Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SNP MSP Colin Beattie is caught parking in a disabled parking bay, when caught his excuse was that it was too dark to see properly, then he blames the Labour Party for having the cheek to stand up for disabled people accessing council facilities

Dear All

It is nearly Xmas, time for an uplifting story about the Scottish National Party, the party run by the rich, staffed by the rich for the benefit of the rich.

SNP MSP Colin Beattie’s £30,000 Land Rover was photographed in a disabled parking bay.

So what is his excuse?

You are going to love this; he said as his excuse that "it was quite dark at the time”.

If his eyesight is so badly affected that he couldn't seen an enormously huge sign on th3e ground such as at a disabled parking space, should be driving at all?

One can assume that due to the Construction and Use Regulations 1974 that his expensive £30,000 Land Rover has headlights?

So, why weren't they on?

If he couldn't see, may people think that is dangerous driving on his part?

Beattie who has made the press before, and you can google him and his wife, was spotted taking up one of two blue badge-only spaces within the car park of Midlothian Council HQ in Dalkeith on Monday evening.

He was at the Council to attend a group meeting with party councillors.

Of course having been caught in the act, he has since spoken of his ‘regret’.

However, to re-state his 'fighting for Scotland' credentials and to make sure that everyone knows that the rules don't and shouldn't apply to him, he was quick to have a go at rival politicians whom he believes “should have better things to do.”

He doesn't think circulate snaps of his badly parked luxury motor is okay.

In true, egging on a good pudding, Labour Councillors have said that his actions were “shameful.”

Beattie is now apparently upset because Labour has drawn public attention to his number plate.

Maybe this dumb shit kicker from the East of Scotland should realise that the Labour Councillors or indeed anyone else can collect information under the Data Protection Act 1998.

They only have to have what is called reasonable belief.

He said:

“We all make mistakes and I apologise for having done so but it was dark at the time and I was not aware it was a disabled spot when I parked up.”

According to Beattie, he is portraying himself as some sort of victim here, and added:

"I find it irresponsible for the Labour Party to publish the details of a politician’s car, especially when that politician’s vehicle has suffered vandalism in the past. Have they nothing better to do? You would think they would be employed in looking at bigger issues and constituent matters rather than where I have parked my car.”

Maybe they were concerned with bigger issues such as disability access into the Council HQ?

How worthy of them!

Labour group leader Councillor Derek Milligan, said:

“Colin Beattie should be ashamed of himself for taking up a disabled parking space. This kind of selfishness might have been considered OK by Mr Beattie in his former life as a banker, but it’s not good enough in Midlothian. He only lives a short walk down the road anyway. It’s as if he thinks he is the lord of the manor and can do what he likes.”

Quite so ma'am!

Mr Beattie’s wife, another champagne socialist called Lisa, has also previously come under fire for running up a £7000 bill for using the council’s chauffeur-driven limousine between 2007 and 2009.

Her ass is so special that it needs to be carted around!

A spokeswoman for disability charity Capability Scotland said:

“The misuse of accessible parking spaces is a constant headache for disabled people. Drivers sometimes forget that the spaces are there to allow people with mobility problems to access shops, medical appointments, employment and leisure opportunities and other facilities.”

As if SNP MSP Colin Beattie gives a shit, he is another member of the rich SNP clique who isn't going to go down in history because he isn't worth remembering.

Parking in a disabled parking bay, lets you know all you need to know about him.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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man's a disgrace, I can see the sign clearly in that photo