Monday, January 23, 2017

Boring, boring, boring; Failed SNP Minister Mike Russell says Indy campaigners could make 'winning progress' in another vote, the tired old broken record and musings of a clapped out political party bereft of ideas and vision is ‘inevitable’ but unwelcome, Scotland has moved passed Nicola Sturgeon, didn't she get the memo?

Dear All

Just recent Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond said that Scotland will split from the UK by the end of decade.

This is the same fool that said:

Scotland will be independent in 2014

Scotland would have a second Oil boom

Scotland would be the Saudi Arabia of renewables

The basis on his claim is hinged on a 50 page cobbled together piece of crap to keep Scotland in the single market.

The real reason for the document is to say ‘everything will be better with independence’. In other words, this is a gigantic con trick to try and salvage the careers of the SNP leadership, you see having marched his army up to the top of the hill; he had to march them down again.

The SNP single market document was always going to be rejected, and here is my take on how life will possibly unfold over the next few years. Nicola Sturgeon has to resign as First Minister in 2018, this creates a crisis and Holyrood has to hold elections. If the SNP cannot win a majority of the seats in their own right then they cannot get a mandate for a second independence vote. Think back to what David Cameron said in interviews for him granting a Section 30 order, the SNP had a majority, not that Holyrood had a majority of Yes.

If the SNP cannot create the perfect storm, they cannot get a majority in their own right in Holyrood, Theresa May will not grant a Section 30 order. This then leaves Nicola Sturgeon up a creek without a paddle, once the screaming dies down, the reality sets in.

A majority in their own right in Holyrood, nothing less is the benchmark, Patrick Harvie’s Scottish Greens jumping on the bandwagon is meaningless, claims of this being undemocratic are also meaningless, in this case precedence demands that Sturgeon means the criteria of the 2011 Holyrood win.

Support for the SNP is dropping, scandals and incompetent government are taking their toll, however, this doesn’t mean an exodus back to Scottish Labour; they are set to lose control of councils and seats in May’s election. Glasgow City Council is now under a serious threat, even within Labour’s ranks they seem resigned to defeat and the loss of the city.

As part of the drive to say that there will be a second independence vote, the SNP and others are using a word….. ‘inevitable’. The latest non SNP ally being former Labour First Minister Henry McLeish who pops up to mouth this off on TV and in the printed press like a jack in the box!

To keep the momentum going, we have failed ex Education Minister and current failed Brexit “Minister” Mike Russell saying that Independence campaigners could make 'winning progress' in another vote.

If he thinks that there will be a boost from Theresa May's plans for a so-called 'hard Brexit'; he is entirely wrong. Uncontrolled immigration has destroyed the social cohesion of Europe; the far right is making serious gains right across Europe. The SNP and others who have bought into the failed European project are basing their hope on a public being ignorant.

I found an interesting video, this is from the Austrian Identitarian Movement which tackles the dogma of diversity and why you are not allowed to question it. 

Europe is changing, the view of the political elite is out of step with the people just as the view of the political elite was out of step in America which ushered in Donald Trump as 45th President of the US. As Nicola Sturgeon tries to hitch her political star to the EU, their star is failing dramatically, if Marine Le Pen gets in as French President, you might find a vote for EU exit in France. A similar situation could also happen in the Netherlands if Geert Wilders gets into power, what then for Europe?

Scotland's Brexit minister Michael Russell is flogging a dead horse, like in the past, the SNP are trying to use other people’s grievance to rally support to them like they did in the past with CND, the republicans and others.

It didn’t work then; won’t work now!

Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have been issuing threats of indyref 2 for sometime but their bluff has been called now which has led to some back pedalling by the SNP with Alex Salmond as the loose cannon mouthing off on the sidelines.

Michael Russell said that "clock is ticking" on the Brexit issue and accepting the SNP’s 50 page plan, it was already rejected before a single word was typed on a page, the entire premise was wrong.

Brexit is basically simple, either we are in or we are out, and out means all out, not part out, not a big bit down south out, not a special deal in Scotland in. The SNP know that they are trying to hoodwink Scots, this is about grievance, the tiresome grievance that will eventually lead to a breakaway centre right nationalist party being formed in Scotland which will not operate along the discredited ‘civic nationalism’ lines.

The only thing which is ‘inevitable’ about the SNP’s Brexit plans is that they will fail, fail to be enacted, failed to garner support and fail to stop the slide in the SNP vote no matter how many kids Nicola Sturgeon starts hugging.

It is getting near that time when Nicola Sturgeon will have kids put in her arms as part of the SNP PR stage managed routine that she is likeable and create an impression that she has the interests of families at heart.

Finally, please take the time to recognise that the SNP claims outlandish in nature are the equivalent of fake news to dominate the news agenda, as such they are just meaningless and hot air.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Al C said...

They know the world has moved on, but it's done so without them, George. They appear to be trying the same tired old formula not realising that it's more past the sell-by-date than single cream that reads BBE 1989.

Like the American DNC, a bunch of useless donkeys.

Anonymous said...

New Labour was not Labour 'as we all unfortunately found out’ and Civic Nationalist is not the SNP Nationalism i expected. We know the Labour party got hijacked by right-wing neo liberals in the late early 80s but can anyone tell me when the SNP got hijacked by internationalist, communist and extreme leftards.

RMR said...

Another excellent piece George, the video from the Austrian movement is a must watch imo., thanks for posting it. Thank goodness some young people are seeing through the brain washing from the government education establishment and the controlled media. I`m a good age now and it took me many years to see through it all. I was once one of those "educated" but uneducated, ignorant people fed a line by the same PC dogmatists that fill political parties like the present SNP.

I can only hope that more of the people of Scotland wake up to the lies of the SNP and the likes and realize who the real enemies to the Scottish people and our way of life really are before it`s too late for us all.

G Laird said...


There is an idea to start an Identitarian movement in Scotland, there is an Austrian guy in Glasgow looking for people to start a group.