Thursday, January 5, 2017

Nasty and Cheap, Tawdry Nicola Sturgeon’s election bribe of ‘baby boxes’ at £100 a pop can’t blind people to the truth, the SNP have failed working class Scottish kids at every turn, Nicola Sturgeon has pulled up the ladder of social mobility via education to attempt to create a ‘dumbed-down’ Scottish electorate who accept crumbs

Dear All

If you are working class and you live in Scotland, you can be fairly sure that Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish National Party have failed you and your family.

Nicola Sturgeon has failed to provide kids with a decent education.

Nicola Sturgeon has failed to provide and manage the Scottish NHS properly.

Nicola Sturgeon has failed to provide and mange the transport system properly?

Why all the failure?

Nicola Sturgeon isn’t a leader of men, she is a totally shallow hollow woman who is entirely vacuous, inept, fake and insincere, a con merchant.

Sturgeon is pulling up the ladder of social mobility to ensure that working class Scots kids don’t get what they need to succeed in life. She robbed the working class of their legal right to buy their own council home. Sturgeon failed to radically end discrimination in higher and further education, instead the SNP talked about lowering standards, a sure way to guarantee failure.

So, who does the discrimination in higher and further education?

Why doesn’t Nicola Sturgeon name and shame these people instead of trying to present herself as someone who is ‘rigging’ the system on behalf of the poor?

It is because, it is all an act, an act to be seen to be doing something while at the same time doing nothing, the people who discriminate against the poor don’t even get mentioned by her or by anyone in her party.

Back in 2016, I was busy scribbling away on the use of “gimmicks” to get votes, in a few posts; I highlighted the SNP using the plight of food banks. The food bank gimmick didn’t last long; it ended more or less straight after the Westminster 2015 campaign.

The poor never to be heard of again till the SNP wanted their votes at the next election; you might have caught the dreadful Mhairi Black grandstanding in the House of Commons highlighting the plight of the poor. She was standing up making speeches, but did you notice that she wasn’t really asking questions?

Why is this important?

It is important because it shows that her ‘concern’ is about as fake as her ability to be a serious politician, all she was doing was running with the theme ‘Tories bad for Scotland’. But the bottom line is that the Tories and the SNP have climbed into bed together under Nicola Sturgeon just like they climbed into bed with Alex Salmond.

Poor working class Scottish kids are being denied a future, having ‘dumbed-down’ society which created problems, their solution was immigration, so not only did the SNP not want working class Scots to be educated, the few that managed to even get through couldn’t get a job. They call that diversity but that type of ‘diversity’ doesn’t affect their live chances in the SNP!  

The new gimmick on the block to ‘buy’ the vote for the May 2017 election is Nicola Sturgeon’s baby box, costing the taxpayer £6 million, this is a pointless gimmick. Sturgeon and co obviously think that giving a woman a £100 ‘baby box’ is a cheap way to buy votes and good PR for Sturgeon.

The SNP like to paint Nicola Sturgeon as a ‘caring’ individual, this is a stage managed PR illusion, if you go online you can see countless pictures of Sturgeon, the hatred burning in her eyes when she gets caught off guard and the mask slips.

The ‘baby box’ is a crude pathetic attempt to buy the vote, but we should remember also what this is, this is middle class welfare-ism, the poor aren’t getting special treatment, the rich also are given the ‘baby box’ regardless of how wealthy they are.

Does £100 make up for Nicola Sturgeon cutting college places and it becoming harder for the poorest in society to get higher and further education?

In 2014, something happened that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon weren’t expecting, Scotland said no to independence, that campaign which ran for two years was a hateful event run by Nationalists and their ’allies’ which resulted in a massive no vote. Although the SNP had garnered the disenfranchised in society, they had lied and lied; through-out their campaign taking everyone for a mug!

The disenfranchised in society who had been abandoned by Scottish Labour went on to use the SNP as a protest vehicle hence we had the Scottish Labour Party wiped out in 2015 and 2016. Scottish Labour for decades had been in decline; their leadership had nothing to offer the people of Scotland, and had even failed to be good representatives for the people at Westminster. The most common comment I hear about Scottish Labour is that they are finished as a political force.

