Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon highlights Scottish Government cannot give aid to families facing destitution in Glasgow, utterly callous treatment!

Dear All

It seems that Nicola Sturgeon is having a bad time politically; it’s all going wrong for her.

On Newsnight Scotland despite having a less than capable opponent in the shape of Glenn Campbell; she looked decidedly uncomfortable trying to sell robbing the poor to give to the rich.

It was the same look on her face when she walked out of the door of the SECC at the Glasgow Council Count. That disastrous Glasgow SNP campaign will be burnt into her political psyche for all time when she let Team Sturgeon drive that campaign straight into the deck.

The lesson she learned hopefully is to never give untalented people operational control of an election campaign, especially in a built up area such as Glasgow.

Last night sitting in the chair, she failed to sell the policy of taking a third of a billion pounds of ordinary people’s money and giving it to supermarkets over a two year period.

Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t hide very well her discomfort trying to make the unpalatable sound like a good thing, she looked like she didn’t want to be there and it showed.

Still another day and another disaster, the Scottish Government cannot give direct help to hundreds of asylum seeker families facing destitution in Glasgow.

The Deputy First Minister cannot find a solution to stop men, women and children being thrown out into the street but she can find a third of billion over two years for greedy supermarkets!

The SNP are good at slogans, be part of better is one of them.

Is making people destitution really making people’s lives better?

At the Sunny Govan Hustings, the SNP Group Leader at Glasgow City Council Allison Hunter said she was nearly crying about the plight of asylum seekers facing eviction.

It would have brought tears to a glass eye as the Team Sturgeon member said she was almost crying reading about this..... this plight.

So, what was her solution?

Well it could be summed up by one word.


No ideas, no direction and pretty much out of her depth on that bunny.

But she was almost ‘crying’ her words not mine!

Maybe she can play the record with the lyrics, Crying over you!

Here are the lyrics to put you in the mood of what Allison Hunter was feeling.

"Crying Over You"

As I sat by my window just thinking of you
The pain and deception which broke my heart in two
But now that I see that your not loving me
Oh baby can't see, just what you do to me

Crying over you, is all I can do
When your loving someone knew, I'm crying over you
You led me to believe that all your love was true
But now your seeing someone new and i'm crying over you

Crying over you, thats why I'm crying over you
Repeat (2x)

Those tears on my pillow are all because of you
But now the time has come to find somebody new
I'm looking for someone to wipe away the tears
Someone to love me when your not here

Crying over you, thats why I'm crying over you
Repeat (2x)


I gave you all my love
I gave you what was mine
But now I realize
You weren't worth my time

Now back to solutions, if the Scottish Government cannot give money directly, it can give money indirectly.

If means setting up a special Government unit to fast track grants to organisations then it should be done at all possible speed.

The law needs changed then fast track that as well.

And we have a £155 million a year floating about from Lake Bevvy to draw on, grab that back.

See, how easy politics is, its only hard for the people who don’t have vision, direction and ideas, Nicola Sturgeon is paying people to come up with solutions, she should ask for a refund.

This scenario highlights again how untalented Nicola Sturgeon’s Team are, money can found, ideas can be brought forward and someone with a clear vision can drive it forward.

Currently Nicola Sturgeon’s position is that this is a matter for the UK Border Agency and the UK Government at Westminster.

She said:

"If asylum seekers are not adequately and properly supported, then obviously that often has a knock on effect to agencies operating in devolved areas of responsibility. The Scottish Government will continue to seek assurances from the UK Government that all action that is appropriate will be taken in this area."

This is the woman who wants to lay claim to be the First Minister in an independent Scotland?

Where’s the leadership? Where’s be part of better? Where’s elect a local champion? Where’s forward? Where’s change at the Chambers?

In Scotland we sort out our own problems.

The charity, Y People lost the contract to house asylum seekers and is unable to continue its policy of not evicting those who have been unsuccessful in their asylum application.

Their problem is our problem!

She definitely needs to brush up on her The Adventures of Robin Hood, 1938 and stop acting like Sir Guy of Gisbourne.

Finally we can send humanitarian aid halfway round the world to disaster victims but the Scottish Government can’t send aid to Glasgow.

45 miles away!

The Errol Flynn line from 1938 aptly sums it up for Nicola Sturgeon:

"You really don't get it, do you."

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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