Thursday, May 17, 2012

SNP MSP Joan McAlpine ordered to apologise to MSPs for disrespecting Parliament by not turning up, Salmond should sacked her as his aide immediately

Dear All

A mistake was made passing Joan McAlpine as an SNP Candidate.

As a member of the Maryhill & Springburn branch, she didn’t attend any of the branch meetings as a member when I was there, as a member of the SNP I never saw her attend any of the by-elections I attended either.

Not a single day.

I never seen her at anything other than the SNP National Assembly in Sept 2010, I have never seen her do a single day of activism in my life.

She walked straight into the Holyrood Parliament and became Salmond’s aide.

Her tenure has led Euan McColm dubbing her dorothygraceyounger after a series of gaffes in print and in public.

Latest claim to fame is the Presiding Officer at Holyrood ordering her to apologise to MSPs because she failed to turn up in the chamber for a third time during her ministerial questions slot.

She just doesn’t give a f*ck!

The funny thing is that some quite ridiculous people see Joan McAlpine as a rising star in the Scottish National Party which highlights how untalented the party is within the middle class clique.

One can understand mistakes happening once, three times is unacceptable.

So, where was Joan McAlpine?

Her arse was parked in the parliamentary restaurant with Alex Salmond.

But let’s get to the substance, not the disrespect, the food, what kept Joan at the table?

Ms McAlpine was understood to have had smoked venison with Strathdon blue cheese dressing and poached red wine pear, followed by breast of Scottish chicken with grilled asparagus chorizo, olives and parma ham.

And all at just one sitting folks!

What she should have been doing is being in the chamber asking her questions on health as relating to cases of osteoarthritis and its impact on the NHS, during themed question time.

Personally, I would do away with list MSP seats and make every seat in Holyrood democratically tested by the public.

This is the only way to make people like Joan McAlpine accountable, but Joan is another of Alex Salmond’s ‘publicly unelectable’.

Not surprised about this, she isn’t a politician.

And Salmond should cut her loose as his aide immediately but he won’t, the SNP is falling apart through bad judgment at the top.

Every day it is more noticeable.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Niko said...


She has that Rebekah Brooks effect on politicians and will likely share the same fate.........At which Alex will be suitably shocked//

Anonymous said...

Alex does not do sacking as long she
toes we Alex line he will hold on to the ignorant bitch