Monday, May 14, 2012

Nicola Sturgeon forces through unpopular ‘Sturgeon Tax’ on poorest in society as minimum price is set at 50p per unit, SNP’s Poll Tax disaster?

Dear All

Minimum pricing for alcohol is wrong.

Given the SNP has a majority in the Scottish Parliament; we are now seeing bad law being produced by the Nationalists, when someone should have spoke up and prevented it in the first place.

Minimum pricing is very much the creature of Nicola Sturgeon which in effect is an unjust ‘tax’ on the poorest in society.

The Sturgeon Tax!

The controversial proposals allow for supermarkets to squeeze an extra 11 per cent of a multi-million pound business from drink sales lining their pockets.

Yet again, the Scottish National Party is siding with big business and not the people.

A small minority have caused a problem; the ‘solution’ which isn’t a solution is to punish everyone.

Although Nicola Sturgeon is expected to confirm that the SNP government will set the price per unit of alcohol at 50p, she will be doing so, not in the community were she has no support for this, but behind the cover of the health service.

The Sturgeon Tax like the Poll Tax will be unpopular and given recent events, will only convince people to move away from the SNP.

With other bad ideas which Nicola Sturgeon is associated with coming out into the public domain with the attack on marriage being most damaging and alienating to the public, she can push through but her support is dropping.

Another headache possibly coming down the line which erodes confidence in the proposal is a leaked letter from the UK’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills which claims that minimum unit pricing “is very likely to be deemed illegal under EU competition and trade law”.

The attack on the poorest in society will not go unnoticed and the drip drip effect of bad policy will only lower support for independence.

The correct solution to Scotland’s drink problem was to raise the age of buying in supermarkets, not punish the poor.

Every day, it is looking increasingly likely that the heir to Salmond is in Dundee SNP.

Nicola Sturgeon is losing support, she is surrounded by untalented people, the ideas being produced are bad and the implementation of them costs votes.

Have a drink on me Nicola!

People can’t do anything about you attacking the poor, except on one day, polling day, drop this bad idea at the earliest opportunity if you plan to put yourself forward as a credible replacement to Alex Salmond.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...


I didn't vote SNP and neither did any of my family which are Catholic, we live in the Govan area. There was no one I felt was worth voting for, Labour had a strong message on doorstep and were out pretty much constantly.