Friday, December 27, 2013

Scottish independence: Blair Jenkins and Yes Scotland manage to get a single percentage point up by their feeble campaign efforts, two whole years in Hope Street wasted, a remarkable unimpressive effort by unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and her talentless SNP cronies

Dear All

In politics, we are blessed by many people who talk utter shite!

Yes Scotland has a Chief Executive called Blair Jenkins, despite having a jinx in the shape of Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon hanging around his neck like a dead albatross, he still dreams of being a visionary.

Back in September when the doubters were saying the campaign for independence was dead, it wasn’t going anyway and people like myself saying Yes Scotland was a crony ridden pit of the untalented, Blair Jenkins predicted that the gap between the Yes and No camps would have narrowed by the end of 2013.

And he was right, but the real story is not that he was right, but that the rise was only a single point.

It now stands at 27%, nearly two years of effort and got nowhere, a remarkable achievement for someone who is so ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’.

One wonders if he had stayed at home would the increase have been more!

We will never know but we could hazard a guess.

“I would expect to see some narrowing” cried Mr. Jenkins!

The White Paper was supposed to be a springboard that would set of a chain of events that would kickstart this independence campaign for Salmond and Sturgeon.

It was their ‘we are on our way’ moment, but alas, the White paper was a pile of shit that the Scottish public wasn’t interested in.

On the big day itself, the Scottish Parliament was like a ghost town no mass crowds outside, just the press and some interested spectators.

Is the Yes Campaign capable of achieving a turnaround?

Not with unpopular Nicola Sturgeon at the helm, not with Scotland on pause, not with Michael Matheson leaving a Scots woman to die, not with Kenny MacAskill as Justice Minister, not with Mike Russell as Education Minister.

And not with Alex Salmond playing the ‘jolly fat man’ to the crowds, which there aren’t any!

A new  poll published just before Christmas by TNS BMRB put support for Yes at 27 per cent, this is one point increase when compared with the previous survey, which was done prior to Alex Salmond publising his white paper for independence.

If Blair Jenkins can get 1% a year, then he has only to keep the campaign running for another 24 years to ensure victory.

That is an achievement of sorts if it can be done, new bill for the Scottish Parliament after the New Year?

The Neverendum Bill (Scotland) Act 2014!

Blair Jenkins can forget any call coming post independence defeat for him to head up the Scottish Broadcasting Service.

SNP ‘strategists’ can’t pull any rabbits out of their hats, but perhaps a few hairs out of their ass is possible. As to the strategy, it appears that smoke and mirrors don’t work, spin and bluster doesn’t work either, and as to lying, that killed the campaign stone cold dead.

Dead, dead, dead, as to Salmond, he is a turn off to the female vote, and likewise unpopular Nicola Sturgeon isn’t liked either.

Many a time I heard the same word coming back to me from women voters in Govan; Nicola Sturgeon is an “arsehole”.

This presents a problem for Ms. Sturgeon, how do you convince people to trust an “arsehole", it isn’t like you are starting from square one, she starts quite a few steps back.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

You have mentioned a number of organisations masquerading as community or other groups which are linked to SNP/Yes, can you name and shame them. it would be good to know who i'm coming up against in online discussions