Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hilary Benn's Impassioned Speech Ahead Of Syria Airstrikes Vote Sky News, he says what has to be said, and more people should hear this, we cannot walk away from our responsibilities


Smudge said...

Loads of applause from MP's for Hilary Benn's fantastic speech. Just look at the SNP ratship crew though, not happy bunnies at all. The SNP SHAME SCOTLAND during this very dangerous time. The SNP, through their cowardly lack of support to beat this ISIS evil, are insulting the memory of all those who have been murdered and butchered by ISIS. Shame on you Sturgeon!!!

Anonymous said...

stunning puts the prize clowns in th ssnp to shame georgieboy

Anonymous said...

The latest video from ISIS shows young children "winning" the prize to go and kill Syrian prisoners, one of whom has his throat cut.

You cannot negotiate with these scum.

And I see Salmond refuses to apologise to Tony Benn's granddaughter. Could it be because she is a Labour councillor? Both Salmond and Kerevan are an embarrassment to the SNP, and this view was supported by a fellow SNP MP. At least sone of them understands good manners.