Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Open Letter to Conan, you seem to barking up the wrong tree regarding independence, the SNP aren’t standing up for the working class, they don’t stand for fairness, equality and social justice, they created middle class welfare-ism to rob the poor, and you are backing them

Dear Conan

Having read your snippets, I think I should respond to you in an open letter.

In 2008, I volunteered to assist the SNP in the Glasgow East campaign, the winning margin was 365, I put a lot of effort into that campaign and was noticed.

I was a member of the public.

What got me motivated to take part?

Former Labour MP Margaret Curran.

What did she do, she lied about living and working in the East End all of her life.

Although politicians can sometimes flower up the truth, this was well beyond that, and although I was an SNP voter, this seemed to me to be unfair.

When I was campaigning, I was an ardent supporter, everyone knows this, but the SNP I thought I joined doesn’t exist.

The SNP isn’t a left wing party; it isn’t a party of social justice, equality or fairness.

If you don’t know that, consider yourself informed and educated. 

I have some questions for you.

“From an ardent SNP supporter to someone who seems to hate the idea of independence is what I mean George”.

Why were there no plans for independence done by the SNP?

Why did Alex Salmond lie to the people?

Why did Nicola Sturgeon lie to the people?

Why did both these individuals not stop abuse of opposition politicians?

Are you as an ardent Nationalist proud that Lib Dem Charles Kennedy was hounded to death by a Nationalist abuse campaign?

Why don’t you care that people in Scotland were put in danger?

“It's as if Scottish Independence, once espoused by you, is now anathema, because you fell out with the people who run the main party who support it. Am I correct?”

“You fell out”, oh right, it was “my fault”, it was a “trivial matter”, is this the watered down version to explain the hate campaign run against me in the SNP?

Is the SNP breaking the law re my DSAR acceptable?

When Peter Murrell, the Chief Executive decided to do a cover up of my complaints of abuse was he doing a ‘yours for Scotland’ SNP social justice policy?

“The idea of Scottish independence is what I treasure. You seem to have thrown out the baby with the bath water”.

If the SNP cannot be trusted to uphold the law and treat their members fairly, what makes you think they would do so to ordinary members of the public?

“You either believed in independence or wanted a political post with the SNP. Which?”

I did 17 campaigns for the SNP, during those 17 campaigns I never put myself forward as a possible candidate, this rather shows the ‘he joined to be a politician’ claim as bogus.

Incidentally, Tommy Ball, connected to Nicola Sturgeon is currently using this argument at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

I left the SNP for two reasons:

1/ The SNP broke the law regarding my legal rights.
2/ The SNP did a cover up of my complaints.

I used to be Glasgow SNP’s top activist; year in year out, this was despite being treated like a cunt because I thought the cause was more important.

Here is a story, I always remember, on one occasion I was abandoned in the street after an SNP event as Allison Hunter, the SNP MP Chris Stephens and the organiser Richard Bache all jumped into her car and sped off down the road I had to walk back. There was an empty seat in the vehicle, and they were going back towards where I lived.

Tell me about SNP loyalty. 

What this story highlights is the real face of the SNP, not the pretend one they cultivate to the cameras. 

After I walked out on the SNP, I didn't as others did jump straight into bed with another political party, this again shows that I didn’t as others claim ‘just want to be a party politician, instead I offered my services to someone else. When they declined my offer, I decided to stand as an independent candidate. During that time, the Nationalists and Tommy Ball decided to run hate campaigns against me.

I came 7th and the SNP failed to win the seat cause by the death of Allison Hunter, a Sturgeon crony, and a horrible vile individual. Hunter during the 2010 General Election took to swearing at me in public in front of SNP activists because I made a joke about how much work I did for the party.   

Another point about that episode is that I hadn’t been assigned any work by the SNP Group I was attached to, and I wasn’t in her Group either.

Allison Hunter was a horrible little vile individual.

You highlight Ms Black's maiden speech which went viral on Youtube. I have watched it, it isn’t very good. It is rather ordinary, it doesn’t offer solutions and is information which for the most part the general public has all heard before.

Incidentally, the SNP haven’t close the gap between rich and poor, they have increased it, they are a failed government on health, education, law and order, they have created middle class welfare-ism to further trap the poor.

How much evidence do you need that Nicola Sturgeon is fucking over the poor?

And you want independence so the last safeguards are removed from people, perhaps Conan; you need to open your eyes and wise up. 

