Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Health and Safety, the Scottish Labour Party are getting ready for the hat trick, three heavy defeats in a row, the polling for 2017 in the Scottish council elections looks incredibly bad for a party that had been disenfranchised by the Scottish electorate, 14% of Scots believe in Scottish Labour, 86% of Scots don’t!

Dear All


Denial is what Scottish Labour has been going through more or less non stop since 2007, if you know what taking the huff is, then just scale it up to get the picture what the Scottish Labour Party is going through.

Here are a few videos to get you a feel of what I am trying to put across.

And of course the real family fav:

The 2007 election came and went, and saw the SNP installed as a minority government.

The next thing which was to happen was denial; Scottish Labour sat for four years at Holyrood and did nothing constructive. That wasn’t the start of the rot for the Labour Party; there had been a decade of dissatisfaction which had been growing with the public.

In Glasgow, the Labour Party rammed up council tax year on year, people paid more and services didn’t improve.  When the SNP offered a five year freeze, they pulled the rug right out from Labour who if I remember rightly came up with a two year freeze.

The real problem lying under the surface which festered like an open sore was Labour politicians who were effectively refusing to help people, ignoring people and in some cases enacting policies which were detrimental, usually to those at the bottom of society.

Scottish Labour were effectively killing off their own core support, and actively giving them reasons to find another party. Since Scottish Labour wouldn’t do what was required, the public were slowly draining away towards the party of protest which is the  SNP.

The 2011 election in Scotland was to produce an extraordinary event, a majority SNP Government, something which the electoral system wasn’t supposed to produce, but in this case, it did. After four years of being entirely meaningless in Scottish politics, the Labour Party was crushed again; however, it still managed to hold the position of official opposition.

The rot was spreading, although in 2012, Labour did manage to hold Glasgow, this wasn’t due to skill, it was done to the SNP being an ineffective opposition led by the Sturgeon crony Allison Hunter who was incapable as a leader. It may have seemed like green shoots of recovery but in reality the Labour Party hadn’t reached the tipping point just yet.

The tipping point was to come in 2014, after being letdown again and again and again, the ordinary people of Scotland mostly at the lower end of society had been disenfranchised by the Westminster Government, the system was broken and it was to become much worse.

Working class people stripped of dignity felt they had nothing to lose, the system had failed them and they wanted change. Punished by Westminster regardless whether it was Labour or Conservative Governments; it made no difference or sense to them to be part of the Union.

It was Labour who introduced the Bedroom tax, it was Labour who introduced the ATOS scandal which was to dominate a social justice agenda, while Labour MPs enjoyed high wages and expenses, the poor were abused.

The Conservatives maybe running with the torch, but the flame and the journey was started by the Labour Party.

2014 was the awakening that the Scottish Labour Party representatives could be voted out, and people right across Scotland did so in their thousands, post 2014, the next election was Westminster, the result was extraordinary, the worst election result for Scottish Labour in 100 years. All Labour MPs bar one were voted out of public office, the good swept away by the actions of the bad.

2016, the Scottish Labour Party defeated the year before faced an angry Scottish public yet again, a public not willing to listen to a party who had stopped listening decades ago. The result, the Scottish Labour Party loses yet again and becomes the third party of Holyrood.

Scottish Labour was dying; but the people running it wouldn’t face the truth, their policies and their people weren’t wanted.

We are now in 2017, far from improving the same mindset of failure continues to dominate the leadership’s thinking, for them it isn’t what the people want, it isn’t what they can do for the people or Scotland; it is about them following their agenda.

Scottish Labour hasn’t accepted the message that the public aren’t coming back because the people running the Scottish Labour Party aren’t wanted, and no new shiny policy or gimmick fixes that problem.  

It seems that Scottish Labour is set for heavy defeat in Scottish council elections according to a new poll, so to cut to the chase, the number is 14%.

14% of Scots are saying that they will vote for the Labour Party, the party’s internal polling some months ago painted a black picture of 15%, since then the decline continues, the wider picture is that support for Scottish Labour has more than halved since the last local government elections in 2012.

A Panelbase poll of 1,028 voters found;

Scottish Labour 14%
SNP 47%,
Scottish Conservatives 26%,
Liberal Democrats 5%,
Scottish Greens 4%
Ukip 3%.

A Labour spokesman said:

“In May, voters across Scotland face a choice between electing Labour candidates who will stand against SNP cuts to local services and will oppose a second independence referendum, or SNP candidates who will seek to divide communities. Labour believes that together we’re stronger.”

Voters face a bigger choice than just choosing between Labour and the SNP; however the Scottish Labour Party spokesman tries to paint a choice which is effectively narrow. This election has given the people of Scotland the opportunity to have a rainbow of political representation.

I don’t like the spin of what is said above for several reasons, it isn’t a choice between Labour and SNP for a start, and secondly to finish off his pitch, he is using the tag, “together we’re stronger”, this signifies that he is only repeating what he is told to say, this isn’t an interaction it is a proclamation, he isn’t talking ‘to the people’, he is talking ‘at the people’.

If there is a mass slaughter of Scottish Labour Councillors at the ballot box in May, then the Labour spokesman may find himself out of a job as money from Councillors helps to fund Labour Party staff.

