purely Holyrood focussed.

After the votes have been counted, after all the dust has settled, we won’t be seeing James Dornan MSP emerge as leader. Realistically chances are that Tommy Sheppard MP might be seen as the ‘popular’ choice, whether him standing beside Nicola Sturgeon as the new ‘dream team’ to turn the SNP around, I think not.

Finally, another person not expected to throw his hat into the ring is disgraced SNP MSP Mark McDonald, he currently sits as an independent MSP consumed by scandal. In his case the pressure is on him to resign so that Alex Salmond can put himself forward as a candidate, seems no love lost in the SNP!

Third complaint against disgraced SNP MSP Mark McDonald!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

There is no need for the SNP to have an election for post of Deputy Leader. They already have one in post. His name is Mr Nicola Sturgeon nee Peter Murrell.
Nevertheless it would be amusing to have a contest as we could have endless minutes of fun watching the challengers outdo each other in a contest of exposing each others intellectual shortcomings.
I would deplore George's remark comparing Nicola Sturgeon's appearance to that of "a bulldog chewing a wasp". That is insulting to a fine breed of dog.

Neutral Observer

Al C said...

Nicola Sturgeon is just hopelessly inadequate. She was riding on the coattails of Alex Salmond's self-satisfied path of "glory" but since 2016 it ran out of steam, so it seems.

Anonymous said...

They should elect wee manky ‘brown nits’ Mhairi as deputy dawg. This would show the world and those Toary Brexiters how fragrant, beautiful and refined our Scottish lady politicians are.

jF said...

Had to laugh at Dornan's complete denial that the loss of 21 MPS in June was anything to do with the continued referendum footing. Laughable. The guy is an Irish republican Britain hater.

Anonymous said...

The guy is just an other clown who if he tried to get a job outside politics he would be visiting food banks

Anonymous said...

The guy is just an other clown who if he tried to get a job outside politics he would be visiting food banks