Finally, I have been told several by Unionists how glad they were to have my help during the Scottish independence campaign. In Pollok with about 5 people, I managed to get about 22k votes, the Pollok SNP crowd, my former branch had about 30 to 40 people and they managed to get about 27k votes. For the most part the Pollok Labour Party were MIA, not one single Labour MP, MSP or Cllr turned up to work with the BT Group I was in.

You are supporting the wrong party.

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Left wing rhetoric.
Right wing policies.
How the f*can voters not see through this propaganda from the SNP is beyond me.
And old joke among SNP politicians is. If your messing up a speech or boring the arse off your audience just mention the word freedom a couple of times.
Garaunteed a standing ovation.
Emotions in place of policies and voters are falling for it time after time.

JF said...

Totally hit the nail on the head re Mhairi Black - her maiden speech simply ripped into current Tory Policy without offering one solution. She laments the lack of the welfare state in Paisley, when arguably Paisly and other West of Scotland towns and cities are in the state they are in due to welfare driven state dependency. Independence supporters need to come clean on how this bumper welfare hand out would be sustained post independence as it is already unsustainable wihthin the UK with the Barnett Consequentials that come with the union. The answer seems to be either 'tax the rich', missing the point that the richest 1% already pay over a third of the tax take in Scotland, or to make corporations 'pay their way'. Given the Scottish Govt already subsidises companies like Amazon and Tesco in order to encourage them to provide jobs, this shows who needs who more (IE we need the corporations more than they need us), anyone for mass capital flight? The closest model or our own economy would be Ireland which is successful only because it offers the lowest corporation tax in the developed world along with a highly educated work force, but the USA is already clamouring the EU to bring Ireland to task over this and certainly wouldnt allow Scotland to follow suit. An indy scotland would for the forseebale future be a Spain or Greece without the sun, 25% unemployment anyone?? If Mhairi Black or her ilk got anywhere near real power there would be a que the length of the M74 to get the hell out.

Anonymous said...

Would any of your readers care to name a policy from the SNP that actually helped the poor?

Anonymous said...

They say one thing do another.
Right wing Tartan Tories.
8 years now and still blaming the English.

Anonymous said...

Out of interest, what sentence did Tommy Ball get?

While the SNP are an improvement on the previous Lab/Lib coalition, they haven't exactly set the heather alight.

Education is certainly getting worse - I've seen that first hand.
Health - try getting to see a counsellor for mental health issues. Unless it is an emergency no chance.
Transport - Scotrail is actually worse since First Group lost the contract. Something I for one thought impossible.
Police centralisation was a good idea, but has been shabbily implemented.
This "named person" policy is a step too far.
Windfarms are sprouting up everywhere, yet I've yet to see a sharp drop in energy prices. And the Government is about to waste more taxpayers money on fighting a court decision they lost.

While the council tax freeze is welcome (but not water prices), the effect is now visible. How many jobs and services have been lost? Only now are they considering a replacement, and knowing the SNP it will be based on land value rather than ability to pay. So cue Poll Tax mark 2.

But the most irritating thing is that everything but everything is the fault of Westminster, except when there is good news.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Thanks for your response George. I'm a bit busy at the moment, and you have raised a lot of points; I'll do a post on my nearly defunct blog as a reply in a day or too.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

It seems to me that Gollum the Sectarian is finding his normal sources of narcissistic supply less and less able to met his needs as interest in the now dead hopes of Scottish independence near extinction. Gollum has therefore had to spread his net much further than before in the hope of finding someone who wants to listen to him. Nobody here will listen. I really don't know where he can look next Maybe the snp will set up a help line for people like him. I suppose they might if they did not already need all the help they can get themselves.

Anonymous said...

Conman is a ponce, a cybernat troll who was greeting like a big jessie when I pinched his avatar or moniker as the clown called it in the Telegraph.

Well done George your superior intellect shines through again and puts these clowns in their right-full place, second.

Anonymous said...

Interesting food banks in Italy and Dublin but no Westminster , cant be all bad Swindle has handed back 2 fucking BILLION

Sherbie. said...

What a miserable, pompous looking big head, Sturgeon looks in the photo George. Yuk.

Anonymous said...


G Laird said...

Dear Conan

"Thanks for your response George. I'm a bit busy at the moment, and you have raised a lot of points; I'll do a post on my nearly defunct blog as a reply in a day or too."

Anytime you get a spare minute will be fine.


G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"Out of interest, what sentence did Tommy Ball get?"

I have no idea at present.


Smudge said...

