Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Two Courts of the divided SNP, the Court of King Alex and the Court of Queen Nicola, Alex Salmond is like a bull in a china shop undermining Sturgeon’s leadership, but let’s not forget the Sterling job that Nicola Sturgeon is doing, her continual vain attempts to appear as a caring human being are failing, how does Sturgeon get rid of Salmond before Salmond gets rid of her?

Dear All

When Alex Salmond stood down as SNP leader after failing to win Scottish independence, it wasn’t unexpected by me, indeed, I was saying this was what was going to happen on the blog.

He duly went into a sulk and with his tail between his legs he exited stage left, leaving no one to challenge Nicola Sturgeon for the leadership of the SNP.

Salmond who like Sturgeon wants to be the centre of attention needed a new venue, so he was shipped off back to Westminster.

This although solving the problem of getting Salmond out of Holyrood created another problem.

There are two courts in the SNP now, the Court of King Alex and the Court of Queen Nicola.

Time and time again at Westminster, Salmond has been opening his mouth to set policy which undermines Sturgeon. This is amusing to me; she can’t do anything about it, so she ignores Salmond or corrects him.

The leadership of Nicola Sturgeon has been plagued by scandal after scandal, her policy decisions are flawed, she craves attention and failure hangs round her neck like an albatross. And on top of that Salmon is like the proverbial loose cannon which she cannot stop firing.

It’s all good, the more Salmond speaks the more he undermines her flagging authority; Nicola Sturgeon isn’t cut out to be a leader. You can see it in her face, you can hear it in her tone, and you can see it looking at her clunky stage managed photo opportunities.

Yesterday, we saw Nicola Sturgeon in Paris, with such bad PR back home, she goes to one of the Paris massacre sites for a ‘private’ visit, just her…….. and the press.

It was pathetic, it was staged managed and it looked to me to be of the same vein as her use of children, to make you think this is a caring woman.

The lady doth protest too much!

When Salmond opened his mouth to make political capital out of what Tony Benn might have thought of his son, Sturgeon had more than enough opportunity to slap Salmond down, but she didn’t, she couldn’t pull the trigger for fear of upsetting Salmond.

The Court of King Alex will grow as Sturgeon is seen as the lame duck leader who rode to success on the back of Alex Salmond’s coat tails because she couldn’t do the job. Recent scandals; all seems to have a similar theme, people connected to Nicola Sturgeon.

Salmond has avoided the bad press of the Natalie McGarry scandal or the Michelle Thomson scandal since he wasn’t leader or particularly close to these people, but it seems that Nicola Sturgeon is, in particular with McGarry, joined at the hip.

Sturgeon publicly came out in support of McGarry describing her as a ‘good pal’; she is also seen as a Sturgeon protégée having come out of the Sturgeon Southside clique.

Having Salmond doing what he is doing is like having a bull in a china shop, as you clear up one mess, another accident is waiting to happen, too many accidents and people will be looking at Sturgeon to ask the question.

When is she going to resign?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

Maybe thy will both get rid of each other lol :)

Anonymous said...

53 countries backing the coalition to defeat ISIS. Really should be 54.
I'm ashamed and embarrassed by those amatuers representing me. (Allegedly )
Watching Salmond snarling in the Commons showed how much class they have. He'll be back simply because wee Nic just doesn't have it.

Anonymous said...

If Salmond comes back as leader, which I think will happen, the SNP will lose support.

What could bring Sturgeon down is the Forth Bridge. The engineers would have made the decision to close it, and quite right too as safety is the priority. The request by the opposition for an independent enquiry was a bit of a surprise. Someone, somewhere must have information that funding was reduced in the hope that the new bridge would be completed before the old bridge had to be closed. Something simply does not smell right about this.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well....


Could Alex be making his opening moves?

Anonymous said...

these two are not worth Georgieboy

LAIRD for 2016

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Do you think there may be an indication of Salmond's intention in the issue of whether or not he runs as an msp again? At one stage it was said that he would not run again for holyrood. There was said to be violent competition between prospective snp hopefuls for that seat. If the "jolly fat man" fancies his chances to again be first minister or even a force in holyrood, he would need a seat there. If there is no public power struggle between "him and her" in the short term, then the deadline for candidates to be selected / register might signal Alex the Impaler's intentions. Freddy may have hit the proverbial on the head in that the formation of the two courts might bring down the whole edifice, including "him and her". If there is a schism before the election, the snp vote could be expected to suffer. The great prize in any power struggle, pre election, would be gaining the support of the snp activists. If the expectation that there will be an snp landslide comes to pass, then it might be expedient to avoid splitting the snp vote so that a post election power struggle would take place in a parliament with little Unionist representation. Ultimately, I am not sure it makes much difference what happens between these two twonks. They are both hugely discredited and surely cannot expect to keep going beyond the next again holyrood election. Much damage would be inflicted but, if a majority of Scots are determined to vote for a collection of arseholes, then we may have to live with that. Having said that, it's beginning to look like the snp are likely to be dogged by a whole series of financial and other scandals. The death of their independence hope seems to have shifted the focus to snp competence or, rather, the lack of it. Any way you look at it, there is likely to be more brown stuff in the air conditioning than many of us have seen before.

Anonymous said...

Alex Salmond casts big shadow, which is getting bigger and bigger as Sturgeon is found lacking.
Her SNP foreign policy is a inward looking joke. with shameless Sturgeon having the cheek to go to Paris. Her trident policy has not got a hope of getting through and immigration policy not thought through.

At home her so called pals are inept and are causing her evermore embarrassment and MSP,s are failing on there promises.

Will Alex be back to haunt her every error, most probably as he likes to be in the limelight and has a ego as large as the forth road bridge. Time will Tell.


G Laird said...

Hi all

In this fight I don't have a dog, if Salmond wants to be elader again he has to stand for Holyrood, but he could just sit at Westminster, let Sturgeon fall on her rubber sword and then do the 'save the day' routine.

He could still be SNP leader at Westminster and call the shots from there and wait till there is an opening, however his window is short, age is against him.