Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Personal humiliation of Nicola Sturgeon: UK Supreme Court ruling means the SNP government are irrelevant in the process of Brexit, SNP Minister Mike Russell attempts to move the news agenda on by claiming and accusing UK Government of 'lying', yesterday was highly significant as Sturgeon shown to be impotent and a fantasist

Dear All

Here is a laugh; Holyrood Brexit Minister Mike Russell has accused UK Government of 'lying', this is from a man who betrayed his wife, and is also accused of being a liar himself. The internet is the wonder of the modern age, if it makes it into the public domain, it is there forever online.

This story is above is par for the course with the SNP, a party which is unfit for government and morally bankrupt, Mike Russell told EU officials the party had discussed a separate Brexit deal for Scotland with officials in Madrid. After he made the claim it was quickly and vehemently denied by the Spanish Government. 

Due to the domestic political situation in Spain, there is no danger that the Spanish would back anything like this or indeed sit down and discuss it with the SNP.

The SNP like to claim that there is a great ground swell for a second independence referendum but the reality is that support is dropping; the high water mark has been reach and the tide of SNP incompetence and lies like sewage is rather putting people off.

People are sick of referendums in Scotland, a new vote if you go by the utterings of Alex Salmond could happen as early as 2019, however, the SNP might want to hedge their bets by trying to get a second question on the ballot paper which either will be a home rule or federalism option.

Stay tuned…… federalism is coming down the line but the wider population of Scots don’t know it yet. Have a think about this, David Cameron gets in 2010, he then starts to talk about trade being expanded with the Commonwealth, Brexit happens and in 2017, there is talk about …….  trade being expanded with the Commonwealth.

This is why you should pay attention to what is being said and who says it in politics, while Cameron talked about trade; the military was upgrading military bases along the trade routes. You might now have an idea that long term planning is involved to get the public onside for possible change.

So, as I mentioned, keep an ear to the ground bout federalism, and who is promoting it, a clue maybe the entry to Holyrood of Adam Tomkins, he is a Constitutional expert and Professor of Law.

Yesterday Nicola Sturgeon got well and truly spanked down at the UK Supreme Court as the court ruled that she had no business sticking her nose into reserved issues. The case yet again highlighted an age old Scottish problem, the SNP are ‘dafties’. The case will be reported on the international stage and once again, the SNP have lost a case at the highest court in the land.

Nicola Sturgeon is a serial embarrassment to Scotland.

Sturgeon’s Brexit sidekick fares no better in accusing the UK Government of lying, the integrity or the plain lack of it readily on show, the notion of building bridges is alien to the SNP because at their core they can rise above acting like……. little shits!

The lack of integrity just lowered relations between London and Edinburgh and is set to continue and further deteriorate because the SNP narrative is that this is Scots against the English under the term Westminster. The bottom line is to foster a racist hate of the English while at the same time saying the SNP welcome all.

It reminds me of a quote:

‘How noble the individual, how wretched the nation as a whole’.

In this case, 45% of the Scottish population who voted in 2014 have been made wretched by the SNP; they placed their faith in a party which is a vacuum.

When I hear calls mount for a second independence referendum, my immediate thought is what phoney little SNP run group acting as ‘civic’ Scotland is behind this rubbish.

And it is rubbish.

Scotland’s Brexit minister Michael Russell said the SNP government had already decided the turf on which a second referendum would be fought, the trouble with that statement is that the opposition don’t have to fight on the SNP chosen battlefield.

And let us be clear Nicola Sturgeon may ‘call’ for a second referendum but she has no authority to hold one, the SNP lie is that them calling for one equals authority, it doesn’t.

The SNP have no more authority to call one than your next door neighbour, think about that for a hot second!

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“We need the Scottish Government to be engaging positively to help secure the best possible settlement for Scotland and the UK. Instead, we have a minister who would rather hurl insults from the sidelines. Mike Russell is lumbering from one unevidenced accusation to the next, and is only causing embarrassment to himself and his party in the process.”

Today’s story by Mike Russell is a sham, it is a fake news item to move the agenda on from the significance of what happened in the UK Supreme Court, to clarify that for you, the Court effectively ruled that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are irrelevant in the Brexit process, they hold no weight, no authority and a merely interested partners much like voyeurs peeking behind a curtain.

