Monday, May 21, 2012

Megrahi dies ‘on the eve’ of Braveheart Alex Salmond’s launch of indy campaign, bad omen, Friday is about the race to replace him as SNP Leader

Dear All

Abdelbaset al-Megrahi is dead.

Less we forget 270 victims of Lockerbie terrorist attack are also dead.

What has never died is the search for the truth for the families of the victims who deserve that much and more.

Yesterday on Twitter the Chief Executive of the Scottish National Party, Braveheart and freedom fighter Peter Murrell was talking about how Megrahi’s death closes a chapter for the families.

My reply to him was he was completely wrong.

Maybe it’s just another unhelpful item on the news agenda for him and I can understand why he would want it ‘off the books’ as quick as possible since he doesn’t want the news agenda dominated with bad press with the SNP launching their independence campaign on Friday.

Sorry, but justice is never an inconvenient truth, it is never just an item on the news agenda and never an issue of a staged managed political performance of “concern”.

Where was Braveheart Mr. Murrell’s concern for a public inquiry?

The inconvenient truth for Mr. Murrell was he was publicly silent on a public inquiry because there is an SNP Government in office.

Unfortunately there is a lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, no one is there to fight the fights that need fought and the SNP leadership is deaf to anyone unless it suits their personal agenda.

Closing a chapter, families who lose loved ones to terrorist attacks never close chapters Mr. Murrell.

Serious questions remain regarding the Lockerbie Trial and the role of the Crown Office and their work in critical key areas that raises concerns that the conviction was unsafe.

The decision by Kenny MacAskill was a judgment call, bad judgment; Megrahi should never have been allowed to leave Scotland.

His appeal was of such critical importance, that overwhelming public interest demanded that it should go ahead in the interests of justice.

At the time of his release, US families were among the most vocal critics of the decision, along with US president Barack Obama.

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton was to brand the move "absolutely wrong".

At this point I should declare an interest; I wrote to Kenny MacAskill and said that Megrahi should be released on compassionate grounds in order to have the best possible chance to present his appeal due to his medical problems.

The SNP Government went way beyond that and the Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill was to go on to babble about judgment from a ‘higher source’.

Which I assume means God and not Tony Blair.

The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) has found 6 outstanding issues which anyone if aired in an Appeal Court may lead to the Megrahi conviction being overturned as unsafe.

Some of those issues involve the paying of witnesses, witnesses being shown the picture of Megrahi prior to an identification parade and a broken custody chain.

Speaking to a friend, two degrees of separation from Nicola Sturgeon, he told me that he believed that independence was not winnable, when pressed he said that he reckoned that Alex Salmond and the Scottish Government would get 25% of a Yes Vote.

I have to say although I agree that the independence referendum is unwinnable for the SNP in 2014, I thought his estimate was far too low.

Independence cannot be won by burying problems.

Friday isn’t the launch of the independence referendum, it is the start of the race to replace Alex Salmond as SNP Leader, it isn’t the end of his political career, but it’s the beginning of the end.

24 months and the clock will start counting down on Friday!

I’m not invited to the Edinburgh launch; it’s for the “important” rich middle class people and I won’t be invited to the independence ‘celebration’ party either, because there isn’t going to be one in 2014.

Braveheart Alex Salmond starts shouting about “Freedom” on Friday in Edinburgh.

And that will be just an item on the news agenda.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


ahdinnaeken said...

I'm new to reading your excellent and highly informative blog.

I've read most of your 2012 output.

I'm not SNP but I'm not for anyone else either.

I know this is probably asking too much, but could you point me to one of your posts which most encapsulates your angry disappointment at the way things are going.

I've derived more from your site in a couple of days than I have since Feb 26 when I stopped believing anything Alex Salmond had to say.


Anonymous said...

lets hope that sanity prevails and we get shot of the little hitler

George Laird said...

Dear ahdinnaeken

It would be hard to single out any one post as they say events dear boy.

However, the failure of Glasgow SNP in the recent council campaign is a good general theme to look at. Contained within those posts is my thoughts of how badly wrong the SNP is at present.

Thanks for saying the blog is "excellent and highly informative", I am widely read by political parties and the press.

Some people in the SNP don't like it because it gives me a such a high profile.

The blog posts are also on other websites as my popularity grows, I am seen as an independently minded speaker who is gaining more recognition.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

ahdinnaeken said...

"I am seen as an independently minded speaker who is gaining more recognition"

You're certainly that and that's what makes your blog such a refreshing find.

The wider your audience the better. Would you mind if I put your blog on my blogroll?

I liked your blogs on Joan McAlpine. Just by instinct I had her down as a charlatan freeloader. That's why I parody her Daily Record column in my own blog.

I'd like to see someone with your outlook and lack of bullshit in action at Holyrood.

I just don't rate the place. I wish I could.


George Laird said...

Dear ahdinnaeken

"I'd like to see someone with your outlook and lack of bullshit in action at Holyrood".

My face doesn't fit in the SNP.

I failed SNP slection on a lie.

When I asked for the evidence, I was ignored, when I put in DSAR, the information wasn't in it.

To go to Holyrood, I would either have to be treated fairly by SNP.

That won't happen.

Stand for another party if accepted or stand as indy.

Given the lack of talent and how the SNP operates, I suspect the latter is my best bet to get to Holyrood if at all.

The SNP is run as a middle class clique, I never knew how rotten it was until I put myself forward as a prospective candidate.

In the branch were I was organiser I was sent email saying some people branded me a sexual pervert.

Because they thought I was a threat as a potential council candidate.

In the other branch I went to, a former git in the SNP states on his blog that I was branded a racist.

Google Tommy Ball, and then scroll down his shitty blog and look for herr jorg or something like that.

When I complained to Peter Murrell SNP Chief Executive, he refused to investigate these allegations.

Tells a story how the SNP view their working class members in the party, don't you think?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University