Saturday, December 7, 2013

Scottish independence: First Minister Alex Salmond’s latest “con” on childcare means that 125,000 people need to get £42,000 a year jobs to pay for his childcare policy, where are these jobs going to come from, when are they going to exist, there isn't the infrastructure in Scotland to train every mother up for them, more tripe presented as fact to Scots by SNP

Dear All

You have to laugh if it was so sad and utterly pathetic.

Alex Salmond doesn't get it when he absolutely fails to understand that Scottish independence cannot be bought by little 'goodies' in his wishlist of a white paper.

In some respects the contempt shown is much like;  the Americans buying the island of Manhatten for beads and little nicknacks.

Big fat white Nationalist Chief ‘cometh’ with angry little squaw in tow to do trade with the white working class nation!

No peace pipes allowed to be smoked in doors by law unless a private dwelling.

As part of the beads and shiny objects, Alex Salmond plans to dazzle the women folk with child care provision, his new flagship independence pledge.

However the Unionists have turned up to ask, how much this latest promise will cost the Scottish taxpayer.

Are you sitting comfortably?

It is a whopping £1 billion pounds.

You are being 'bought' with your own money that means someone else will lose out, this isn't extra money; it is removed from somewhere else.

Did you miss all the cuts to services and budgets that the SNP are doing?

This is because they never planned out their independence bid and reformed Scottish Government and local Government.

Scottish Labour has cited the figures from the Scottish Parliament's politically impartial Information Centre that should rock everyone on their heels for a few minutes as the cost sinks in.

The SNP's independence blueprint would cost £1.2 billion per year by 2024.

Yet again Labour Leader Johann Lamont accused the First Minister of trying to "con" voters.

Alex Salmond and the SNP have been pledging a ton of money that they might not have in the future because of the big black financial hole in Scotland's finances.

Salmond typically dismissed the claims,as a fantastist he is used to making policy on the hoof because it looks terribly trendy.

Oh so trendy!

He highlights that the childcare policy could be afforded in an independent Scotland just as it was in Sweden.

You can also have the luxury of paying Swedish rates of tax, but wait a minute, there isn't going to be tax rises in an independent Scotland  obviously money can just appear like magic from somewhere.

The Scottish Government's White Paper which is universally acknowledged as a laughing stock of utter tripe pieced together and published last month, promises to provide all three- and four-year-olds, and vulnerable two-year-olds, with 1140 hours of childcare per year.

This White Paper does not give the cost of the fully implemented policy.

So much for answering all the questions!

 It relies on Scotland making enough money from their projections to pay for itself through "economic growth and tax revenues."

So in order to do this, Sal;mond will achieved by bringing 100,000 women into the workforce. It may have escaped his noticed but there isn't going to be enough jobs because the SNP plan to vastly increase immigration.

That act alone could shut many women out of the workforce or serevely restrict their opportunities.

Maybe the SNP plan slave labour battalions.

Labour say that if an extra 125,000 people took jobs thanks to improved childcare they would have earn £42,000 on average to generate the additional tax required to pay for the £1.2bn policy in full.

So, there you have it, everyone can earn £42,000 a year? There are 125,000 jobs paying £42,000 just lying around the place?

No, if employed a lot of these women will be bumped into the minimum wage jobs which they will find hard to get out of, and then there are other groups such as students who will also be seeking work at various times of the year.

Lamont said:

"Will the First Minister now publish full costings of his flagship policy or admit it is a shameless attempt to con the people to Scotland and we've all seen through it?"

So, why isn't the SNP proving childcare immediately?

Because they want votes!

Lamont added that rather than waiting about, the Scottish Government should use additional funds from Westminster from in George Osborne's autumn statement immediately to tackle the problem.

She said:

"If childcare is the SNP's top priority then they can prove it by delivering their promise of more childcare for two- year-olds now."

She also accused Salmond of trying to "change women's votes, not change their lives".

In the spirit of Xmas and to let everyone know that the Lib Dems are still there, Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie, said the Scottish Government had a "golden opportunity" to match childcare provision south of the Border.

Just a minute, Salmond and Sturgeon keep telling people about this unique 'sense of Scottish fairness', how then are the English so much better off than Scots in a number of ways?

After the big fat white Nationalist Chief 'cometh' with angry little squaw to the Holyrood Chamber, he then left to 'fight for Scotland' somewhere, somewhere in Scotland a rich person maybe disadvantaged, and that is an outrage to Alex Salmond and unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

As to the working class tribe, we already know their attitude to them; it is basically fuck them they can do without until election time. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Grendel said...

Wow. Some real seethe going on here. And a bit racist to boot.

Grendel said...

Of course it costs money. Du-uh! Of course it costs OUR money. Doh!
Whose money was it going to be?
Everything costs. Nukes cost. Illegal wars cost.
I'd rather pay for childcare than nukes though.

As a unionist I'm sure you'll disagree.

G Laird said...

Dear Grendel

“Of course it costs money. Du-uh! Of course it costs OUR money. Doh!”

We agree on something, it’s our money the SNP are spending to try and buy independence.

Can we also agree that Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister left Scottish women to die because they couldn’t get the right cancer drugs, available to women in England?

Can I have a Duh please Bob?

“Everything costs. Nukes cost. Illegal wars cost”.

Yes, Nukes cost, that is why you are free, and we don’t do illegal wars in this country, as Parliament backed them.

“I'd rather pay for childcare than nukes though”.

Given you don’t have a choice the question is academic.

“As a unionist I'm sure you'll disagree”.

As a Unionist, when did I sign up for Better Together?

When did I join a Unionist party?

I am anti independence at this time because the Scottish National Party under Salmond and Sturgeon cannot be trusted, doesn’t make me a unionist, it makes me a realist, something you should wake up and smell the coffee to, duh!

Salmond and Sturgeon don’t represent the working class, they don’t represent me and people like me.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Grendel said...

Dear George,

Salmond and Sturgeon AREN'T forever...

One thing at a time. Independence first. Then... that's for US to decide.

G Laird said...

Dear Grendel

The quick way to get rid of Salmond is to ensure indy doesn't happen.

That is first things first in my book.

There is no more important fight in Scottish politics. He has turned the SNP into a self serving nasty vile clique.

And if I can anything to make his days shorter, I will.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University