Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scotland's 'Maggie Thatcher' Ruth Davidson sets out her 'terror' stall, a new nightmare for the poor and cash for her Tory buddies, this is vision?

Dear All

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has spoken.

She is a ‘carpetbagger’; a woman who is publicly unelectable who only became an MSP by way of the discredited undemocratic Holyrood list system.

Making a series of policy speeches to set out the Scottish Tories stall, the vision just isn’t there.

Anyway, someone believes this ‘balloon’ should be given the oxygen of publicity as she calls for changes to the economy, with a smaller state and bigger private sector.

Tories want a smaller state to help out their rich Tory backers and supporters at the expense of the public.

In an odd statement she said decades of socialism have dampened Scotland's natural capacity for enterprise.

Sheer drivel!

What planet is she on?

And of course, a dig at the poor she said that the "something-for-nothing society" was over.

Didn’t she get ‘something for nothing’, a list MSP spot were the top Glasgow contender was removed by the party.

She never earned her place.


Davidson also promised a wholesale review of her party's policies.

Sheer drivel, she hasn’t got vision, it will be the same window just differently dressed; she and the Scottish Tories aren’t going anywhere.

The Scottish Tories face tough electoral times because they are the walking dead politically.

The party returned to Holyrood in May with fewer MSPs despite a robust performance by Annabel Goldie.

Not good enough though.

Westminster 2010, the last general election saw the Tories win just one seat in Scotland.

Davidson says:

"Our purpose is to decisively shift the balance of power from the hands of politicians into the hands of people and local communities."

She went on:

"All over Europe, economic chickens are coming home to roost. The dream of permanent growth and ever-increasing prosperity stands exposed as a collective delusion; a fantasy built on debt. Countries that have been living beyond their means, with unaffordable expenditure and cosseting of public sector workers, are being forced to relearn the harsh economic facts of life."

Local power to communities cannot solve the banking crisis and we cannot grow our way out of debt either.

Another odd statement by Davidson is when she said Scotland had to ask itself whether it wanted to become like Greece, "borrowing and spending vast sums of other people's money in the hope and expectation of never being called to account", or like Germany, where "saving is a virtue and debt is shameful".

Scotland isn’t a sovereign country so the analogy doesn’t make any sense.

And if Davidson was awake recently she may have noticed that the Germany Bond market sale of German Government Bonds was a disaster.

She also said:

"The something-for-nothing society is over. Nobody who is able to work should be allowed by choice to live off the rest of us without contributing”.

An attack on the unemployed who never caused the financial crisis, then her rant continues:
"My vision for Scotland is a positive one. We are a resourceful people, responsible for many of the world's greatest inventions. Our ingenuity and endurance has built business empires and spread commerce across the globe. Decades of socialism have dampened our natural capacity for enterprise and hard work but the flame still burns."

Other than shoring up the banks by the savings of private individuals and punishing the poor, handing more money to the rich, how is that a vision?

This is the new vision, a series of rants and platitudes, its all the poor’s fault.

She added:

"Nothing will be off the table for discussion; there will be no 'no go areas'."

Does that include asking her to solely stand for a constituency seat and not the list to put her mouth were her mouth is?

But then Ruth Davidson cannot be a true Tory unless she is feathering her own nest first.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

We don't want to be Greece; we don't want to be Germany.

We want to be Scotland, and our closest parallel is Norway. We want to be LIKE them.

But we can't be while the English population is soaking up our oil wealth instead of us doing what Norway (and every other country in the world that has oil) has done, investing it for the future, when either the oil will run out, or no one will want it any more.

It's all very well demanding that everyone who can contribute does so, but there has to be jobs, and jobs that people can do, and earn decent money at.

Remember that the great enterprise of Scotland was often built on the poor working in appalling conditions, even worse than those in England, for virtually subsistence money.

Ms Davidson's vision in any case, will be David Cameron's vision for she is his woman.

And the reason that the Scots have gone for 'socialism' so heartily is that they found that mrs Thatcher's Conservatism served them very very very badly.