Tuesday, February 13, 2018

SNP Roadmap to a Slum, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon allowed Govanhill to be a dirty filthy slum, stinking to high heaven, infested with crime, worthy of a third world slagheap, is her dereliction of duty a blueprint for what passes for listening when you elect an SNP politician?

Dear All

While on Twitter, I got sent a link to a blog:

Anyway I thought I would trot in and read being a curious sort of a guy, as I read the article, I was less than impressed, it seemed to be a ‘puff piece’ defending Nicola Sturgeon who is the Constituency MSP who covers the Govanhill area.

Govanhill is an area in Glasgow which has been turned into a ghetto, or as some people would call it a ‘shithole’. The author rightly points out the area has been politically weaponised, I would agree, Govanhill is an example of immigration gone badly wrong.

In politics, political parties weaponised migrants against the indigenous population by having the leaders do photo ops with educated migrant trying to sell the concept that they want immigration control to bring in doctor, dentists, engineers and other highly skilled people. Under the EU, the UK has little control of EU citizens who have streamed into the UK from poor countries to access our welfare system, set up crime networks, and take part in organised begging gangs which we see in our big cities.

Immigration became a reason for some to vote for Brexit.

Anyway here is the reply to the article I felt compelled to respond too.

"Colin Clark, a sociology professor at UWS, wrote several years ago that there is a “long list of speculative allegations, wild gossip and persistent, unproven rumours circulating with regard to the various Roma communities in Govanhill”."

Perhaps the dear Professor has missed the organised Roma Begging gangs that operate in the City of Glasgow. Clearly an easy thing to see when you open your eyes, and perhaps he doesn't want to see.

Govanhill is like a third world ghetto, the author perhaps forgets the online footage which is available on youtube, and as we all know the crime figures don't lie.

One thing, I would object to, is the quote:

"Much of this has been supplied ready made by locally divisive, self-styled activists “Let’s Save Govanhill".

Tell the truth doesn't make the local people who complain 'divisive' in my opinion, it just makes them willing to stand up for their community, something which both FM Nicola Sturgeon and her pal, Mhairi Hunter plainly are incapable of doing, but hey, they are still drawing the salary.

Unlike some people, I know Sturgeon and Hunter being formerly in the SNP as an activist, I know that you cannot count on them, and I am sure many in Govanhill do know this as well, experience can be rather bitter.

Finally, recently this story caught everyone's attention:

An organised crime network that fraudulently secured almost £1 million of public money has been broken up after an international police operation, run by Romanians.”

Finally, immigration is a good thing, so is water, one thing about water however is that if you drink too much, you can die. Here is another article to read to get the old brain cells churning.

Politicians must always be held to account by the people, people can no longer be silent.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Auld Jock said...

Hello George

God help Govanhill. sturgeon won't, that's for sure.

Auld Jock

G Laird said...

Hi Auld Jock

I think I hit a nerve as SNP Cllr Mhairi Hunter mentioned me by name because the Let's Save Govanhill activists highlighted my post.