I said last year at the time of the 15% internal Labour Party polling that Scottish Labour had further to fall, George Laird right again!

Finally, I found this picture above, 'I'm voting No'!, ironically I thought it would give the readership a laugh because given the dysfunctional way the Scottish Labour Party operate, I expect a huge number of Scots have already decided to vote no anyway to Scottish Labour. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

The last labour government 1997-2010 will never be forgotten, never. They introduced law after law that made the lives of some working people miserable. Now you would expect that from a Tory government after all the Toaries are supposed to crucify the poor but it was the Lie@bour party that introduced benefit sanctions, workfare, food banks and atos. It was Lie@bour that passed laws like; you need a certificate for virtually every job. The smoking ban. The min wage. Flooded the country with millions of cheap-labour foreigners. Apart from Thatchers de- industrialisation, I would say Lie@bour was more right-wing, anti working class than the Tories. I really detest Lie@bour and all the idiots and trade unionist that still support them. Scum the lot of them.

Anonymous said...


RMR said...

If ever a country needed a new voice in politics, it`s Scotland. Who with any sense could vote for Scottish Labour, Patrick Harvey and the Greens- give me a break, I haven`t had a full frontal lobotomy yet!- the lib dems? jeez, maybe I should have voted the Greens!!!, the SNP, please remove your brain and leave it at the door cult or Ruth Davidson but unfortunately I find her unconvincing too.

Sherbie. said...

Vote for ANYONE apart from the lying, thieving SNP,,, tactical voting works. DON'T VOTE FOR THE SNZP.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the need for new voices in the Labour Party George, it was rather sad that you chose to leave but I understand what happened to you and I support your decision, pity tho it came to it in the end.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

I am appalled at where we've got to in Scotland. I can see why labour imploded. The down side of that is that we have disenfranchised ourselves. In addition we are stuck with the imbecile snp. At this rate I may have to break the habit of a lifetime and consider voting tory.

Where the fuck is this going George?

Auld Jock

Anonymous said...

The SNP are just New lie@bour in disguise. Has anything changed since they got power in 2007?

G Laird said...

Hi Auld Jock

"I am appalled at where we've got to in Scotland. I can see why labour imploded. The down side of that is that we have disenfranchised ourselves. In addition we are stuck with the imbecile snp. At this rate I may have to break the habit of a lifetime and consider voting tory".

You wouldn't be the first person to express such a view, the problem is that there is a lack of real choice, add to it, parties like Scottish Labour haven't accepted that they are the problem by the way that they have been run and controlled.

"Where the fuck is this going George?"

You could be seeing down the line, a few new parties, including a new centre right Nationalist Party which doesn't sign up to 'civic nationalism'.


Anonymous said...

i'm going to vote Tory for the first time in my life......,I would like to mention, i'm not happy with that Ruth libtard Davidson but what choice have we got.

Anonymous said...

The time has come for Scotland to abadoned both Nationalism (Regionalism) and Socialism and return back to it's Conservative roots. What Scotland needs not a party that supports me me, but we we. The only way to fix Scotland is for the the Scottish people to free themselves of anti-English bigotry and anti-Conservative hysteria. The process of Devolution in 1997 has led to the explosion of anti-English Scottish Nationalism that has infected the people of Scotland. It is high time for the disastrious policy of Devolution to come to an end. The Scottish Parliament and Government has caused nothing but hatred, diviison and conflict between the brother nations of Great Britain which are England and Scotland. The English people are not the enemy and foes of the Scottish people and it is high time for the nonscience to end. I believe that the Scots need to become more responsible and accountable for their own failures and stop blaming everything that goes wrong on their lives on the "HATED ENGLISH". Most of the internal affairs of Scotland today are not controlled by "WESTMONSTER" and the "TORY TOFFS" but in Holyrood and the Scottish National Party. Time to ABOLISH the Scottish Parliament and Government and return Scotland to the status of pre-Devolution. Albert Einstein said this "The defination of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a differant result". The Scottish people must wake up and see how badly Scotland is run by Holyrood and the SNP and ABADONED both or they will be labeld as the defination of insantiy and should seek mental help for the safty of both the English and especiallly themselves. The politics of grudge will lead to failure and despair. For the good of Scotland, the place must become a Conservative bastion once again. The English and the Scots are not just friends but also family and should not be seperated from an artifical border. I am pleeding and begging the Scots to let their unreasonable and irrational hatred of the English and Conservatism behind for the sake of the unity and harmony of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The members and supporters of the Scottish National Party should be stripped of their British citizenship and they should be deported to the Republic of Ireland where they and their friends in Sinn Feinn can establish a Celtic Banana Republic that hates everything British and Conservative. Gerry Adams and Nicola Sturgon should marry and have several children to create a new Royal Family of Ireland BTW. Nationalism and Scotialism destroyed Scotland, Conservatism will rebuild Scotland. The Scottish people must forgive Margaret Thatcher for a minor mistake (The Poll Tax) but at the same time they forgive the Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon who have done far worse not just once but over and over again. Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon did far more damage and destruction to Scotland then Margaret Thatcher ever did. Scotland WAKE UP.