Anonymous at 11.38,,, what an idiot that is. There's foodbanks "all over the world". First one opened in the USA in 1968. First one in the UK opened in Salisbury around 2000. One thing's for sure, John Swinney will never need one. This is the same Nationalist Toff who took a chauffer driven car "200 YARDS" because it was raining and windy,, aww!! Ohh, and let's not forget useless Nicola Sturgeon. People in Scotland died of cancer under Sturgeon's watch as Health Minister, through lack of cancer drugs. She was a "FAILURE",,,, an utter failure, and she was also a "very close friend" of serial, wife beating thug, Bill Walker,, remember him? Sturgeon an co tried to dupe the electorate of Dunfermline by putting that thug up for election. He was later tried and JAILED. Remember too mouthpiece anon at 11.38, before you start blaming Westminster as usual, there are only around 5 and a half million people that live in Scotland, the rely on NHS Scotland,, more people than that live in London itself. Sturgeon has done NOTHING to benefit the people of Scotland, she is all mouth, nods, and selfies. To be honest, just looking at her and listening to her awful voice makes many people want to spew.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Och George, see the abusive trolls that the Unionists attract?

Stuart 64W said...

Oh er Conan, I have a one word answer for you 'Cybernats'...

Anonymous said...

Reply to Conan.
Snide comments from you aside don't you understand that you can desperately want Independence but are clever enough to realise under SNP it would be horrific.
Doesn't make you a Unionist more a realistic.

Anonymous said...

You mean like the nasty NAts that say the English should be cleared from Scotland , yes those little SS nasty nats that threated throw eggs burn cars and engage in calling for racial cleansing, the ponce is quite t home to that

Anonymous said...

OCH George her is a list of the ponces mates crimes

SNP's pro-independence 'cybernats' told to curb online ...

www.telegraph.co.uk › News › Politics › SNP
19 Oct 2015 - SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon warns independence supporters not to 'hurl ... She also retweeted a message from Val McDermid, the crime writer ...

SNP warning over Hoy to cybernats (From Herald Scotland)


THE SNP has been forced to issue another warning to so-called "cybernats" after Sir Chris Hoy was bombarded with online abuse for suggesting Scots athletes ...

The SNP's 'cybernats' are a modern political scourge – with ...


30 Aug 2014 - The SNP's 'cybernats' are a modern political scourge – with the zeal of .... And yet your posts commit every crime – and more – you accuse ...

Cybernat ran online campaign accusing former SNP party ...

www.dailyrecord.co.uk › News › Scottish News › Courts
31 Oct 2015 - A FORMER SNP member who was targeted by a Cybernat on Twitter .... for 90 years after police smash £3million cross-border crime network ...

CyberNats | AhDinnaeKen


28 Aug 2015 - Does Sewell have previous convictions for theft or crimes of dishonesty? ... AN EXTREMIST cybernat website editor has attacked SNP leader ...

SNP's Nicola Sturgeon pledges to crack down on trolls and ...

24 Jun 2015 - EXCLUSIVE: Nicola Sturgeon says she'll purge party of cybernats as ... same in public, adding: 'If it's a crime on the street, it's a crime online.'.

Cybernats unmasked: Meet the footsoldiers of pro-Scottish ...


25 Jan 2014 - Hynes has quickly established himself as a 'cybernat' – the army of online supporters ... Labour trounces SNP in Gordon Brown's backyard with. ..... Why are the Daily Mail posting pictures of them as though they are criminals?

Sir Cybernat #20 on Twitter: "@CraigGraham10 crime has ...


Sir Cybernat #20 @billyjYES Sep 8. Sadsac W Rennie "SNP crow about reported crime at all time low,,, but ignore falling detection figures" ??? fewr crimes fewr ...

Cybernat #20 on Twitter: "Sadsac W Rennie "SNP crow ...

8 Sep 2015 - @billyjYES That's not quite true. A change in the way crime is recorded can have an effect on official crime rates. Gov'ts often fiddle nums.

Wings Over Scotland | Cybernats and phantoms


20 May 2014 - 'I suspect many SNP members are equally appalled by the abusive and .... Isn't it the case in Scottish Law that a crime need not be reported to ...

Anonymous said...

