Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nicola Sturgeon’s ultimate shame: Iranian child sex offender uses human rights to circumvent justice and deportation, Sturgeon and Pollok SNP elected officials failed to stand up and speak out for the people of Glasgow, politicians need to be brave and speak out, the silence by the SNP is deafening yet again

Dear All

One of the reasons for some people to vote for Brexit was the way that Human Rights Laws were perverted in order to circumvent justice taking place. Time and time again, the Court system was made a mockery of and the British public could do nothing as human rights were used as a shield to foster injustice.

Lawyers used the weak human rights legislation to run up massive bills using taxpayers’ money to feather their nest by using endless appeals. Human Rights are a good thing, the problem is how the law is used and twisted from its original concept, a tool for justice.

An Iranian sex offender called Amir Beroghani assaulting two teenage boys in a swimming pool and community centre. He was caught and convicted, spending seven months in prison in Barlinnie.

Currently he is staying in the Pollok Constituency, in the Penilee area, when he should be deported back to Iran.

Why is someone as dangerous as Beroghani allowed to walk Scotland’s streets and why aren’t SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon, SNP MP Chris Stephens and Pollok SNP MSP Humza Yousaf doing anything meaningful about it?

Why is the silence from the SNP so deafening on this issue?

The SNP want control of immigration but the reason isn’t for the protection of Scots it seems.

The saga of trying to deport this deranged pervert has been going on for about a decade, and he has had his case looked and refused ten times. Justice as we all know works slowly but a decade is beyond a joke.

The sickening thing about this case is that Amir Beroghani wants to argue that proof of his crime is a good reason for staying in Scotland.

He believes that his claim to be a homosexual is good enough to convince a Court that he risks persecution for his sexuality and criminal record in his home country.

I suppose if that fails he will try and appeal again using ‘right to a family life’ if he is deported as another gag if he hasn’t used that one already before.

According to a 2011 Court of Session judgement he was convicted of indecent behaviour towards two teenage boys in 2006. He then in 2008, he made a fresh claim for asylum on the basis "he would face persecution on return to Iran because he would be known as a sex offender and because he was a homosexual".

This begs the question did he commit his crimes as part of a plan to avoid deportation or is he just a pervert acting on his urges?

Previously when he claimed to be a homosexual, court papers stated:

"The immigration judge dismissed his appeal, holding that he had failed to prove to the lower standard of proof applicable in asylum cases that he was a practising homosexual."

Politicians must speak up when foreign criminals commit serious crimes, and when serious crimes such as those committed by Amir Beroghani are known, deportation should be automatically part of the sentence.

Beroghani's legal representatives said:

"He is still here, and we are seeking asylum on the basis that if he is returned to Iran he will be persecuted, firstly because he is gay, and secondly because he has previous convictions."

The scandal of Amir Beroghani must be brought to an end, he shouldn’t be allowed to allowed to walk the streets of Glasgow but held in detention as soon as possible and then deported with all speed.

It is well known that the Scottish National Party is weak on crime especially when it concerns minorities, but in this case the woefully inept Nicola Sturgeon, the Glasgow SNP MP Chris Stephens MP and the incompetent Transport Minister and Pollok MSP Humza Yousaf need to attempt to show leadership by calling publicly for deportation.

The SNP elected representatives are happy to stand behind a slogan saying that the SNP are ‘stronger for Scotland’ but that is far from the truth during the decade that they have been in power they have proven to be weak on substance and strong on spin.

Nicola Sturgeon has failed Scotland, failed to deliver justice, failed to deliver safety and failed to protect communities.

Amir Beroghani remains at large under Nicola Sturgeon’s watch in Glasgow, he is a danger to the children of the Pollok Constituency and the SNP as a Party remain oh so quiet!

You have to ask yourself………. why?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

The SNP call themselves ‘civic nationalist’ the reality is, they are so leftard, they make leftards look right wing. They wouldn’t dare deport this criminal because that would be racist, not to mention Islamophobic. After all, maybe the poor guy was having a sexual emergency and had the right to release his frustration.
Look at their policies, what have they achieved. Let’s look at higher education. In our best universities the number of Scots students being educated, the figure is lower than 50%. Seems to me that these weird nationalist prefer educating foreigners to Scottish folk. After 9 years of lunatic leftard policies we find poorer Scots from disadvantaged areas are four times less likely to go to university than those from wealthy areas and more than 200.000 children in Scotland live in poverty, the figure in Glasgow is a disgraceful 34%. Actually, you are more likely to be poor in Scotland then any other part of the UK. These weirdo ‘civic nationalist’ have been in power since 2007. They are a disgrace, I thought Labour was bad but these lunatics sure take the biscuit. They have conned and abused the Scottish electorate and soon they will find themselves as unpopular as Labour.

Anonymous said...

she's a right model that one

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