Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Scottish independence: Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s troubles continue to grow as Spanish PM pretty much says what everyone is thinking, the SNP have badly misjudged the EU membership issue, too stupid to be independent

Dear All

Awhile ago, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was trying to do a damage limitation exercise after she and the SNP were exposed as talking out of their collective asses!

Ms. Sturgeon tried to then get a meeting with the EU regarding Scotland’s future membership of the organisation.

Not surprisingly, she was blown off by the EU who said ‘go away’.

That debacle has been running for a long time, here is a post I wrote in December 2012.

The SNP attempting to rewrite history, to do that trick first you have to be a Victor.

It was a disgraceful episode in the SNP of lying to voters regarding automatic membership.

Fast forward to the present day; and there are fresh doubts cast on an independent Scotland being ‘fast-tracked’ as a new member.

Scotland cannot be fast tracked because they would be a new member, and 27 members have a right of veto in the European Union.

Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish Prime Minister is having a good Scottish independence campaign despite not being involved in it, he has problems at home. He has made quite clear Scotland would "have to join the queue" of aspirant candidate countries.

Also this means that Scotland doesn’t decide what the terms of membership are, the EU will do that.

As to there being a queue, well, it seems that like the post office, Salmond and Sturgeon will have to stand in line and wait till the five in front are dealt with.

Rajoy also suggests what many people already know, if Scots voted for independence, the newly created independent state would be automatically thrown out of the EU.

Once out, then and only then would it be eligible to apply for membership.

This means that EU money will dry up, Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead:

 "There's no reason to anticipate any disruption because the budgets are set to 2020."

That only applies to members, not countries that aren’t members.

Rajoy added on Scotland’s major EU problem:

"This is a fact. It's neither a value judgment nor an opinion. If part of a country integrated into the EU leaves that country, then, logically, it would be outside the EU not because I say so but because that's what the treaties say."

So, how can SNP Minister Richard Lochhead say budgets won’t be disrupted?

By the power of breath passing over the vocal chords!

Yes, that is it, nothing to do with Law or Treaties, plain simple exhalation.

The SNP Government argues if Scots vote Yes next year, there would be a seamless transition towards the newly independent nation's full membership of the EU.

Is this evidence that comes from the EU?

No, it isn’t, it is just assumption which is presented as fact and as such it is worthless.

Totally worthless, the SNP Government cannot commit the EU to anything regarding membership until Scotland applies as a new state. In truth, they can’t even start a discussing because they aren’t allowed to tamper with the internal domestic politics of a member, in this case the UK.

Salmond and Co are said to be confident the 18-month period between a Yes vote in September and Independence Day in March 2016 would be a realistic timetable in securing full EU membership.

But what happens if a country says No?

Well, that previously happened to Britain and they were denied membership for years.

A senior Brussels source has told The Herald that even if Scotland were ‘fast-tracked’ it would take at least two years to join the EU.

Another point worth mentioning if Scotland was independent, would EU law apply between leaving the UK and therefore the EU and regaining membership?

And is there a Bill in the White paper to cover this?

I suspect there isn’t because the SNP cannot be arsed doing any real work or thinking.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I guess the indy campaign is pretty much over now.

Anonymous said...

I wish it was.

I still can't believe they have as much support as they do. The stupidity of some people beggars belief.