Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Left is No Longer Liberal, have a watch and then sit and think for a while, do you recognise that PC culture is your enemy?


Al C said...

I've realised this for a while, George. Certain types of racism and sexism are deemed acceptable in the ridiculous concept of 'oppression' rather than morality, something I think comes from Marxism, but I'm not certain. For fear of being taken out of context, one can't say anything. Most of my friends are liberal left-wing, but I've become disillusioned with this idiotic way of thinking that rather than these things being wrong, they're only wrong in certain contexts.

British/American Imperialism = evil. Soviet Imperialism = good.

Irish/Irish republican hatred of English = Every right to after 800 years. Anyone hating Muslims = wrong.

Sexism/"objectification" aimed at women = bad. Sexism/"objectification aimed at men = payback for women's oppression. Ditto with abuse.

Islamic fundamentalism = Understandable backlash.* EDL = Evil/radicalising.

Trump's wrongdoings = evil. Barack Obama's wrongdoings = "Who cares about drone strikes? First black president!"

Right wing = Evil/Nazi/Fascist. Left wing = Good/kind.

And if you point this basic hypocrisy out, you'll get patronised, insulted and smeared, and I'm sick of it. I'm still left-wing (if only technically due to agreeing on some issues like welfare) but I'm wondering what the point is in being so anymore. Generation Z though is apparently turning quite conservative. You reckon this bodes well for classical liberals like us in the future?

*Except ISIS, nobody seems willing to apologise for THOSE scumbags.

Anonymous said...


RMR said...

Never heard that expression before "The regressive left". it is a scary modern phenomenon that the people we should fear most , who would silence us, control us and destroy our freedom to speak or act against their violent mob, are on the left. Who would have thought that the hateful mob who brand everyone who speaks against them as Nazis / racists or 101 other silencing tags, are actually using the exact same tactics that Hitler used in his pursuit of power.

Even more scary is I can see too many similarities between the regressive left and the present leadership currently running Scotland.