First Minister in missing records riddle over Hollie Greig abuse allegationsShare on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailShare on pinterest_shareMore Sharing Services12The Scottish Government is refusing to disclose whether it has lost or destroyed communications records relating to the Hollie Greig case which may indicate when the First Minister Alex Salmond became aware of allegations of sexual abuse, which Ms Greig claims was carried out against her over many years whilst resident in the Aberdeen area. Last month the Scottish Ministers were compelled by the Information Commissioner to address a series of questions put to the First Minister in correspondence in relation to the case in January this year, the first of which was: “When did you first become aware of the allegations made by Hollie Greig about her being abused by members of a high-ranking paedophile ring in Scotland?”The commissioner required the Scottish Ministers to respond by today’s date or risk being held in contempt of court. It was reported in April 2009 that Greig received a payout of £13,500 from the criminal injuries compensation authority, and was described by Detective Inspector Iain Allen of Grampian Police as “a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim.” Two Grampian Police Officers interviewed Greig in September 2009. No charges have been brought against anyone in connection with sexual abuse. The Scottish Ministers’ response to the question, issued by the First Minister’s Private Secretary Terry Kowal stated: "Following a search of our paper and electronic records, I have established we do not have a record of when the First Minister became aware of these allegations. Therefore, the information you require is not held by the Scottish Government." However, The Firm has seen correspondence from the Crown Office dated 23 July 2009 addressed to the Greig family’s lay representative Robert Green, which suggests that correspondence addressed to the First Minister outlining the allegations was received over two years ago. "Thank you for your email of 20 June 2009 to the First Minister in which you raise concerns about the handling of the case involving allegations of abuse perpetrated against Hollie Greig," the letter says. The letter then says that Green’s inquiry was passed to the Crown Office for response, given the nature of the subject matter. When pressed by The Firm to explain the apparent contradiction between the two positions, the First Minister’s office told The Firm today only that “we do not have a record of when the First Minister first became aware of these allegations”.

Anonymous said...

The First Minister’s office have acknowledged receipt of The Firm’s subsequent query asking whether the records had been destroyed, but have offered no direct response, despite repeated requests. Russell Fallis of the Scottish Government communications team issued a statement to The Firm that said the First Minister’s office “receives a large volume of correspondence on a wide range of subjects, which is answered by that office or by relevant officials” , and added that the Government does not have “any indication that this information was recorded.” Pressed to confirm whether the correspondence was destroyed or lost, the First Minister’s office has provided no response. The correspondence questioning the First Minister was sent on 28 January and had received no response, despite a series of reminder letters. The Information Commissioner later ruled that the Scottish Ministers had failed to comply with their obligations under Sections 10(1) and 21(1) of the Freedom of Information Act.This afternoon the Information Commissioner confirmed he is now considering whether “further action is required” against the Scottish Government in respect of their handling of the original correspondence containing the six queries. In May, Andrew George MP wrote to Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland asking him to outline the options available to “those many people who remain concerned” about the “unsafe” investigations into the Hollie Greig case. “There appears to be a lot of evidence and allegations which point in one direction and indicates that this whole case deserves a through review,” George wrote in constituency correspondence. He adds that “many of the professionals with whom she came into contact…have allegedly failed in their duties or even covered up important facts.” George was the second Westminster MP to raise concerns about the case, following David Ruffely MP’s intervention earlier this yea

Anonymous said...

The Scottish republican blueprint?


Conan the Librarian™ said...

"You mean like the nasty NAts that say the English should be cleared from Scotland , yes those little SS nasty nats that threated throw eggs burn cars and engage in calling for racial cleansing, the ponce is quite t home to that"

Throw eggs *and* burn cars...?

Oh George...

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Stuart; Matthew 7:3...

Anonymous said...

Throw eggs, burn cars, ponce pedant.

Isnt the intertwat wonderful?

Anonymous said...

Och George the ponce hasn't an original thought in its head


Anonymous said...


Stuart 64W said...

Oh er Conan you mean these Nationalists who burn cars?

Take a good look, as this man is an SNP being bullied by the SNP!


Take a good look at what you are part of...

Anonymous said...

I see no one could name a policy that helped the poor under 8 years of the Tartan Tories.
Here's an easy one.
Name a policy under 8 years of the Tartan Tories that benefits the well off.
Or 12.

Anonymous said...

I see CONMAN the PONCE has trademarked his name haha well he stole it any way.

It seems he is going to retire his blog, Och whit a shame .

Still he was, is and will be contributing the square of fuck ALL.

George do you have a pay pal to help with your 2016 election bid?

G Laird said...

Hi Anon

As much as I would like to stand for Holyrood in 2016, I am not a candidate, as such I will not be standing this time round.

I would prefer to go to Westminster if it was a choice between the two institutions.