Thursday, February 23, 2017

The timing of political suicide, Panic stricken Nicola Sturgeon begs Nationalists ‘Don’t call second referendum ‘indyref2’, the unpopular SNP leader doesn’t want to be associated or reminded of her last defeat, she has already lost indyref 2, when she loses will she run off to Westminster to join Alex Salmond?

Dear All

It seems that Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon is looking incredibly creepy and old looking, just look at her face, not the look of a dynamic leader but the look of a sick worn out downtrodden sick woman.

When I see people like that my first thought is that their insides are rotting away with some sort of disease or illness.

Nicola Sturgeon is looking like a ghoul!

The clock is ticking on who will be the new leader of the SNP, so far Nicola Sturgeon as I have previously blogged has failed to stop Brexit, and she has failed to deliver indyref2.

Apparently Sturgeon doesn’t want Nationalists calling a second referendum indyref2 as it is a reminder that she failed to win the indyref in September 2014.

‘Don’t call second referendum ‘indyref2’, Nicola Sturgeon cries like a piece of flotsam being sucked down a plughole, if there is an indyref2, Nicola Sturgeon will lost it.

Her continual threats to call a second referendum are as meaningful as a ‘shout on a wet street’, despite the delusion that she can do anything, the reality of Brexit is that she can do nothing. Scotland along with the rest of the UK will be leaving the European Union in due course.

To show how deluded Nicola Sturgeon is she said to a gathering of the SNP Cult that ‘we have a different set of circumstances’, well that isn’t true in my opinion. Brexit isn’t a reason for a new vote; it is also not a mandate either.

An SNP source apparently said:

“She said this is a new referendum, we have a different set of circumstances, different reasons for having one and it is a completely separate matter.”

Scotland is leaving the EU.

The SNP source added:

““She said a new referendum is specifically about the democratic deficit and about being pulled out of the European Union against our will. Brexit demonstrates most clearly that as a country we are not being heard and the UK is not a nation of equals.”

The premise is wrong, this was a UK wide vote, Scotland wasn’t voting as a country so the claim of democratic deficit is entirely bogus, it is an SNP con trick which no one is buying especially the Westminster Government down the road.

I like saying this so here it is again, this is the nub, there is no mandate for a second independence referendum to be held in Scotland.

So imagine this scene; Nicola Sturgeon gets her tired old carcass to a rostum to cry “freedom” and then Theresa May says No!

After a lot of squealing by Nicola Sturgeon, she is then forced into an early election, let’s say the SNP win the largest number of seats but don’t win an overall majority. Next with her ‘win’ she then goes back to Theresa May to claim she has a mandate, May then says no overall majority, the answer is No!

Sturgeon then ropes in the Scottish Green stooges as a plan B, citing the ‘will of the parliament’, at that point it becomes interesting because at point I suspect that Theresa May kicks the ball into the very long grass. There will not be a referendum allowed to run while Brexit talks are proceeding.

You might have noticed that Scotland in Union has been cycling up their activity level recently; I assume this is a backup plan in the event of a second indyref2. Do, I see Better Together being reformed for a second indyref, I doubt it, the operation on the ground was very unsuccessful due to the team being filled with too many Labour staffers who had divided loyalties and use the campaign to further their own careers.

Scottish Labour never really supported the Better Together campaign properly which was a major mistake on their part. Although some people had difficulties in getting stuff and top down decisions which were unworkable, I never experienced that problem myself.

One day I popped into the HQ, to get hold of someone, were I got the standard, ‘who are you’ comment from a secretary as she flipped through papers. After a second I said, ‘I am George Laird and I want to see ….’ Next second the woman jumped out of her chair like she was sitting on a tack and said, ‘wait there I will go get him’. Terribly nice of her I thought, knowing that others had faced a tougher time when they ventured in. Apparently my blog was read by everyone down there which was nice of them, do as I was doing a sterling service on the scribbling front and effectively co-ran the Pollok Campaign which produced a great result despite not having the same amount of volunteers as the opposition. I with a handful of happy campers got 22k votes, the SNP with 30/40 people managed to get 27k votes.

Down the road, Theresa May has ordered her ministers to go out and drive home the case for the Union. This seems to run in parallel with the activities of Scotland in Union. A Cabinet meeting discussed of the need to “maintain, strengthen and nurture” the 300-year-old bond between the nations of the UK.

The Conservative Government seems to think that this time around a ‘Better Together 2’ can be led by them in a more front foot approach as they set their eye on Holyrood, they may think that with Scottish Labour’s decline, they can take the prize of Holyrood. Nicola Sturgeon losing again in indyref 2, is a clear message that Scotland is saying No to her and the SNP.

Finally, incase anyone thinks that Sturgeon is in charge, Ex-European Council president Herman Van Rompuy suggested Brussels would find it harder to stomach a vote for Scotland to breakaway from the rest of the UK if it hadn’t been authorised by Westminster.

The last gasp of political life of Nicola Sturgeon is about to be breathed out, if there is an indyref 2, the SNP cult will be jockeying for position as she will have to resign, once she loses for a second time.

The timing of her political suicide is to be arranged.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Riughts at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

She should have accepted the Euro result and kept her mouth shut. She could have used the fact that Scotland elected 56 SNP MPs and she still had a majority in Holyrood to get as much as possible for Scotland. If she claimed she was getting second best and ignored, then she could have screamed about another independence referendum. She really has messed this all up badly. She seems more interested in foreigners and more immigrants, than Scottish fishermen. She has shown terrible leadership by running around screaming like a hare with haemorrhoids. Too late now. She’s made a mockery of the SNP and Scotland.

Sherbie. said...

She could cal it,,, Indyshite2,,, lol.

SNP out said...

I wish her demise would hurry along. Fed up to the back teeth of hearing and seeing this woman. She's looking tired (all Westminster's fault). I would love to kick her off a cliff edge! So so sick of hearing "dragged over a hard Brexit cliff edge". She's messed up acting tough, now here's your coat, what's your hurry 😂

D Stewart. said...

'Hare with haemorrhoids.' That's a classic! I will use that elsewhere if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...