The ineffectual way that the Scottish Labour Party operate has allowed the SNP free rein and dumbed-down Scottish politics, this allowed the SNP to abandon the ‘day job’ and do populist meaningless policies like middle class welfare-ism all at the taxpayer’s expense.

There are no radical or interesting policies by the SNP, there are no defining legislation being produced, the Holyrood Parliament is cluttered up with a full programme of meaningless ‘tat’. Donald Dewar has a statue in Glasgow, it has the words, ‘there shall be a Scottish Parliament’, the vision might have been bold; the reality is a student union talking shop.

The carrot of a ‘baby box’ is on offer if the SNP win in May’s Holyrood elections, this raises the question, why do people have to vote SNP for a ‘baby box’ if it is as Nicola Sturgeon says a measure to “help tackle child poverty and improve the chances of some of our most deprived children.”

Isn’t there a need now Nicola?

The truth is that this is a political stunt, a few nappies and sleeping in a box isn’t going to tackle child poverty nor will it improve the chances of our most deprived children.

Only a radical restructure of higher and further education will do that, the removal of people who discriminate against the poor by putting up barriers for access, quotas introduced so that universities have produce or face cuts to their budgets. The transformation of primary and secondary education so that extra help is provided for working class kids who cannot afford the private tutors rich kids can access so easily due to their parents wealth.

Poor people are always last in the queue when it comes to help from politicians, this can be seen not just in Scotland but right across Europe as people power awakens in real time and with numbers. The Scottish system has failed Scots and it will continue to fail as long as politicians keep failing to talk about who are the people caused this discrimination, it isn’t confined to one university; it is rampant through-out education.

The ‘baby box’ is as many people say just a cheap political gimmick, it is middle class welfare-ism dressed up as ‘help’ when in fact it is nothing more than a tawdry election bribe.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


D Stewart. said...

I was interested to hear that a version of the 'baby box' was trialled in Newcastle a few years ago and quietly dropped when it became clear that among the very poorest it was being used as a form of currency to buy drink and drugs. So not only is it not a uniquely 'Scottish' initiative, it has already been proven to fail with the very people it is presumably expected to in some way help. Whod'a thunk it?

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year George.
Good to hear you'll be pounding up the closes soon. Watch GCC go down the tubes this year. If voters think msp's are clueless wait till they see snp councillors sink Glasgow.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

With wee hairy, having a face like a mince pie supper, I can guarantee, she will never need a baby box.

Unknown said...

Never have I read such vitriolic utter nonsense as this. This was obviously written by a person consumed by hate.

Al C said...

They're as much use as a gang of grave robbers in a crematorium, George.

Anonymous said...

This article is a breath of fresh air. Finally some writing and comment coming from Scotland that exposes the SNP and Wee Jimmy for what they really are, rather than using them as a sycophantic vehicle for Tory bashing and anti Westminster rhetoric. I hope that some day soon, more people in Scotland will wake up, see past their dislike of everything English and recognise that the beast they've created in the SNP is not working in their best interests.
Laden with anti Tory, anti Westminster and thinly veiled anti English sentiment, Sturgeon, Salmond and Black are merely using Scotland as a vehicle to conduct their own hate campaign, dressed up as nationalism. It's destroying Scotland from the inside, they are Scotland's cancer and they're not in remission yet.

Piers Doughty-Brown said...

Lots of pops at NS but pretty scant on facts

Anonymous said...

Mr.Laird, this is a very powerful article you have written on how the SNP have failed the working class children of this country. I have shared this website with my friends and look forward to you highlighting this inequality more.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, sock it to them George, VOTE LAIRD 2017

Anonymous said...

This comment is in extremely bad taste given Ms Sturgeon has lost a baby.

vonnyk61 said...

£100??? Can buy a cot and pram for that if you shop around. How come Governments buy overpriced crap.