Monday, December 7, 2015

Le misérable traître, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon lays bare publicly her angst at betraying the People of France, Europe is gearing up for war but this shallow hollow inept and totally vacuous woman devoid of principles and integrity has her 54 SNP MPs do petty gesture politics at Westminster, you Nicola are a clown

Dear All

‘Madam Surrender’!

Having betrayed the French after claiming to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with them, it seems that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon decided to burden us all with her angst over Syrian air strikes.

With European nations all gearing up to support the French in their hour of need, where’s Scotland?

Where’s Scotland is actually a good question, well it seem that Nicola Sturgeon after rather than backing France is in grievance mode, as people remember the dead lying in the streets of Paris, Sturgeon’s moaning that airstrikes, are going ahead despite her 54 sheep voting against them.

The idea is simple, forget the dead of Paris concentrate on Scottish independence what a dreadful wretched creature she is as a human being.

Sturgeon opines that the fight against Daesh is one that cannot be ‘shirked and which must be won’. This she says needs to be put on the record from the start. Just in case some people want to throw about the phrase ‘terrorist sympathisers’. She also goes on to say that ‘extremists of the kind who perpetrated the Paris atrocities and who daily commit slaughter in Syria and elsewhere must be defeated’.

I think you will find that 5.56 mm NATO is quite good on situations such as this, along with targeted air strikes based on intelligence. Of course, the air strikes cannot win a war of this nature; it will require a ground war. That however is rather tricky as it is doubtful that NATO will get land bases preferably in Turkey, and I can’t see them agreeing to that arrangement.

In an exclusive glimpse of her angst, Nicola Sturgeon, strategic thinker (Dreghorn region) has muttered:

“The question then is not whether to combat them, but how – and how to do it most effectively?”

Sturgeon used to work in Drumchapel Law Centre which must have had a lot of experience in internal conflict resolution. Presumably someone might mention to her in passing that ‘Capture or kill’ is the most effective solution. Isn’t it ironic that Nicola Sturgeon harks on about Tony Blair’s ‘dodgy dossier’ when she was involved for two solid years during the Scottish independence trying to dupe Scots into voting for independence based a con trick. Now all of a sudden, she is the oracle, the all ‘seeing eye’, the fountain of all knowledge and wisdom.

Nicola Sturgeon’s sheep voted against air strikes, because Scotland has been saddled with dross, they trooped in the division to cast as I see it, an anti Tory vote. As her sheep stepped up to betray the French, it was Scotland’s shame that was on show, nothing to do with pride, nothing to do with understanding international affairs, nothing to do with common decency. It is what it is another colossal SNP balls up, a failure of leadership, a failure of loyalty and failure of statesmanship.

Sturegon makes reference to the 70,000 “moderate” Syrian forces prepared to take on Daesh as part of her justification, that is pitiful. The solution is a joint Russian/NATO venture which would be radical and highly unusual; it would take a lot of planning, goodwill and co-operation. And when it was over, NATO would have to step out of Syria and not attempt to undermine the legitimate current government.

As part of her mitigation ‘defence’, Sturgeon used the words of Nicolas Henin, he is a Frenchman who was held hostage by Daesh for 10 months. He thinks that bombing of Syria is only likely to benefit the extremists.

He said:

“At the moment, with the bombings, we are more likely pushing the people into the hands of Isis. What we have to do, and this is really key; we have to engage the local people. As soon as the people have hope in the political solution, then Islamic State will just collapse. It will have no ground any more. It will collapse.”

That’s just nonsense; this assumes that the recreational killers of Islamic State look at other people’s opinions as having relevance to them. They don’t, they don’t care about the ‘political situation’ round about them; they believe they engaged in a jihad, a holy war, they are going to stop torture, murder and rape because some people are ‘happy’ about the state of the country’s politics.

To this piece of sparkling wisdom, Sturgeon said:

“We would do well to heed those sentiments – words which come from someone who has looked the fanatics of Daesh in the eye and lived to tell the tale”.

I nearly died just recently in the Scottish NHS; does that make me an expert in medicine or of your mismanagement of the health service Nicola?

“Of course there is a danger in any talk of a political and diplomatic solution sounding glib”.

Ohhhhh did you think that one up yourself Nicola or did one of your PR spanners come up with it?

