Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Scotland dodges the SNP bullet; Nicola Sturgeon is fast becoming a ridiculous spectacle as she pushes for a separate immigration policy for Scotland, SNP want to foster an unworkable policy on Scots which will harm and limit their access to jobs, housing, health care and access to education

Dear All

There is a saying in Court when you are the defence, never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to, if you do you risk sinking your client because at that point you no longer control the narrative.

Scotland’s unpopular SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is a lawyer, she also isn’t very bright, in her continual search for grievance; she and the SNP have floated the idea of a separate immigration policy for Scotland.

Basically she is asking for something which she cannot get and to ask in the first place is incredibly stupid.

When you keep asking for things you can’t get you become irrelevant in the eyes of the public, failure is no criteria for continuing as leader. To show that her failures are being noticed in the Nationalist circles, a former SNP leader Gordon Wilson says that the SNP need to stop the ‘pointless posturing’ on Brexit. Gordon Wilson has also said Scotland needed “a reality check” about how weak its negotiating hand with London had become since the 2014 referendum. By Scotland, he really is talking about the SNP leadership who he commented on as needing a ‘reality check’.

No one is to blame for the weakness of Scotland’s position in the UK except Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. Her petty stupid games within Holyrood and Westminster has shown the party is just a protest group, who find themselves with the reins of power.

Power that they don’t understand and don’t know how to use.

So; why can’t there be a separate immigration policy for Scotland?

If you leave aside the reserve issue, the real problem is that a hard border would need to be established between Scotland and England, and it would cause division, and Westminster wouldn’t entry into playing grievance politics. Giving the SNP control of immigration would also cause security issues and open a highway for illegal immigration into England from Europe.

Regardless whether Scotland was independent or not, a unified controlled system of co-operation would be in the best interests of everyone. But, the SNP don’t see that or indeed do co-operation.

There is no trust between Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP and Westminster, never existed before and doesn’t exist now, forget the leaders posing for the cameras, it’s a front of false unity.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd ruling out a separate immigration policy for Scotland said introducing different rules “would complicate the immigration system, harming its integrity” and cause problems for businesses.

Harming its integrity is code for security concerns, un-vetted economic immigrants claiming to be asylum seekers who maybe ISIS terrorists seeking a foot hold in the UK.

To condemn the Westminster approach which is entirely sensible, SNP MP Tommy Sheppard said the move as foolhardy and accused Ms Rudd of showing both arrogance and complacency.

Sheppard is a comedian and his credentials to be an MP and see the big picture are in my opinion a tad weak.

Kezia Dugdale recently backed a separate immigration policy for Scotland when I read she had done so, my immediate thoughts were…. Not another disastrous appeasement move to attempt to win back the disillusioned working class Labour voters who left to vote for independence and thereafter vote for the SNP.

Here is a question for Kezia Dugdale, do unemployed Scots want more competition for jobs, housing, health care and access to education?

Are they willing to sacrifice all of the above for diversity?

If she thinks the answer is yes, she is deluded and will kill off the Labour Party in Scotland for decades, if she thinks the answer is no, then what the hell is she thinking proposing something as stupid as this in the first place?

Here is an interesting video which conveys a mood, it isn’t Scotland; it is from someone in Austria.

I put this on a previous post yesterday but I really want viewers to watch it and then make their own minds up.

Back to Sturgeon, and her dead duck thinking, to continue flogging a dead horse on immigration was a sham, there is no political mileage in it, especially when Scottish Secretary David Mundell, and Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill have already ruled out the Scottish Government having separate powers over immigration. It seems as other commentators have noticed the SNP record is stuck, and needs to move on.

The Home Secretary said:

“Immigration remains a reserved matter and we will consider the needs of the UK. Applying different immigration rules to different parts of the UK would complicate the immigration system, harming its integrity and cause difficulties for employers who need the flexibility to deploy their staff over the UK.”

To show how bad relations have become between the SNP and Westminster Government the Home Secretary suggested the Scottish Government would be able to attract more immigrants if it improved its health and education services.

This is a clear dig at the epic failures of the SNP in government over a decade where the standards under the Nationalists are falling, Scots kids being failed, our health service in crisis in multiple areas of expertise.

Rudd added:

“Immigrants will come to a place where they see an improving education system, an improving health system and perhaps the SNP should spend more time on applying itself to those important issues rather than constitutional ones.”

The SNP leadership of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have neglected the ‘day job’ since 2012.

2012 is when they abandoned their desks to chase Scottish independence and look how that turned out, they went on a series of other failures, most notably on Brexit and Trump getting both spectacularly wrong.

Failing to deliver a separate immigrations policy for Scotland is Scotland dodging a bullet, the only comfort is that Nicola Sturgeon is such a bad shot we have been saved from harm ……… this time might not be so lucky down the line unless we get rid of the SNP leadership from power.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Al C said...

May they be booted out as soon as possible. Knock on wood.

Freddy said...

It's getting pretty tedious George her trying to play Violet Elizabeth Botts all the time.

Anonymous said...

Is she connected to Herman Munster.