Friday, December 6, 2013

Scottish independence: First Minister Alex Salmond’s ex-employee and former SNP Highland councillor Alex MacLeod admits falsifying his election expenses to win his seat in 2012, the SNP is a rat ship, George Laird right again

Dear All

In my last post among other observations, I touched on the subject of SNP vote rigging which is wrong.

Awhile ago I did a post or two on SNP braveheart Alexander Lindsay Murray-MacLeod, the youngest councillor ever to be elected in the Highlands and a former employee of Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond.

Alexander Lindsay Murray-MacLeod got into a spot of bother, so stepped down from the SNP; you might ask what exactly the trouble is?

Was it because he was a member of the LGBT community?


Was it because he backed same sex marriage?


Was it because he stood for fairness, equality and social justice?


It was because he falsified his election expenses in a bid to win a seat on the local authority.

Alexander Lindsay Murray-MacLeod formed a fraudulent scheme to circumvent the rules.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that he doesn’t stand for fairness, equality and social justice, he cheated and by doing so he broke the law and the spirit of a free and fair election.

At Inverness Sheriff Court, the former employee of First Minister Alex Salmond, had his sentence deferred for background reports.

He admitted conducting his election campaign by fraud, if he had played it straight. He probably would have won and none of this would have happened. But Salmond’s employee couldn’t do it, in one respect; it lets us yet again see the bad judgment that Alex Salmond has in selecting people around him.

Who else is rat Alex?

Outside court, he said:

“I have come to Inverness with a real determination to face the consequences of my actions and in the spirit of very genuine contrition and deep remorse. It is a very hard day as it is never easy for anyone to admit he has done anything wrong, especially for someone elected as a teenager.”

He might have been elected as a ‘teenager’ but the law says that when he committed the crime he was an adult.

I find his mitigation most amusing, he says his actions were “perpetrated in the heat of a campaign”.

Where is the ‘heat’, the judge will bring a little light and in his case, 8 months seems appropriate.

MacLeod said:

“I know this will cause a great deal of hurt to a lot of people, my family, friends and supporters, and most importantly my former constituents who have rightly had the opportunity to have a by-election to elect a new councillor. I realise this will shake peoples’ faith in politics. It is important to say that my single act of foolishness has nothing to do with the council I served on or the party I grew up in.”

Oh, here is a cracker, a single act of foolishness?

It seems that the former Alex Salmond employee, ex SNP councillor, ex Parliamentary Assistant to the SNP MSP Rob Gibson and ex National Secretary of Scots for Independence, is now engaged in re-writing history.

His fraud was committed between 12 March and 8 June, 2012, at various locations in the Highlands, including council HQ in Inverness and his Wick constituency office.

Given it was done at various locations it wasn’t a single act of foolishness; it was premeditated acts, so the ‘heat’ argument doesn’t hold much water. He also knowingly incurred election expenses in excess of the specified maximum and altered invoices from Caithness Print Solutions and the John O’ Groat Journal. This was done to hide the true extent of the cost of the services provided. And he knowingly declared false expenses to Highland Council officials.

So, the single act of foolishness won’t wash with the Judge.

I have blogged that the Scottish National Party is a rat ship; sooner or later the rest of the Scottish public will come around to the George Laird view.

MacLeod will be sentenced on 9 January next year, as I said 8 months in prison sounds about right!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Gloating over another mans misfotune is the lowest of the low you sad little man.

Judge Not said...

Why don't you find some else to bully you sad little man.

Kicking a young man when he is down is the lowest of the low.

You work for human rights ? Are you sure you qualify as a member of the species ?


G Laird said...

Dear Judge Not

Let us be absolutely clear, he is guilty of electoral fraud by deliberate acts.

He isn't some ignorant young man, as he attending Edinburgh University to do Law.

He was employed by both Alex Salmond and SNP MSP Rob Gibson so he had a lot of advantages in life, but apparently that still wasn’t enough. He felt the law should apply to others but not himself, he felt he should be allowed to be in charge so circumvented the law in order to achieve a privileged position.

He deserves prison.

Mistakes can be forgiven, this case wasn't about accidental mistakes but multiple criminal acts to subvert our democracy.

I don't have any sympathy for him or at his attempts to re-write history as a 'single foolish act'.

It is sad that you feel that his egotism and megalomania should be quickly and easily forgiven but the rights of the people in that area were violated.

Perhaps you should have more sympathy for them rather than another SNP official who feels the law doesn’t apply to them (Bill Walker).

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

some in the SNP will welcome him back with open arms the vile little cheat

Anonymous said...

Alex MacLeod was a brilliant councillor. Of course what he did was wrong, and he should be punished for it of course, but the poor man who's got his entire life ahead of him has seen his career completely fall apart because of one foolish mistake. I'm hopeful that his sentence tomorrow will be minimal, and that the judge will see that Alex MacLeod (who's also a massive inspiration of mine. One of the biggest influences on my life) has accepted his mistakes and give him a very minimal sentence.