Monday, May 28, 2012

BBC Big Debate; Nicola Sturgeon and SNP Govt haven’t sought legal advice on EU membership from the EU, lack of detail will kill independence vote!

Dear All

Last night I did attend the BBC Scotland debate on independence.

I see from Newsnet Scotland website that I have attracted a few comments on their shipbuilding article, I am not going to defend my position re my Glasgow University dispute but I do feel a response is required since that lot have decided to attack me.

To deal with them, here is my response to matters of fact.


“Even when one SNP party member did put in his two pence from the audience. He did not help at all by saying something like the SNP need to spell out their policy on NATO and NUKES because I love NUKES .. or something along those lines”.

If you check the tape of the programme after I said that the SNP need to change the anti Nato policy, you will see Nicola Sturgeon nodding!

The anti Nato policy is one of the reasons why the SNP do badly at every Westminster election, but not the only reason.

"J Wil:

I thought this guy may have been a Labour guy posing as an independence supporter, but he did say that Nicola knew him. It wasn't really the time to be saying whar he did (a foot shooting exercise). That argument is an internal one within the SNP and not for public consumption”.

If you check, Alex Salmond and the senior leadership have signalled a shift towards NATO and this is in the public domain, why do you think the policy was removed from the agenda of the SNP National Council? The SNP will have to come round to my view which they did in the UK Supreme Court row. Because I always get it right but it takes the rest of the SNP a while to catch up to me.

The current policy from the 1970’s is sheer nonsense and always was!

An unofficial poll states that the majority of the Scottish Soldiers serving in the British Army don’t wish to serve in a Scottish Defence Force.

Can anyone explain why? I can but I would like to here from the anti brigade.

Scotswhahae states:

“He also told us he was going to be in the debate the next day, & I thought that maybe he was lying.”

As people in Glasgow SNP who know me well can testify I don’t lie, however when I do tell the truth, it does upset people.

For example 18 months ago I spoke to Nicola Sturgeon told her of the problems in Glasgow SNP at MSP hustings, she didn’t listen, because Nicola doesn’t listen to people like me, she is too clever.

The result of the Glasgow Council Election speaks for itself.

27 seats out of 79 seats!

Complete failure to achieve any of the objectives of that campaign.

Tartanfever states;

“I would seriously suggest keeping away from this guy, and as to how he was allowed to get himself on to the TV debate I will never know”.

I applied online and because I am an influential blogger check my twitter feed I am followed by the press, and I was accepted.

Also selected was the despicable Tommy Ball, you may remember him as the Govan SNP Organiser who said British Soldiers were ‘child killers’ and ‘uneducated racist thugs’, but I imagine he is more acceptable to the SNP than me, well at least to the Newsnet Scotland board.

As to the debate, Patrick Harvie did well, Ruth Davidson did well, Anas Sarwar did well and Nicola Sturgeon put in a decent performance in parts, until Ruth Davidson pulled out the letter that the SNP Govt hadn’t sought legal advice from the EU on Scottish membership and blew her out of the water.

Not as a government or as an opposition.

She also got wrong the shipbuilding contract information but was corrected by Anas Sarwar, check the tape again of the programme, minor slip on matters of fact.

As to being a ‘Labour’ member, my activism record for the Scottish National Party outstrips many of the elected SNP representatives by miles.

Patrick Harvie laid out the bottom line for the SNP when he said that detail is the most important thing.

Oh and at present I don’t have a good word to say about Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon but I am sure Alex and Nicola can explain why.

And finally to upset everyone, the independence launch was a flop, singing and poetry, are you kidding me!

Yes, that will really win over people, that and lack of detail and the stealing of slogans and parts of the US Constitution about self evident truth.

If anything the attack on myself highlights another home truth for the SNP about the lack of education in the party, which I have already spoken out against.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Hi George,
You seem to be a man of many grievances. .. but forget that ..

Are you furthering the cause of independence for Scotland?

You say you're a member of the SNP. (FYI, I am not)

How important to you is a fairer wealthier Scotland, free from a corrupt Westminster?

kind regards,

Anonymous said...