Yesterday was personal humiliation for Nicola Sturgeon.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

I voted Yes in 2014. I voted to leave the EU in 2016. The disturbing incompetence Cranky has shown since becoming leader of the SNP has put me off Scottish Nationalism for life. I never liked her and I voted Liberal in the Scottish 2016 election. In 2014 we had a lucky escape. Imagine this nutcase ruling over us. She would destroy us all.

Anonymous said...

I believe that in order to secure a second Independence Referendum, the Scottish National Party MUST accept these conditions. If A YES Vote is victorious in this Second Independence Referendum, Scotland will be allowed to achieve it's independence and become a seperate and independent nation. However if the NO Vote is victorious in the second Independence Referendum, these conditions should be agreed with the Scottish National Party. Condition 1)The Scottish National Party is DISMANTLED. Condition 2)The Scottish National Party members and supporters are to leave Scotland and move to Ireland. Condition 3)The Scottish Government and Parliament are ABOLISHED. Condition 4)The Governance of Scotland returns to Pre-Devolution status and under the control of the Scottish Office. Condition 5)The second Independence Referendum is to be the final Independence Referendum FOREVER. More conditions should follow at a later date.

G Laird said...

Hi Anon

I think you will find that you might have a problem getting this passed, it is a tad high on the benchmark scale.


D Stewart. said...

Never mind, I am sure the green bears from the Faroe Islands will be keen to help and if we add in Stewart Hosie's magic Indy calculator which immediately renders any given statistic into separatist drivel at the touch of a button, then we are in a winning position. Bullshit baffles brains as we used to say many years ago.

JF said...

Anon - great idea and if they don't agree to it no ref.

Smudge said...

Stewart Hosie,,,, what a wanker that fool is,,, useless, absolutely USELESS.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Another masterstroke from the snp. On a day when there is a report that the health of Scottish children is amongst the worst in Europe, the snp ignore the report and, instead, whine that they should be allowed a veto on brexit so they can use it as a bargaining chip to force another referendum on the Scottish people. They simply masquerade as politicians. All they care about is the outrageously fat pay cheque they collect. Nobody at what Billy Conolley has called "the wee pretendy parliament" gets a more outrageous pay cheque than our third rate first minister.

I am 67 and I am beginning to wonder if I will live long enough to see the snp get the political thrashing they so clearly deserve. We have to hope that this nightmare will, eventually, end, even if I don't get to see it.

Auld Jock

RMR said...

Spot on again George, a pity the Daily Record wouldn`t give you a column to talk sense instead of that loser Nicola Sturgeon.

There is a lot of talk of about undeclared cyber and proxy wars going on just now between China / USA , Russia and the West etc. This is bad enough in a world that really needs to get along for all our sake.

Closer to home it now feels that we, the Scottish people, are being forced by the SNP into a permanent war of words, hostility and lack of co-operation against the UK, those who we have most in common with.For goodness sake, like a lot of Scots, i`ve loads of relatives that live and work happily in other parts of the UK. This hatred being whipped up by the SNP whilst welcoming any one but the English is madness.

G Laird said...

Hi Auld Jock

The report that Scotland's kids are the sickest in Europe doesn't surprise me. In my youth I taught fitness so I know a bit about what it takes to get kids healthy, fit and strong.

The real missing link is education, having qualified people on hand to educate kids into getting involved in sports and learning to analyse. The drop out rate in sport kids and adults is because most places claiming to be world class adopt a sink or swim approach because they don't have the time, experience or money to do it right.

If you are looking for Nicola Sturgeon to provide answers you are out of luck, she doesn't understand the question let alone provide solutions.


G Laird said...

Dear RMR

"Spot on again George, a pity the Daily Record wouldn`t give you a column to talk sense instead of that loser Nicola Sturgeon".

I would be up for that one, a column in the Daily Record going head to head against Sturgeon would be a hoot.


Sherbie. said...

Boycott the Daily Record!! It's bad enough allowing that "photogenic, £1800 expenses grabber, Joan MacAlpine to have a column, let alone Nicola Sturgeon. That witch is destroying Scotland by the day. Time to get real Scotland and throw this destructive shower of bastards OUT.