Friday, January 6, 2012

Labour MP Jim Murphy sets Labour's new strategy a-rolling, agree with the Tories on cuts, Ed Miliband could be David Cameron’s man-servant too!

Dear All

It is hilarious that Labour MP Jim Murphy said that the Labour Party should avoid ‘shallow and temporary’ populism over spending cuts.

Where are their policies?

It is said that you can drown in two inches of bath water, if Labour policies were bath water, would anyone get wet?

The idea of mirroring isn’t new but it shows I feel a weakness in the Labour Party, rather than setting the agenda, they opt for trailing behind Cameron and agreeing with him.

It looks to me that the only real disagreement in the Westminster Village is that the Tories are in power and the Labour Party aren’t!

What happened to ideas and vision and big decisions, a blue print for the future?

How can we have a battle of ideas when no one is willing to come up with an idea and campaign for change?

I don’t know how long Ed Miliband has been leader because he hasn’t acted like a leader and frankly for this piece, it isn’t worth the time to google him and find out.

In Scotland, the Labour Party for 4 years from 2007 to 2011, never worked, never produced policies, vision, ideas and thought they were celebrities who just had to sit back and wait their turn to regain power.

Result, a landslide for the SNP as Labour wasn’t seen as credible.

Down south the Labour Party isn’t as inept as their Scottish branch but Miliband is drifting. He doesn’t look like a Prime Minister in waiting, nor does he pass as a statesman, I expect him to come to the despatch box and sell double glazing…at a discount.

Politics shouldn’t be about populism, it shouldn’t be about personalities, it should be about policies, that is the bedrock of politics.

Ed Miliband stands on quicksand and despite flopping about; he isn’t getting anywhere in any direction.

Someone should send Miliband to political boot camp to toughen him up. They say the longest journey starts with a first step, that first step should be getting policies and driving home how much better Britain would be if these were introduced.

Time to fight the fights that need fought.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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cynicalHighlander said...

I have said before that the only difference between the Tories, LibDems and Labour are the colour of their rosettes.