I mean this is comedy gold folks.

“You cannot negotiate with Daesh – that much is clear. But what surely must be possible, in the medium to longer term, is a political settlement that ends the fighting in Syria between the other non-Daesh factions, thus depriving the extremists of the chaos and catastrophe in which they have been allowed to thrive”.

No, the Kurds want a homeland and that homeland would take in part of Turkey, a NATO country, who won’t allow part of their soil to become part of a Kurdish state. One wonders, has she been watching too much ‘Borgen’, is there an episode where a politician keeps spouting bullshit that they know nothing about, egged on by the loons behind them who do the ‘nodding dug routine’?  

“In terms of Scotland’s view, almost all of our democratically elected representatives at Westminster voted against UK airstrikes, but those strikes are now going ahead anyway”.

A miserable oily little piece of grievance politics which shows how small minded Nicola Sturgeon is, there are 650 people entitled to vote, the SNP depending on scandals has 54 MPs. A clear majority of the 650 MPs voted for military action, 329 MPs did the right thing and the only thing, when France called for aid, Britain’s MPs stood shoulder to shoulder with France.

The Scottish National Party didn’t, it was a horrible betrayal of an ancient ally of Scotland, but let’s be clear, the SNP don’t have ‘friends’, they are a cult who use people and then discard them.

Now, we get to the real reason for Nicola Sturgeon’s angst in my opinion:

“Indeed one of the least edifying aspects of recent days has been the rush from some quarters to use the Syrian crisis as a stick with which to try to beat the SNP including, bizarrely, citing the party’s unity on the issue as somehow wrong or delegitimising our arguments”.

So, let us first start with the crap of the ‘party’s unity’, the SNP rules clearly don’t allow dissent, so ‘forced unity’ isn’t unity at all. The SNP MPs are sheep; most of them are totally out of their depth at Westminster. I did get a laugh during the debate from the SNP (suspended), the odious Natalie McGarry chipped in with the rather novel notion that Isis funding should be cut off. Given the current scandal which Natalie McGarry is linked to concerning Women for Independence, this raised a laugh, one wonders did she think this up all by herself?

It seems that having failed on the domestic scene in Scotland, Sturgeon wants to make a fool of herself and the SNP on the international stage; well she certainly did that by betraying the French people. Perhaps Nicola Sturgeon can go over to #campstupid which has set up on the grass next to Holyrood. Maybe she can use ‘diplomatic’ pressure to tell them to pack up and piss off.

Finally, yet again, Nicola Sturgeon has exposed herself as a shallow hollow inept and totally vacuous woman devoid of principles and integrity. We are getting treated to her spewing out rubbish in the guise of angst. Nicola Sturgeon is yesterday’s woman, like Alex Salmond, politics has moved past her, Scotland has moved past her. All, she had to do was one simple task, back our ally France in their time of need, every other country answered the call, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP didn’t.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

It is always nice seeing international gesture politics when major transport links are screwed because of under investment in maintenance , maybe she could organise a photo op with some Parisian kids to look good.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

You have solved both problems at once, someone should fire off an email to Nicola.

She has had a tough time of it lately, scandal after scandal.


Freddy said...

Maybe the French Public should be told how her party thinks about dealing with these murdering scumbags they might give her a warm reception.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

Sturgeon is in Paris visiting one of the sites attacked, she did a 'private' visit, just her and the press.

Make of that what you will, I find that crass, a cheap PR gimmick which shows she is of no substance.


Anonymous said...

The other parties gave a free vote to their members. If Tories say black SNP say white reason Nicola Sturgeon decided against helping the
French ,refusing to give the SNP members a free vote and ordering them to vote against the Tories.

Largearch said...

Very true the people of France don't know what she is like on the home-front or she might of instructed her MPs to show a bit of support against ISIS.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy runs deep within the SNP ranks.

Phil Boswell for starters.

I see Salmond is giving advice to Jeremy Corbyn on how to run Labour. Well, given the hostility given to some of the MPs, he's obviously taken lessons from the cybernats.

Anonymous said...

boom Georgieboy

Scott Docherty said...

How can a human rights group condone a coalition with Russian forces who prop up the Assad regime that used chemical weapons you disgust me....

Tam said...

great post George as always, says it like it really is, wish more people were as frank as you.