Monday, December 21, 2015

Feral SNP, Nationalists have decided it appears to start a campaign of disrespect in the House of Commons; the traditions of the House of Commons are meaningless to them as they start clapping back in the chamber, toothless Celt tigers, go on Nicola, let them slash the seats on the government benches, might as well go full mental

Dear All

The Scottish National Party are an embarrassment at Westminster, as well as the usual suspects of buffoonery such as Angus Robertson and Pete Wishart, the Nationalist camp has been joined by others who are equally untalented and dim.

Pete Wishart’s comment however provide some amusement value.

In the House of Commons, the convention in the chamber is not to clap, in exceptional circumstances, the House has seen spontaneous clapping take place. The fact the SNP clap themselves is a sign of insecurity, they appear however to know one thing.

No one likes them.

In the House of Commons, there has been an occasion when a speech has been so powerful, that a round of applause can be heard, recently this happened during the wonderful speech by Labour's shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn. His speech was full of passion about why we cannot ignore the threat of Islamic State. The SNP opposed airstrikes, thus by default they supported the killers of innocent men, women and children.

Earlier this year, SNP MPs were rebuked by the Speaker John Bercow for clapping their colleagues' contributions in the chamber, he politely told them to stop adding, ‘they will get their speaking rights from this chair’. But as we all know the real problem is that the dross selected by the SNP doesn’t respect the parliament, doesn’t respect the traditions and doesn’t care about the rules.

That said; the rules should apply equally to everyone.

It seems that the SNP want a run in with the speaker John Bercow, if that is what they want they are heading in the right direction.

SNP MP said:

“It is ridiculous that in a grown up democracy we cannot behave in a professional way. When you attend political meetings ordinary people do not stand around saying ‘hear, hear’. If someone makes a good point you give them a round of applause.”

This isn’t a political meeting; this is the House of Commons.

The issue of applause is nonsense, it is the politics of the student union, where nothing much is done but very loudly, the SNP as I said know that no one likes them, so clapping is like a support group for the dummy who is making a point.

Dr Philippa Whitford, the party’s health spokesman and the MP for Central Ayrshire, has likened the Commons to sitting in a "kindergarten where people are making animal noises”.

Whitford made headlines for making bogus claims exposing herself as a liar.

The SNP will probably tread the path of stupidity and keep clapping, then the funny side will wear off as they get removed from the chamber, and some will walk out along with the offenders as a show of support.

But the parliament will go on; of course they will use the route of complaining as is their right but what it amounts to is people who are there to make the United Kingdom better but to pick up a pay packet.

After all, we should remember, no matter what the SNP does, it is irrelevant at Westminster, they aren’t changing the world, they aren’t changing the United Kingdom, and they aren’t changing Scotland.

Westminster is a way station for the SNP, a place they are trapped.

Maybe someone should give Nicola Sturgeon some advice, if you are going to keep pets, make sure they behave themselves when out of your sight.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Conan the Librarian™ said...

Oh George.

Alex must have hurt you very much...

As for clapping, is Benn's war speech OK then?

G Laird said...

Hi Conan

Firstly Merry Xmas and a happy new year when it comes.

As to people clapping when Benn finished his speech, you will have noted that I said the same rules should apply to everyone at Westminster.

I am not sure what the 'Alex must have hurt you very much' remark means, but I am sure you will think up something.


Conan the Librarian™ said...

"I am not sure what the 'Alex must have hurt you very much' remark means, but I am sure you will think up something."

From an ardent SNP supporter to someone who seems to hate the idea of independence is what I mean George.

It's as if Scottish Independence, once espoused by you, is now anathema, because you fell out with the people who run the main party who support it. Am I correct?

Conan the Librarian™ said...

"you will have noted that I said the same rules should apply to everyone at Westminster."

So the speaker didn't admonish those who clapped Benn. Where was your blog post against that?

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Sorry George, most remiss of me. Happy Christmas to you as well.

G Laird said...

Dear Conan

I didn't do a blog post against the clapping, you are correct on that because the clapping wasn't pre-planned.

Incidentally, I noticed that MPs cheered and clapped when Bercow wasn't ousted as speaker by a cheap shabby trick by William Hague as well.

The SNP campaign however is petty politics on their part, something they can't seem to rise above.

The SNP want to clap as some sort of self help therapy as no one likes them, and they give people cause to do so.

Finally, you are correct that I was an ardent supporter of the SNP until they decided to break the law against me and also attempt to stitch me up by branding me homophobic.

Presumably you think I should forgive them for that disgusting episode?


Conan the Librarian™ said...


The idea of Scottish independence is what I treasure. You seem to have thrown out the baby with the bath water.

You either believed in independence or wanted a political post with the SNP. Which?

Conan the Librarian™ said...

"you are correct on that because the clapping wasn't pre-planned."

Ms Black's maiden speech went viral on Youtube. Was that pre-planned?

Smudge said...

Alex Salmond,, an irrelevance,,, yesterdays male (not MAN),, believe him and the rest of the SNP liars and you'll believe anything.

Anonymous said...

It is Whitford not Whiteford to someone who claims to pay attention to detail you are seldom right and mostly wrong sure there is much more things good things happening you can write about and not negative all the time.

Anonymous said...

He Georgieboy you must have really rattled the cages to get that big ponce to write in

Viral well its amazing what HolyRUDeS IT dept can russel up, I know

Anonymous said...

4000 fewer teachers oil cheaper than Irn Bru 2 billion underspend in 8 years, bitter spiteful cuts against GCC , the Hollie Greig abuse cover up by Salmond ,Armed cops ,stop and search ,the A9 deaths the murder in Fife the QEH disaster the Police spying on jornos the named person
,the forth bridge the new Korean steel bridge..late

The country split, the nightmare will never die

JF said...


G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"It is Whitford not Whiteford to someone who claims to pay attention to detail you are seldom right and mostly wrong sure there is much more things good things happening you can write about and not negative all the time".

Thank you for taking the time to correct my post, it has been updated, incidentally, I don't pay much attention to Whitford, I just see her as a liar.


Sherbie said...

Any word yet of the police investigation into SNP MP Natallie McGarry, and the missing cash, or the probe onto the tax avoider SNP MP Boswell, or the probe into SNP MP Michelle Thompson and her property dealings, or the abusive anti Jewish re-tweets from SNP MP Sndra White,, and these are only what we know about. What else is there in the cupboard to be revealed about this un-trustworthy lying shower.

G Laird said...

Hi Sherbie

Good series of questions.


Freddy said...

You're obviously pissing someone off George :)

Anonymous said...

A nasty bunch of nationalists who hate other people on this island and promote division