Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The horse has bolted, the genie is out of the bottle, new political party Renew Britain thinks they can turn back the clock on Brexit, they think they can frighten sitting Brexit MPs to change their minds, totally delusional thinking, there is no going back

Dear All

If you are going to start a political party then it is helpful if your number one policy, your USP, your selling point is actually relevant.

A new political party has been founded, it is called Renew Britain, before you start flocking to them for a membership pack; it is helpful to know that they are on the wrong side of history, politics and the public.

And to show the new party isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders, a leader of Renew Britain has described the new anti-Brexit party as the “military arm” of the Remain movement. They say that they will field candidates at the next General Election to “threaten” sitting MPs who back Brexit.

So, basically they aren’t happy with direct democracy, the people’s vote, and they aren’t happy with sitting MPs who backed Brexit either.

Those poor middle class lambs!

Apparently the party is French president Emmanuel Macron’s globalist-minded La République En Marche. One thing about the French is their economy is in trouble, which means they don’t contribute as much to the EU kitty as the UK. So, what will happen if Renew Britain fields candidates against Brexit, in effect they will get drowned out, when one trick pony parties stand for election, they rarely cross the credibility fresh hold!

To lead a community it is helpful to have a raft of policies.

One of the prime movers in the group James Clarke said:

“Some of the anti-Brexit pressure groups and movements are very, very much focused on asking people to pressure their local MP to have a second thought on Brexit.”

The House of Commons allowed the Brexit vote and agreed to abide by the result, the thought they might have lost wasn’t upper in their minds, but when you put the people to the test, you might not always like the answer.

Clarke added:

“What we are is almost the more military arm of that movement, whereas we are actually standing candidates in seats to threaten those MPs that are not changing their minds, or are not standing up for the views of their constituents.”

Renew Britain says they ensure that voters are “on the right side of history” which begs the question, why start on the wrong side? Clearly although some MPs don’t like the result, the parliament said they would abide by the result as did the UK Government.

There is no way back; no second thoughts, no get out of jail free card, the vote was held and the Remain side lost rather badly.
Someone clearly out of her depth is Co-founder Sandra Khadhouri, a former NATO and UN worker, she claims that her interest in working with Renew Britain stemmed from her feeling that post-referendum, the UK was a like war zone.

Do you see riots in the streets?

Do you see huge protests?

Do you see people occupying universities and government buildings?

This must be the quietest ‘war zone’ that Sandra Khadhouri has ever been in!

Here is her linkedin, what do you see?

Well, let me help you, she might have watched a lot from the sidelines, but she is about to have a rude awakening ‘playing on the pitch’.

Co-founder Sandra Khadhouri said:

“As I finished working in Georgia for NATO last year I looked at which conflict zone to go to next and I decided it had to be Britain.”

She wants to reach out to Brexit voters and let them know that their voting to leave the European Union was “not [their] fault” because they “did not have enough information going forward to make a decision in the referendum”.

The people of the UK knew exactly what they were voting for, they voted for the UK to be a completely sovereign country. Her view of ‘I know better’ is contempt, well, over 17 million people trumps Sandra Khadhouri.

Khadouri told Adam Boulton’s All Out Politics on Sky News that she did not believe the vote to leave the EU was about the EU.

This is a ridiculous comment; yes, there is inequality, unfairness, the rich/poor divide, the north/south divide, and anger at politicians but the real anger was the way that we were treated by Brussels.

To attempt to lump all grievance at the UK door, maybe Sandra Khadhouri needs to get out onto a doorstep.

So, what is Renew Britain, well this line up speaks volumes, candidates come in the form of Yuki, a junior doctor from London; Oliver, a design consultant from London; Nicky, a teacher from London; and Mr. Torrance himself who is an accountant from London.

Launching the party in Westminster, London, Renew Britain’s Head of Strategy James Torrance appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics, which featured a video showcasing Renew Britain candidates such as Yuki, a junior doctor from London; Oliver, a design consultant from London; Nicky, a teacher from London; and Mr. Torrance himself who is an accountant from London.

Finally, the party is said to be going on a Listen to Britain” tour, too little too late, citizens voted in the majority to leave the EU in the greatest political mandate in British history. Although, they claim to have 200 candidates, I seriously doubt they will return anyone at the next General Election.

The game was well and truly over after 10 pm on the 23rd June 2016! 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

Delusion in a can.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

George Soros is financing this lot. By doing so it'll firm up wavering Tory MP'S to think again about ousting Tess and possibly risk an early election.

By 2022 they'll be irrelevant and with luck Soros as well.

Louis Scott

Al C said...

I took a look at their website. The gist of it is "we're for good things, we're against bad things", fail to connect either of these things to Brexit, and endorse a neverendum on this as well, as if there's not enough of the bloody things.

If I never see another referendum in 20 billion years, it'll be too soon.