Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Has the first shot been fired in a new North Atlantic Trade Block, Greece is set to ditch the Euro in favour of US dollar, is the EU about to see the rise of a new economic force which could see UK, France, Netherlands and Greece join as members?

Dear All

Greece has been badly letdown by the EU, treated like dirt, had to sell off assets and had to beg for loans to keep the country afloat.

When I first read of Greek pensioners who had to look in bins for food, it shocked me, is this ‘the dream’ of a united Europe which we were all supposed to be signed up to? Can you imagine it, people having to look for food in bins in this day and age. The Greeks as I mentioned in previous posts, need to leave the Euro and a case for leaving the EU can also be strongly made. Greek politicians have made all kinds of threats to the EU but at the last minute they did a deal.

Sometimes, it is better to walk away from a bad situation than let it fester, and Greece has festered for years when the road to recovery was blocked by intransigent politicians,

In an ideal world, Greece would drop the Euro, re-instate the Drachma, and hold a referendum to leave the EU, reset their democracy and institutions and start again. Greece's spiralling financial crisis has led to EU bosses threatening expulsion but Greece must show initiative and make the choice to go as a people.

Greece if it so chooses could setup their own currency, the Drachma but in a strange twist, the Greeks are floating an idea to ditch the Euro in favour of US dollar, whether this is another Greek ploy is open to speculation. If they did adopt the dollar, it would be highly unusual to say the least, but the move would send shock waves through the EU right to the heart of Germany and Angela Merkel.

It seems that the current EU project isn’t sustainable or indeed wanted by some Member States anymore. France, Italy and the Netherlands all seem candidates who could along with Greece decide to call it a day.

Greece's desperately needs an alternative to the Eurozone!

Now, is that alternative a new zone, a North Atlantic Trade Zone with America, Canada, UK, Netherlands and perhaps Greece combining to rival the EU?  

If you are the type of person who thinks ‘things just happen’ then let me tell you they don’t, David Cameron was involved this idea long before Brexit and before the Scottish independence referendum.

A battle fought over Brexit might in the future be a battle fought over the a new trade zone covering the North Atlantic if the mistakes of the EU were repeated such as trying to force TTIP down people’s throats to attempt to destroy our NHS.

The Greek tragedy looks set to continue, and a decision has to be made, to default on the EU, the short term pain maybe in the Greek national interest, Athens faces debt repayments of 7.0 billion euros ($7.44 billion) this summer that it cannot afford. If you get a loan and then you have to pay off charges, you have to wonder what the point is in the first place as money is siphoned off to pay back bankers.

At present the talk of dollarisation is limited to think tanks, whether it gets beyond that is another matter. We had the uncaring EU political elite who ignored the best interests of the people which are leading to political change right across Europe, the question of how a possible North Atlantic Trade Block would operate is of some concern, never again can UK sovereignty be lost in trade agreements which work against the UK national interest.

The Conservatives took us into what was to become the EU as we know it in 1973; we have to wonder will it be the Conservatives who would be taking us into a possible North Atlantic Trade Block, and if that doesn’t pan out, then who takes on the challenge to get us out of that?

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

Curious situation, George. Even though I voted remain, I thought that the way the EU treated Greece was disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Here we have the lunatic weird international nationalist wanting to ditch the pound and join the Euro.