Monday, January 30, 2017

The Truth About Trump's 'Muslim Ban', once you learn the truth, you can see how other people are manipulating you for their own ends, always check for yourself and make sure what you are told is factual


Anonymous said...

The attack on the Mosque in Canada was a Muslim against Muslim attack. Just like the attack in Glasgow. This time, the jihad’s used ak47s. Where’s the leftards now. Who is behind all these anti Trump demonstrations, who is financing it all. Scary times indeed. Do our politicians want us all dead. How many ak47s have the jihads already smuggled into our countries.

Al C said...

Al Qaeda seemed to prefer bombs and grand large-scale attacks. ISIS seems to prefer firearms, and the result is people's patience is running out. The talk of protecting refugees is noble, but never has it been done by bringing up concerns about protecting people from ISIS moles. Never mentioned, just a vague "they should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting our kindness" from Merkel (which fails to mention that this is exactly the idea) and to "carry on as normal" and worst of all "accept this as the new norm". Not if it goes on for long enough, people get sick and tired of living on edge. The carelessness of the Trudeaus, Obamas, the Merkels of this world has given rise to the Trumps, the Le Pens, the Farages and so on, and yet they blame everyone except where the blame truly lies.


Anonymous said...

Fake news, yesterday morning the authorities were looking for 3 people. 2 already captured and 1 called Muhammad, they apparently used ak47s. Last night it’s only 1 guy with a handgun.