XYZ... can you explain how people can be SNP MSp's with NO activism NO work within the party, First Ministers advisor? No history of ANY kind within their branch.
maybe the fact that they are writing a book on First Minister has something to do with it?
Did you mention a fairer Scotland?
cronyism? Do you know what that means?

George Laird said...

Dear XYZ

“You seem to be a man of many grievances. .. but forget that” .

No, let’s not forget that.

Because detail is important since it is your opening gambit!

“Are you furthering the cause of independence for Scotland?”

Was Alex Salmond last Friday with poetry and singing?

Was Nicola Sturgeon last night when everyone found out Scottish Government hasn’t sought legal advice from EU on status of membership if independent.

“You say you're a member of the SNP. (FYI, I am not)”.

You and your fellow colleagues on Newsnet Scotland had a lot to say about me before it was ripped down by the admins, being effectively called a liar and worse; so is this a search for knowledge?

An important point, I am not a liar and I do not print or tell lies to strangers, outside the BBC HQ, I told the two women who spoke to me, the truth.

“How important to you is a fairer wealthier Scotland, free from a corrupt Westminster?”

I will let you decide 17 SNP election campaigns in the last 3 years, one of the highest activism rates in Glasgow SNP.

What I didn’t know was what I was about to be subjected to when I put myself forward as a candidate.

The Maryhill & Springburn branch; I and Alex Salmond were sent information that I was allegedly smeared in a most vile fashion. I have since been sent secondary statement to corroborate this by a third party.

In another branch I found out that behind my back I was allegedly branded a racist by members of Pollok SNP branch, the vile clown Tommy Ball posted on his website.

Funny enough I was the only person to stand up for an Asian Candidate at Pollok branch nomination meeting and I am supposed to be a racist! Ball misses that out.

Fancy standing as an SNP Candidate?

Reported matters to Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, Derek MacKay, Ian McCann, Peter Murrell, the husband of Nicola Sturgeon, what action did they take to resolve matters?


Can you explain why the Bravehearts above did nothing?

Can I venture a possible explanation which runs through my mind; they just didn’t give a fuck how one of the hardest workers in Glasgow SNP was treated.

Peter Murrell, SNP Chief Excutive holds me is so much contempt that information I requested in my DSAR wasn’t there and I got my DSAR after 120 days when the legal limit is 40.

Opinion please on that type of behavior!

Is it decent?

It isn’t a matter of having “many grievances” it is a matter of being treated decency.

Finally do you like airplane movies? I have a short one on the blog about what happened to Glasgow SNP at council elections, check it out.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying George,
Thanks also for filling in some of the detail of your grievances. I do not mean diminish the seriousness of that at all. Something went badly wrong for you.

When I said 'but forget that' all I really meant is, that whatever troubles we as individuals are experiencing, in whatever area, we should leave that on the back burner, or even leave it in a former life, so that we can join together to work for a fairer, wealthier and independent Scotland. You worked hard for it in the past so you must be the real deal as someone who seeks independence for Scotland.

I am concerned that your blog, your public disagreements and your films are not helping the cause of independence.

The people of Scotland need the best communicators to be on their side. Otherwise we will miss the chance, a once in history chance, to help Scotland and her people rejoin the family of independent nations.

Anyway that's a bit high falutin' for me, but I really mean it.

kind regards,

Peter A Bell said...

"If you check, Alex Salmond and the senior leadership have signalled a shift towards NATO and this is in the public domain..."

You forgot to post the link.

George Laird said...

Dear Peter

I am sure that you have the ability to research, I suggest you do your own work.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Longshanker said...


I watched the debate and I'm glad I can put a face to your blog.

I like that you got to ask a question. :)

Especially one which could lead to a rift in the party.

Like you, I fail to see how the SNP could possibly hope to win the referendum without signalling to the international community that they'll be a contributing member of NATO.

Nice one.

I disagree with you about the debate slightly.

Patrick Harvie was undoubtedly the best performer followed by Ruth. Equal last were Nicola and Sarwar.

It might just be my Labour bias, but he came across as a bit shifty.

Ruth Davidson's revelation certainly seemed to knock Nicola for six and made her look defensive.